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Overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction can be extremely tough. Yet, with the backing, support and services of professional addiction specialists, rehabilitation can be eased and can have an even greater impact for you.

Ultimately, if you’re hoping to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, move through to the recovery stage, and sustain sober living, for the future, professional rehabilitation support will be necessary.

While you may have hoped to go it alone, or that you’ll come across an overnight cure, this isn’t realistic, requiring vast addiction treatment services and rehabilitation steps to conquer a physical and psychological addiction.

Here’s where visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Malvern can benefit you. Understandably, you may take some time to warm to the idea of completing a comprehensive rehab programme, yet by doing so, your future self, will thank you.

At Asana Lodge, while we’re just located outside of Malvern, our rehab programmes offer significant value, along with exposure to our unique, sought-after approach to addiction recovery.

You can access this, you can experience holistic addiction treatment services, you can encounter a personal rehab programme, and you can work with our team to overcome your addiction.

If you’re struggling, please reach out. Lone recovery, from addiction, is discouraged for many reasons. Yet, professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be encouraged, helping to reduce the tests of withdrawal, of long-term recovery and the normalisation of sober living.


The necessity of professional rehabilitation

The idea of stopping drug and alcohol consumption, through a cold turkey approach seems to be favoured by many. Yet, however convenient this route may be, it’s unrealistic, ineffective and hazardous.

Firstly, it’s unrealistic as cutting off access to and the consumption of drugs and alcohol can be near enough impossible, without taking pre-arranged baby steps. Withdrawal should take some time, carefully controlled to uphold physical and psychological health, and make withdrawal symptoms, manageable.

Secondly, it’s ineffective in the grand scheme of addiction recovery, as while physical withdrawal may be achieved, psychological associations to drugs and alcohol will reside. This is in fact the greatest obstacle which must be overcome, which is possible through professional intervention via a drug and alcohol rehab in Malvern. By only completing lone withdrawal, psychological cravings, side effects and impacts will remain.

Lastly, it’s hazardous as you’ll be placing both your body and mind into rapid shock. While big changes are required to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction, those changes should be controlled. By irrationally deciding to stop your consumption, you can end up aggravating your side effects, along with placing your wellbeing at risk.

This is exactly why professional rehabilitation, in Malvern, is necessary, as you’ll have the support, processes, resources and addiction treatment to realistically, effectively and safely overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.


Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Malvern

If you’re set on sustainable recovery, and therefore the need to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Malvern, this is possible through our treatment centre. While we’re located outside of Malvern itself, we offer a balanced form of rehab, where you can encounter the value of residential rehab, local to your home.

Through this balance, you can avoid common downfalls of localised recovery, by residing from our Towcester based rehab clinic, yet you’ll also encounter an element of awareness and comfort. Both routes of rehab, combined together can provide you with the greatest experience of rehab, ideal for someone suffering from physical and psychological addiction.

Naturally, the recommendation of rehab, alone, maybe new to you. With this in mind, moving away from Malvern may influence concerns for you, down to the unfamiliar status of residential rehab.

Yet, through our offering, you can expect to experience a stay at a rehab clinic who truly cares and prioritises your needs, through your settings, your addiction treatment recommendations, your support sources and your aftercare planning.


Holistic addiction treatment options

Standing as the only rehab clinic, offering private, residential and evidential care, we have the scope to provide holistic addiction treatment options.

Our offering will in fact set us apart from a drug and alcohol rehab in Malvern itself, as we focus heavily on 360 addiction recovery, through traditional and contemporary forms of treatment.

Through scientific evidence, on the connection between cognitive functions and responses, and drug and alcohol abuse, we utilise this evidence to guide the formation of our rehab programmes.

Assessing your connection will allow for reliable addiction treatment recommendations, which not only offer physical and psychological repair but also provide foundations of relapse prevention, of greater wellbeing and of comfort.

You can expect to complete general treatment services, such as detoxing and talking therapies. Yet, via our rehab clinic, you’ll also be exposed to the likes of art therapy, virtual reality therapy and brain restoration.

Combining both forms of treatment will help to motivate 360 recoveries, starting with the brain and its response rates, soon followed by the body. Here’s where outlooks, attitudes and habits can well and truly control behaviours and actions, to have a disinterest in drug and alcohol abuse as you return to Malvern.


Personal rehab programmes

A further benefit of our professional rehabilitation services is the access you’ll have to a personal rehab programme. Throughout your admission, we will understand your personal needs, with a significant focus on your health and your response to drugs and alcohol, on internal and external levels.

Once we have clarity of your addiction, we will combine the most fitting addiction treatment services, recommend a structure and also a rehab timescale, helping you benefit from a tailored rehabilitation plan. This is very important to help you recover, to help you feel comfortable, to help you keep safe, and to help you progress.

Many rehab clinics offer personal rehab programmes. Yet, through our thorough assessments, and our combined approach of evidential recommendations, your programme here at Asana Lodge will be ethical, sustainable and achievable.

Currently, you may devalue professional rehabilitation support. Yet, by selecting the correct form for your needs, you can benefit from a wealth of value. Do so by considering our rehab clinic when looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Malvern.