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Down to the physical action of drug and alcohol abuse, many associate the toxicity with physical health problems. While physical, visible health issues and conditions are linked to substance abuse, psychological damage is in fact the worst outcome from drug and alcohol abuse.

Sadly, excessive use, consistent use or prolonged use of drugs and alcohol will result in cognitive impairment. Here’s where changes to the brain have been experienced down to the hazardous effects and chemicals within the likes of alcohol or cocaine. In fact, drug and alcohol abuse is highly associated with mental health issues, which again place even greater pressures on pre-existing cognitive weaknesses.

Down to the fact that many individuals lack awareness of what drug and alcohol consumption are doing to their brains, we feel a duty of care here at Asana Lodge to share the realism of addiction. We are addiction and mental health recovery specialists who prioritise brain restoration, which will naturally boost recovery rates on physical and psychological levels.

If you’re suffering from an addiction, of any degree, and will accept professional support, not only can we boost your awareness around the impacts of substance abuse, but we can also support you through the rehabilitation process.

If you’re looking to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Bromsgrove, we stand as a strong option, providing not only reliable recovery rates, but sustainable opportunities. Learn how through the below, helping to set expectations on local rehabilitation.


What impacts do drugs and alcohol have on the brain?

The presence of drugs and alcohol, on an initial scale will cause positive impacts on the brain, producing artificial forms of happy chemicals. This is exactly why developing an addiction can be easy for some, as the brain responds positively to the use of drugs and alcohol. Through the ongoing aim to experience those effects, drugs and alcohol will be consumed, yet will unknowingly be suppressing the organic functionality of the brain and the production of dopamine. Here’s where an addiction will commonly present itself, where the ongoing presence of addictive substances and their characteristics are required.

Through long-term use, great pressure can be placed on the brain, known to cause weaknesses. Some individuals will in fact live with pre-existing weaknesses, which can boost the natural susceptibility of addiction and mental health issues. Yet, through drug and alcohol abuse, weaknesses for all are common.

With this in mind, pressure is likely through the impacts of drugs and alcohol, which cause irreversible adaptations, which increase the risk of a dual diagnosis, which cause side effects of mental health issues, and which change personalities, temperaments, behaviours and outlooks.

A drug and alcohol addiction can cause significant damage to the brain, which is one of the most important organs we have as humans. With this in mind, putting a stop to substance abuse early, or working to overcome an addiction as soon as possible is encouraged. Through a drug and alcohol rehab in Bromsgrove, like ours, this is possible.


Do you have a drug and alcohol rehab in Bromsgrove?

Recovering from an addiction, with the right support is possible. With this in mind, by sourcing and securing a specialist approach to addiction recovery, you will boost your opportunities to withdraw, rehabilitate and restore.

While we do not have a drug and alcohol rehab in Bromsgrove itself, at Asana Lodge, we are conveniently located, providing the right support for you through a scientifically backed drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes.

By focusing on the brain, which is highly important, as we’ve shared above, we can help understand your connection to drugs and alcohol, while recommending safe, proactive and ethical treatment services, in place to promote recovery.

Via a residential rehab programme, which alone offers significant benefits, alongside our approach, recovering near Bromsgrove is possible, no matter how severe your addiction may be.


What type of treatments will work for me?

Exact treatment recommendations will only be provided on your admission into rehab, as the use of treatment will depend on your personal needs and the makeup of your addiction. Yet, you can expect to complete a range of traditional and contemporary addiction treatment options which will promote physical and psychological recovery.

Detoxification will be recommended, to help your body withdraw from drugs and alcohol. Yet a great focus will be placed on holistic healing, with the use of therapeutic addiction treatment services. Stress management, art therapy, exposure therapy, NAD+ therapy and support groups are all commonly utilised services, in place to promote recovery and restoring efforts.

If you struggle with mental health issues, which is normal if so, dual diagnosis treatment will be recommended within your personal rehab programme, helping to ease pressure on your brain.

Ultimately, we will not know which treatment services will work for you until you complete your assessment, which will take place prior to your transition from Bromsgrove, to our rehab clinic.


What will life be like after rehab?

Life after rehab, as you return to Bromsgrove will be very different to your current reality. By embracing the entirety of rehab, you’ll have a strong opportunity to return drug and alcohol-free.

It’s likely that you’ll feel excited and ready to lead a sober future, post-rehab. Yet, it’s also likely that you’ll have some anxieties over the idea of lone, long-term recovery.

Your life will need to change in order to combat those anxieties, by accepting aftercare via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bromsgrove, by making changes to your lifestyle, and by relying on relapse prevention.

Through maintaining a schedule of aftercare services, you’ll keep in touch with the value of professional support. By maintaining a lifestyle free of negativity, of unhealthy coping strategies, and of drug and alcohol exposure, you’ll be less likely to turn to substance abuse. Through relying on relapse prevention, your relapse risks will be lower, and you’ll also be prepared in the event of cravings.

Ultimately, long-term recovery must be a definite commitment. Yet, through these steps, it can be eased and normalised on your return to Bromsgrove.

Currently, you may be suffering emotionally and mentally from drug and alcohol abuse. We can help you through this at Asana Lodge, by restoring your brain, by promoting a comprehensive rehab programme, and by aiming for long-term recovery.