When embarking on the process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, securing suitability is a must. Suitability unfortunately falls to the back of the list for some, where the convenience or cost of rehab withstands priorities.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Worthing

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This outlook is partly down to the universal image of drug and alcohol rehab, where any offering is better than ongoing substance abuse. While reputable rehab clinics do however offer a consistent offering of addiction recovery, each will have unique assets to offer, from the approach that they follow to the accessible addiction treatment services through their centre.

Down to variations of rehab, you should secure suitability, you should think about your needs, and you should select a fitting form of rehab to ensure that benefits are available to you.

The best way to secure suitability is to be sure of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation route.

Research can help you reach this point, by narrowing down all options, from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Worthing to considering residential rehab at a distance.

Through research, instead of selecting the closest or most favoured rehab clinic, you’ll have the chance to define the most suitable rehab journey for your addiction makeup.

See how suitable our rehab clinic is here at Asana Lodge for your needs, standing as a residential rehab offering private and specialist addiction recovery care.


Finding a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Worthing which meets your needs.

As we’ve shared above, your needs matter when considering the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. With this in mind, you should place your needs on a pedestal, over all other recommendations or assets.

For example, there’s a strong likelihood that those around you will recommend a certain drug and alcohol rehab in Worthing. Other individuals may direct you towards free NHS treatment services.

In addition, your peers may even promote the idea of going cold turkey. However, through experience, the recommendations of others, down to personal opinions and experiences, along with the ineffectiveness of lone detoxification are discouraged routes to consider, as your needs will be last on the list.

  • Your needs will include:
  • Your budget
  • Your physical and psychological health, whether they can be protected and improved through rehab
  • The severity of your addiction, resulting in the type and degree of care, support and addiction treatment services you require
  • Your idea of comfort
  • Your expectations of rehab, including your long-term recovery goals
  • Your religious and cultural beliefs
  • Your addiction recovery history and the experiences that you’re currently encountering


All of the above should be considered when selecting the degree and delivery of drug and alcohol rehab, helping you narrow down your available options.

Comparing your needs, next to offerings of a drug and alcohol rehab in Worthing, of those recommended rehab routes and of residential rehab will be encouraged, helping you see what is suitable for you, rather than those around you.


The Beneficial Assets of Residential Rehab.

If you’re open to looking beyond Worthing for a private and personal experience of rehab, residential rehab offers many beneficial assets, which we back at Asana Lodge. You can expect to encounter the below by investing in private drug and alcohol rehabilitation here at our Towcester treatment centre.


Personal rehab recommendations

You will have a personal rehab programme, full of recommendations to uphold your health, wellbeing and your capabilities to recover. Recommendations will be made by prioritising your needs and by assessing the makeup of your addiction.


Around the clock care

Residential rehab provides reassurance that you’ll be cared for on an around the clock basis. This is highly beneficial, especially when considering the withdrawal challenges linked to rehab.


Access to intensive addiction treatment

At Asana Lodge, we utilise innovative and intensive addiction treatment options. By selecting our rehab clinic, instead of a drug and alcohol rehab in Worthing, you will have access to recommended treatment services, ranging from traditional to some of the most effective and reliable options. You can expect to detox, to complete therapy, to restore on psychological levels and to plan for relapse prevention.


Care from leading addiction specialists

Residential rehab provides confidence by ensuring that care is only provided by leading addiction specialists. This asset will ensure that you can encounter the best care out there when considering your drug and alcohol addiction recovery journey.


A comprehensive approach to addiction recovery

Rehab isn’t just about drug and alcohol withdrawal and reaching a point of sobriety. It’s about improving the entirety of your life. This is possible through a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery, fully advocated through residential rehab.


Increase safety and reliability

Through a fit for purpose rehab clinic, you can feel elements of safety and reliability, as you encounter the most beneficial form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Feeling safe and feeling on the right track can do wonders for your mental health and confidence. This is why suitability is also promoted through rehab.


Immediate support

Residential rehab is highly suitable as it offers immediate support, with a rapid admission into rehab. If you’re looking to recover with urgency in mind, the intensive and comprehensive approach to residential rehab will withstand this for you.


Our Rehab offering at Asana Lodge

Above are just some of the assets you can encounter by overlooking the convenience of a drug and alcohol rehab in Worthing itself. Yet, through selecting Asana Lodge, you can also profit from our rehab offering, where personalisation and where evidence directs the route.

We, as a rehab clinic fully back the science behind addiction recovery, which focuses on cognitive responses to drugs and alcohol. Through this approach, we understand your personal needs and experiences with drugs and alcohol in order to provide realistic recommendations for rehab.

Not only will our approach offer reassurance, but it will also provide suitability, as we can form your rehab stay around your expectations of rehab. Here you can feel comfortable in your next steps, with the knowledge that rehab is right for you.

Reach out today for more information on our offering to compare against those of a drug and alcohol rehab in Worthing. By doing so, you’ll soon secure suitability, with the intention to experience the greatest form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.