By visiting our site here at Asana Lodge, we will assume that you’re considering the potential of addiction recovery. If this is the case, you are in the right place, acknowledged as addiction and mental health recovery specialists.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Worcester

At Asana Lodge, although we’re a little further than a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcester, we offer residential treatment programmes, in place to help those living with an addiction and/or associated mental health issues.

To benefit from our specialist and unique approach to addiction recovery, call us today, or see below some of our most frequently asked questions regarding Worcester based recovery options.  

Considering addiction recovery is a great starting point. The desire to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction is subconsciously present. However, in order to begin your road to recovery, you must act on those desires.  

Although there are a number of different treatment options available to Worcester locals, your selection will define your recovery success rates and ability to overcome your behavioural addiction for the long-term.

With this in mind, sourcing professional support, offering the exact level of care and addiction treatment required to motivate rehabilitation is recommended.   


Why should I reach out for Professional help? 

Living with any degree of addiction is tough. Yet, by avoiding the support of professionals, an addiction will continue to become harder to live with. Ongoing chronic side effects, withdrawal symptoms, drug and alcohol associations and mental health issues will continue to thrive without any form of addiction treatment.  

It is also important to note that although self-detox attempts may reduce your physical symptoms of addiction, the greatest concerns lie in psychological symptoms.

Known to cause mental health conditions and rapid cognitive changes, professional support is required to realign the mind. 

Cognitive restoration is something we specialise in here at Asana Lodge. Through experience, we’ve witnessed drug and alcohol addicts deteriorate psychologically by avoiding exposure to addiction treatment. Yet, through our brain evaluation process and personal treatment recommendations, psychological damages can be worked through.  

Benefit from considering treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcester or within the localised area.  


How easy can I find a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcester? 

Although based outside of Worcester, here at Asana Lodge, we can progress you through our admission process with ease. Understandably, if you are fixated on recovering locally, we appreciate that our rehab facility may not appeal to you.

However, through our leading pre-admission process and our high-quality addiction treatments, our residential rehab programmes are favoured by many recovering addicts.  

To benefit from visiting a rehab centre beyond Worcester, reach out to our team. We can efficiently begin the pre-admission process by understanding your internal functioning and reaction to drug and alcohol consumption.

We will evaluate your psychological, spiritual, social and biological factors which may aid your drug and alcohol addiction further, for the worst.  

Once summarised, we will have a clear indication on the type and degree of non-invasive addiction treatment options to utilise throughout rehab.

This personalised approach to a recovery programme will surpass generalist treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcester. With this in mind, if you’re desperate to overcome an addiction, success rates should always outweigh convenience.  


Will residential rehab be better for me?  

At Asana Lodge, we advocate residential rehab programmes. Although outpatient rehab can influence positive recovery rates, for those living with a drug and alcohol addiction, a focused and dependable course will be recommended.  

With this in mind, depending on your evaluation results, underlying causation, residing environment and connection to drugs and alcohol, residential rehab may offer greater results for you personally.

We do find that clients experience an efficient and life-changing programme through residential options, by entering rehab, working hard and leaving their behavioural addiction in the past.  

If you’re open to the most effective treatment option, residential rehab may drastically advance your recovery rates.  


What Treatment will I need to work on my Drug and Alcohol Addiction? 

Personalised treatment programmes are offered through our residential rehab services. This approach is down to the varying impacts all clients will experience when faced with drugs and alcohol. Again, working off your evaluation results, the most effective addiction treatment options will be communicated and encouraged.  

However, it is highly likely that you will complete physical and psychological methods, promoting holistic healing. From a drug and alcohol detox plan and cognitive behavioural therapy, to individual therapy sessions with our addiction counsellors and support groups, you’ll work on slowly withdrawing from drugs and alcohol.

Additional treatments, categorised as non-traditional may also be encouraged, including art therapy and virtual reality therapy, helping your brain restore.  

Alongside our most utilised treatment options, you’ll work to improve your physical and mental health, your wellbeing and your personal coping strategies, while forming a reliable relapse prevention plan.  

Through this combination and ongoing aftercare services, you’ll return to Worcester with a new outlook on substance abuse, while coping through any underlying triggers or cravings.  


How quickly can I recover from Addiction?  

Addiction recovery can kickstart by completing a high-quality rehab programme. However, it is important to note that addiction recovery is a long-term commitment you must make.

Although it will soon become the norm, you will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, decisions and behaviours to avoid exposure to drugs and alcohol.  

Through aftercare services, accessible as and when required via a Worcester rehab centre, addiction recovery can be maintained and become a part of your reality. It will be a long-term plan, yet a worthwhile change to make by diminishing all contact with drugs and alcohol. 

It is however important to note that you may be faced with challenges throughout your recovery journey. With this in mind, the degree of support and the quality of addiction treatment you complete can contribute to your long-term recovery efforts.

In conjunction with our rehab facility and approach to recovery, followed by free aftercare from a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcester, you’ll have a realistic chance of upholding addiction recovery.