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    By the fact that you have arrived here at the website for Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol rehab in Bognor Regis, it is only natural to assume that you are at a point where you are seriously considering taking advantage of professional and effective addiction recovery — or you are looking to provide help for a loved one through this challenging time. If this should be correct, then you are in the perfect place.

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bognor Regis

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    Overcoming drug and alcohol abuse can be an intense process, which is why in order to successfully conquer a substance abuse disorder or alcohol abuse disorder you will need the help of a professional drug and alcohol treatment centre such as that which we offer here at Asana Lodge.

    Our addiction specialists will help you to overcome the root causes of your addiction through a unique and innovative blend of therapies and treatments, an experience that will help you to enjoy a long-term recovery.

    For more information on the specifics of our addiction treatment, our specialist approach to recovery planning, the inner workings of our facilities, and the support you will receive from our team post-rehab then you can keep reading below.

    Or, you can also call our helpline team at any time for a no-obligation phone call in order to get a better sense of our approach to drug and alcohol abuse recovery.

    Additionally, you can also call us to learn more about how our family and friend referral schemes work, and how our teams can provide you invaluable help with family drug support — we know how hard it can be to see a loved one fall prey to drug addiction or alcohol addiction, and will do everything we can to help you and your loved one through this period.


    What To Expect When You Reach Out To Our Drug And Alcohol Services

    It is only natural to be trepidatious when you are thinking about reaching out to a professional residential rehabilitate centre; however, our helpline staff understands go the difficulties you will be facing and are trained to make your transition into recovery as quick and easy as possible.

    We do not want you to be facing long waiting periods before finding a spot in a recovery centre, as we know that long waiting periods can only lead to a person’s commitment to recovery waining and, in turn, further consumption of drugs and or alcohol.

    Treatment at a private residential rehab such as ours can be a more expensive route, but the unparalleled level of care that you will receive at our facilities makes this a worthy investment.

    Furthermore, we understand that everyone has their own battles to fight, and so we can work with everyone to make sure that we can work out a final plan that accommodates all individuals.

    When you first reach out to us and express an interest in letting Asana Lodge help you get back to your best, sober self, then our staff will perform a very brief yet thorough pre-admission interview.

    During this interview, we will ascertain your current commitment to the process of recovery, as well as your medical history and current relationship with drugs and/or alcohol.

    All of this information will make it so our highly-qualified team of addiction specialists can best plot out your personalised recovery plan. Another benefit of choosing to overcome your addiction with us is that you will be able to experience a personally structured recovery plan, curated by our specialists.

    Every persons struggling with substance abuse and/or alcohol abuse will be experiencing individual biological, psychological, and environmental issues contributing to and stemming from their affliction.

    These personalised factors which can be entwined with substance abuse and alcohol abuse mean that it is only natural that each addict should benefit from a treatment plan which takes into consideration their unique situation and obstacles — something which our teams at Asana Lodge pride ourselves in ensuring.


    Don’t Delay In Starting Your Treatment With Us

    A lot of addicts will always manage to find new ways to convince themselves that they will start recovery “soon,” or that they will start taking recovery seriously after “one last hit/drink.”

    However, sadly, this ephemeral “last hit/drink” never arrives for some addicts, and they live their lives constantly under addiction’s thumb. Don’t let yourself delay any longer in getting professional treatment, reach out to us today before it is too late.

    One thing that a lot of addicts can understandably fear is the process of withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal and drug withdrawal is a very unpleasant experience for countless addicts on their way to sobriety, but it is a necessary experience nonetheless.

    However, with the help of Asana Lodge’s detox clinics at our drug and alcohol rehabs, you will be able to have your detoxification managed and medically controlled. This will mean that you can experience this step on the road to recovery in relative comfort and, more importantly, safety.


    What Are Asana Lodge’s Treatments and Therapies?

    Here at Asana Lodge you will, as previously touched upon, undergo a series of specifically tailored therapy sessions and treatment options which, all together, will complement one another and lead to a long-term recovery from your addiction.

    Some of the treatments and therapies that we include are the likes of, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), family drug support coaching, one-to-one guided therapy, group therapy lead by a qualified professional therapist, art therapy (and other wellness/self-expression therapies), classes on how to manage your stress, dual-diagnosis therapy (in order to treat any other underlying medical condition which may present during your treatment), relapse prevention training, and more.

    Once your course of treatment at our residential rehab is completed, you will then return to your home environment. However, you will not be alone, as you will have access to our complimentary one-year aftercare program — which, when combined with the techniques learned in your relapse prevention plan will help prevent you from falling back into old bad habits and patterns.

    If you’re ready to start living a clean and successful life once more, free from the ravages of addiction, then call Asana Lodge today on 01908 489 421.