If you’re aiming to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, there will be a number of different routes for you to consider, from discouraged lone attempts, to visiting a detox clinic. However, if you’re also hoping to work towards sustainable long-term recovery, there’s a definite route to follow, recognised as private drug and alcohol rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Chichester

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Understandably, private care will carry a greater cost, especially in comparison to free NHS treatment services. However, it is important to remember that private care secures your admission, provides a consistent standard, and also focuses greater on your personal needs, which cannot be fulfilled through over-saturated treatment services.

We at Asana Lodge encourage you to see rehab and this recovery opportunity as a lifeline. Recovering from an addiction can be extremely tough and isn’t a guaranteed success. However, the more you invest in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, the more you will get out, helping you recover quicker, stronger and greater.

Your first port of call will likely focus on finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Chichester to receive from. Yet we encourage you to see your options differently, by investing in not only private care, but specialist care.

Complete a comprehensive specialist rehab programme here at Asana Lodge, with strong capabilities to learn your triggers, to educate yourself, to prepare for relapse prevention and to adapt for your sober future back in Chichester.


Investing in private care

We understand that private care cannot be accessed by every individual. However, we work to a number of budgets to make our specialist services accessible to the majority. We offer this to increase the adoption of private rehabilitation, down to the benefits that it offers.

Reasonably, our NHS offers tremendous support through health concerns. However, down to an over-saturated demand, it can be difficult to secure an immediate rehab programme, with consistent treatment services, all catered to your needs and specific addiction makeup.

This is the sad reality for some individuals, where a general rehab programme will be completed. Yet, if you can see rehab as an investment, and can comfortably dedicate yourself, you can secure a personalised rehab programme.

Consistent, intensive and personal rehab programmes are sought-after as they target physical and psychological addictions head-on.

They provide proactive and efficient steps to combat the addictive characteristics of drugs and alcohol while working through personal triggers and causations. This standard is expected through private drug and alcohol rehab, which we offer, providing reliable forecasts.

Recovering isn’t for the here and now. It’s for the long-term. Private care, down to its efficiency and effectiveness will piece together the recovery milestones that you require to sustain sober living, rather than just experience it.

Consider this when weighing up the pros and cons of private rehabilitation, evaluating whether your current or future self should benefit greater.


Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Chichester

If you’re set on the standards of private care, it’s natural if you aim to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Chichester to recover from. Offering comfort and convenience, there are some benefits linked to remaining local for rehab. However, there are also some challenges linked to the proximity of such rehab programmes, highlighting the intentions of residential rehab.

Residential rehab provides a safe haven, it provides respite, it provides time and focus, it provides physical and psychological space, and it provides assurance.

Such reliability, in tandem with 24/7 care, specialist guidance, personal rehab programmes, and homely settings ultimately showcases the invaluable rehab experience that can be encountered here.

It’s understandable if you’re worried about leaving behind your loved ones, your job, your responsibilities and your life back in Chichester.

However, by visiting our website, we will assume that you are struggling with an overpowering drug and alcohol problem. If this is the case, change and space will help to reduce the power of your addiction, which can be facilitated via residential rehab.


Completing a comprehensive rehab programme

By selecting our specialist rehab clinic, you can expect to complete a comprehensive programme. A comprehensive programme focuses on recovering all areas of your life, from your health, to your social influences, and to your lifestyle choices.

Expectedly, your rehab programme will begin with drug and alcohol detoxification efforts. It will then follow with therapeutic addiction treatment services which help to unravel the causation of your addiction.

We focus heavily on your cognitive response to drugs and alcohol, with the capabilities to recommend safe and innovative treatment services.

Once you’ve reached a baseline of recovery, we then focus on relapse prevention planning, on improving your mental health through mindfulness and exercise, on advancing your social capabilities, and on forming a positive lifestyle that will serve you on a post-rehab basis.

We do things differently here at Asana Lodge, by prioritising the evidence behind addiction recovery, promoting comprehensive and holistic healing, and personalising all rehab programmes. While this may come across as serious or intensive, it’s a necessary approach to unravel the addictive grasp of drugs and alcohol.


Adapting to sober living

Your recovery journey will continue beyond our residential rehab offering, where your efforts must continue on your return to Chichester. This can in fact be one of the hardest tests, to assess your capabilities to recover independently.

As this transition can be daunting, we prepare you for post-rehab life, by prioritising sustainable steps, coping strategies and choices. Our efforts will help you adapt to sober living, helping you normalise reduced drug and alcohol exposure, and help you manage your triggers.

We at Asana Lodge care about your future, with the hope that a drug and alcohol-free reality can be managed by you. Through our passion, we therefore offer aftercare services and a wealth of proactive steps to prepare you for adaptations.

Addiction recovery, for the long-term, will require greater efforts than standalone detoxification. You will need to consistently invest in yourself to maintain sober living.

By selecting our rehab clinic, over a drug and alcohol rehab in Chichester, you’ll have the space and time to make that first investment, while securing the reliability of your future investments.