Here at Asana Lodge, we provide an effective solution for the devastating struggle of drug and alcohol abuse.

It’s unrealistic to expect yourself to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs without specialist support from a professional addiction treatment centre.

Our rehab in Worcestershire can help you win your battle against drug and alcohol abuse once and for all.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Worcestershire

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How do you get started?

Knowing who to approach or where help can be found can be difficult at first. One of the most challenging aspects can be to actually acknowledge that you have a problem which needs addressing professionally and quickly.

Experiencing denial is very common among people who are suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. It’s quite natural to play down your symptoms and hide your addiction from those around you, and indeed from yourself.

Although it’s difficult, you must take the first step towards improving your life and admit that you need additional support to overcome alcohol or drugs.

Once you have taken this brave step, we can begin to discuss the various drug and alcohol treatment services available to you.

We will go through an initial assessment to get a better understanding of your physical and psychological health, which will then aid us in tailoring a treatment programme which suits your specific needs, consequently giving you the best opportunity for long-term recovery.

How do you know if you need to visit drug and alcohol rehab?

You may have already tried to overcome your addiction to alcohol or drugs on your own and ultimately failed.

This is quite normal when trying to give up without any professional support, you require treatment which targets your psychological addiction as well as your physical addiction to achieve a full recovery.

When you attempt a drug or alcohol detox at home alone, you’re just attempting to remove your physical dependency through drug or alcohol withdrawal. You’re essentially ignoring the psychological addiction which in most cases is much stronger.

At our drug and alcohol rehab, our fantastic team are qualified psychiatrists and addiction specialists who understand the importance of addressing your psychological links to substance abuse.

However, removing your physical dependence on alcohol or drugs is usually one of the first steps we take as you join our detox clinic. In addition to home drug or alcohol detox being ineffective, it is also very dangerous to attempt without the supervision of a professional team.

As you reduce your drug or alcohol intake, you’re likely to experience withdrawal symptoms which can be quite uncomfortable, sometimes even life-threatening. This is why it’s so important to undergo detox in a renowned drug and alcohol treatment centre like our rehab in Worcestershire.

Our dedicated team will monitor you around the clock to ensure you’re safe and that the detox is working as it should. Another benefit of joining our rehabilitation centre is that you’re removing yourself from the negative environment where you’re used to abusing drugs or alcohol.

With no temptations or distractions of daily life, you can really focus on achieving your long-term recovery in a safe and encouraging environment.

If you stay at home whilst attempting to rehabilitate, you’re much more likely to experience a relapse, prolonging the process and making it much harder for yourself to stay motivated.

What is our rehab in Worcestershire like?

It’s normal to feel worried about joining a rehabilitation centre, however, most people have negative misconceptions about what they’re like. In our experience, when clients walk through the door, they’re pleasantly surprised.

Our accommodation is quite luxurious, set within peaceful surroundings with a relaxing atmosphere. We there to promote healing so it’s very important that you feel comfortable in your recovery environment.

Our professional team are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with many forms of drug and alcohol abuse. It’s typical to see clients who suffer from an addiction to also be struggling with mental health issues, the two tend to go hand in hand.

Don’t be concerned if this is the case for you. We’re confident in providing dual-diagnosis treatment and are happy to talk you through the whole process to ensure you’re comfortable.

We will look into the causes behind your addiction and try to identify the underlying reasons. It’s possible you could be struggling with depression or anxiety, or maybe an event in your life has resulted in long-term trauma or grief.

Sometimes people are drawn to substance abuse to help them cope with the challenges they’re facing. However, this can quickly turn into a dependency, resulting in even more difficulties to cope with.


What sort of addiction treatments do we offer?

As part of our high-quality drug and alcohol services, we offer personalised treatment programmes to all of our clients. This helps to really focus on your specific needs and concentrate on the treatments which we feel will benefit you most.

As explained above, you’re likely to go through a drug or alcohol detox in the early stages of your addiction treatment. Once you have completed this, you can move on to your psychological therapies which could include cognitive behavioural therapy (also known as CBT), psychotherapy or stress management.

We also offer well-being therapies such as mindfulness, art therapy, fitness therapy or relaxation and sleep therapy. We’ve found that a combination of well-being and more traditional therapies, works best to achieve a successful long-term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

Get in touch today

To start your journey at our rehab in Worcestershire, simply contact our admissions team today on 01908 489 421.

They will answer any additional questions you may have or talk you through the process of joining our rehabilitation centre, so you know what to expect.

We hope that you’ll make the right decision and let us help you beat your addiction. We guarantee it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make.