Are you based in Redditch, suffering from an addiction and/or a mental health issue? Are you looking for the quickest way out from drugs and alcohol?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Redditch

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Unfortunately, there is no quick fix when treating a behavioural addiction or mental health condition. There is however the most effective way, known as rehab, in turn, offering the quickest and most reliable recovery opportunity.

If you’re looking to combat your addiction by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Redditch or a local treatment centre, look no further than Asana Lodge.  

Here at Asana Lodge, we are a deluxe rehab facility, conveniently located near Redditch. We offer specialist addiction treatment via residential rehab programmes. Yet, we’re different from other localised treatment centres.

We follow the evidence, the scientific data, the most effective yet non-invasive treatment options out there. We believe in holistic healing when treating a drug and alcohol addiction. Combined with our complete rehab offering, we help clients heal both mentally and physically from brain illnesses.  


Do I need to visit Rehab?  

In short, if you’re living with the negative associations of a drug and alcohol addiction, visiting a localised rehab facility will be encouraged. 

There are many different types of addictions, falling from substance abuse, to a chronic psychologically controlled drug and alcohol addiction. Although varying in side effects and dangers, there is a depth of addiction treatment available for all types.  

This approach to addiction treatment is down to the risks linked to ongoing drug and alcohol consumption. Even if you’re luckily sidestepping over addictive characteristics, ongoing substance abuse will lead to an addiction if control is lacking.

With this in mind, treatment options are available to support users across the addiction spectrum, helping them turn their life around sooner.  

The most effective way to do so is by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Redditch for a depth of addiction treatment; following our approach here at Asana Lodge.  


What are my options through a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Redditch? 

Via a localised rehab centre, you have a number of different options. Outpatient treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Redditch itself is a popular option. Here you’ll have the chance to follow a structured treatment plan, while also balancing your current responsibilities.

This is a proactive treatment option for clients who are struggling with substance abuse, experiencing minimal psychological associations.  

However, if you’re living with a drug and alcohol addiction, here at Asana Lodge, we recommend considering residential rehab through our facility. Although this may be a new prospect, attempting to recover while surrounded by daily routines and triggers can be challenging.  

To overcome those triggers, residing from our Towcester rehab facility is a practical and valuable treatment option, providing you with everything you need under one roof to rehabilitate. Across the board, you will receive high standard care from medical professionals and addiction counsellors, our unique approach to addiction treatment, relapse prevention planning and aftercare services back in Redditch.  

All in all, if you’re suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, classified as a brain illness, you will need a carefully created treatment plan to follow.

Hard-hitting and working around your needs, this is your best chance to overcome drug and alcohol abuse psychologically, ultimately benefiting your whole being.

This will also be the fastest route, when considering the entirety of your treatment options, helping you overcome your addiction sustainably.  


Will I Detox from Drugs and Alcohol? 

A drug and alcohol detox programme is standard when hoping to recover for the long-term. Although we initially follow psychological responses here at Asana Lodge, it is likely that you’ll need to cleanse your body from ongoing drug and alcohol consumption.  

Withdrawal symptoms are likely, slowly adapting to lower consumption levels is also expected. Through a rehab facility, this is your safest and most effective way to physically withdraw from drugs and alcohol.  


Will I need Mental Health Support? 

Mental health support and brain restoration is a customary route to long-term recovery. However, in order to understand your personal response to drug and alcohol abuse, we will complete cognitive evaluations.

By assessing psychological, spiritual, biological and social influential factors, we will understand your cognitive relationship with drugs and alcohol greater.  

This process is very important to gauge any internal weaknesses, known to organically fuel behavioural addictions or mental health issues.

From here, a suitable treatment programme will be formed, likely including therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and some of our non-traditional methods including virtual reality therapy.  

In conclusion, mental health support is a standard here at Asana Lodge. It is a requirement to help you return to Redditch with the prospects of long-term recovery. Without it, your psychological associations to drugs and alcohol can continue to fester. 


How will I avoid Drugs and Alcohol moving forward? 

Post-rehab life will be very different. You’ll be leaving with life-saving tools, helping to cope through your triggers, while healing physically and mentally. You’ll understand addiction greater, while having confidence in your own relapse prevention plan and healthy life choices.  

However, to ensure that your recovery efforts can continue by avoiding drugs and alcohol, free aftercare services are available.

Conveniently offered from a drug and alcohol rehab in Redditch, you’ll have access to support groups and guidance to work your way through a sober life.  


Why should I pick your Rehab Centre? 

Our facility is very different from other drug and alcohol rehabs in Redditch. From our residential offering, providing a safe deluxe haven to comfortably recover from, to our focused cognitive assessments, we understand what it takes to motivate addiction recovery.   

Yet, the factor which differentiates us the most is our understanding of brain activity and how this can cause pre-existing motives for addiction. By utilising evidence-based approaches and addiction treatment options, our success rates are higher, known to treat the actual cause.  

Although a large proportion of our addiction treatments are available in other facilities, our personalised combinations add value.

You’ll only complete suitable addiction treatments, along with some contemporary methods, helping to change your view on substance abuse, while measuring your progression in a tangible way.  

To benefit from healing psychologically, tackling both a brain illness and physical dependence on drugs and alcohol, visiting our facility for initial recovery will be advised.

Followed by aftercare services via a drug and alcohol rehab in Redditch and you’ll have the most effective, safest and efficient route to long-term recovery.