Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab clinic, through an inpatient structure, will be the most beneficial and effective form of addiction recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Selsey

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To experience and complete such level of addiction recovery, there are a number of steps, making up the rehab process, that must be completed.

Entering and accessing rehab is the first, followed by an admissions process into a suitable clinic. Assessments, recommendations, and reliable planning will be experienced here. A detoxification process, treatment services and therapy options, again recommended will soon follow, requiring full completion.

Initial rehabilitation is achievable by this point, yet purpose-driven relapse prevention is promoted, to reduce the relapse of drug and alcohol exposure and abuse. Finalising a 30-day inpatient programme, aftercare will be available, on a return home, to strengthen and stabilise sobriety.

Completing the rehab process will be doable via a drug and alcohol rehab in Selsey, at an efficient rate, secured through an inpatient rehab programme.

Work through the process here at Asana Lodge, with assurance of our specialist services, teams, and addiction recovery approaches to experience long-term recovery.

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Finding a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Selsey

Before an admission can take place, finding a suitable rehab clinic to recover from, which homes the benefits of private care yet also caters to personal needs will be important.

This is the part of the rehab process where your needs matter the most, ensuring that safety and suitability can be found across the entire drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience.

Considering your budget, your available time, your health and wellbeing, your expectations of recovery and your favoured approach of support will be helpful here, to define your individual needs.

Placing such needs as a priority will then be encouraged to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Selsey which best fits the type of care, required to promote rehabilitation.

We at Asana Lodge offer significant flexibility across our programmes, ensuring that suitability is found for every client. Secure this level of consideration through rehab, to experience the rehab process that you deserve and require to recover.


Entering Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Entering private rehab can come across as an extremely serious step, particularly when compared against outpatient rehab. While great commitment is required through private rehab, accessibility can be easier than expected by completing a self-referral.

A self-referral into rehab showcases acceptance of support, progressing towards the admissions process with full involvement and awareness. Being aware of what’s expected of drug and alcohol rehab, along with making some personal decisions around your experience will be beneficial and empowering.

An admissions process will be presented on referral into a drug and alcohol rehab in Selsey, which will promote a number of assessments, to understand your addiction type and characteristics. Assessments are quick, confidential, and very important, helping to structure and strengthen personal rehabilitation programmes.

Entering drug and alcohol rehab through such process can become real, setting, and accepting an admission date and preparing for the change of rehabilitation.

With such a structure in place, support and addiction treatment can soon be encountered throughout the inpatient rehab process, unlikely through the waiting lists of the NHS.


What happens through Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment and therapies will fill the contents of inpatient rehab, starting once the admissions process has been completed, and comfort has been found.

Expectations of addiction treatment will all depend on personal needs, supporting the earlier completion of pre-admission assessments. Utilised to recommend suitable forms of addiction treatment, a personal programme will be promoted across the 30 days of inpatient care.

Treatment will indefinitely focus on drug and alcohol detoxification, helping to promote withdrawal and restorative efforts.

Completing therapy is also expected, to work through the emotional wounds, memories and feelings caused by drug and alcohol addiction. Exact forms of therapy will be personally advocated, yet family therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational therapy work well here.

What makes us different here at Asana Lodge, standing as a suitable option of drug and alcohol rehab in Selsey is that we prioritise the use of evidence-based treatment options, meaning that we also incorporate holistic services into our programmes.

Offering the likes of NAD+ therapy, satori chair therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, mindfulness, and virtual reality therapy, we harness the comprehensive nature of recovery to progress and strengthen the rehab process.

Treating the mind and body, treatment via inpatient rehab is progressive and sustainable, offering the essential tools to be aware of, reach and strengthen sobriety.


Purposeful Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention has the purpose of understanding relapse, preventing the risks of exposure, and reducing the impact of possible risks. Offering a personal plan to work through triggers and high-risk situations, clear and safe directions are found through relapse prevention.

Relapse prevention should be an indefinite service through inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, found to strengthen existing rates of recovery, by promoting longevity.

Planning for the future is very important, to normalise a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle and adjust to change on a post-rehab basis. Relapse prevention planning offers the confidence to do just that, by safeguarding long-term recovery efforts.

Completed alongside addiction treatment, a dedicated team will be available to help with post-rehab planning.


Drug and Alcohol Aftercare Services

Aftercare services complete the offering of rehab, provided on an outpatient structure, to relieve the change of addiction recovery. Offered through support groups and therapy services, 12 months of free aftercare will be available here at Asana Lodge, to future-proof sober living.

Working through the up-and-coming sobriety milestones will be directed by aftercare, standing as an invaluable offering, part and parcel of the rehab process.

Experience the entire process from our specialist rehab clinic, personalised to meet your needs and individual prospects of addiction recovery.

How to choose a Rehab facility?

Your needs should guide the way when choosing a rehab facility. Considering factors such as your budget, your triggers, your available time, your addiction type, and your ideas of recovery will help to narrow down suitable offerings of rehab. Completing research and sourcing reputable support will ensure that suitability is found, delivered through private drug and alcohol rehab.

Is Rehab expensive?

Rehab can come across as expensive on an initial basis when compared against NHS treatment services. It is however important to remember that outpatient care is in demand, reducing its offering. For immediate support, with suitability as an offering, the cost of rehab will be worthwhile. Budgets will now be worked to through private rehab, increasing its accessibility.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment?

Inpatient treatment is safe and suitable for addiction recovery, due to its efficiency, personalisation and attached degree of care. Outpatient treatment via the NHS is less effective due to delays, generic offerings, and the excessive demand for care. To treat an addiction, inpatient rehab will be the most effective selection, facilitated here at Asana Lodge.