Deciding to withdraw from drugs and alcohol can be an overwhelming process, as can the recovery journey itself. Yet, selecting the right rehab programme for you, shouldn’t be.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab West Sussex

The best way you can experience an easier search and selection process is by doing your research.

Yet, independent research may also feel a little much while battling with physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

With this in mind, reading through reputable webpages, such as this one will be beneficial, providing you with insight into accessible drug and alcohol rehabilitation options.

As localised recovery is a strong contender, below we’ve shared reasons to consider it if it is suitable for you. We’ve also shared the value of our rehab programmes here at Asana Lodge, again accessible if a fitting option for your needs. The overarching aim is to find a rehab clinic and programme which works around your personal recovery needs.

Whether that’s a drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex, or our private and residential clinic, standing as the first and only centre to follow scientific evidence, it’s time to push ahead and decide.

If time away from West Sussex will benefit you, contact our team to make arrangements for your impending drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience.


Why select a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in West Sussex?

Localised recovery will either work for you or it will hinder your addiction recovery capabilities. This is commonly down to exposure levels, to familiar, normalised stimulus.

For those who experience limited psychological associations with drugs and alcohol, along with those who have strong support networks around them, remaining local is therefore doable.

There are many benefits of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex, with comfort and familiarity being one of them. Rehab is a new experience. It can be daunting to begin the process of undoing your coping strategy, known as drug and alcohol abuse.

If you can find a comforter, this will be beneficial, commonly viewed as exposure to home comforts. While residential rehab will be encouraged for all addicts, you will experience a degree of exposure, helping to boost your acceptance of drug and alcohol rehab.

Another strong benefit is you’ll experience easier transitions to rehab and from rehab. Those transitions can delay your susceptibility to addiction treatment and can also cause vulnerabilities on our return home to West Sussex. Both risks will be minimised by remaining close to home.

Lastly, through a comprehensive rehab programme, you’ll soon feel confident and comfortable within your recovery setting. This will benefit your post-rehab experience as you’ll also have similar feelings towards aftercare, again accessible via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex.

By considering the above, if your addiction is minimal, and if comfort is a deal-breaker for you, selecting a local rehabilitation centre will benefit you.


Why select Asana Lodge?

At Asana Lodge, we debunk the downfalls of localised recovery by offering residential drug and alcohol rehab. There are significant benefits linked to our service, here to facilitate your entire drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey, through a unique approach.

Firstly, we are specialists. We’re recognised as the first and only residential rehab clinic in the UK, utilising scientific evidence when forming rehab programmes. This has helped our clients by boosting recovery rates on sustainable levels.

We achieve this by fully understanding the needs of our clients by assessing internal and external drug and alcohol triggers and influences. We also focus heavily on cognitive responses, as psychological recovery is ever so important.

Secondly, we go beyond the facilities of a drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex by offering environments which promote distance and privacy. We understand how influential environments can be when withdrawing from drugs and alcohol.

You can expect a homely, a friendly, a luxurious, and a relaxing setting which you advance through your rehab programme.

Thirdly, we use a mixture of addiction treatment options, some conventional and others contemporary, helping to reach new levels of long-term recovery. You can expect to complete the usual detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy and support groups. Yet, the likes of brain restoration, exposure therapy and art therapy will also present themselves.

Lastly, you will be welcomed with your own rehab programme, which is safe and suitable. We will combine the right addiction treatment options to ensure that we can work around your needs, your responses to drugs and alcohol, and your triggers.

Ultimately, you will need to move away from West Sussex to complete our rehab programmes. However, this small sacrifice will significantly benefit you, especially if you’re either set on long-term recovery and/or struggling with the true symptoms of addiction.


Securing the right Rehab Programme for you

Suitability is very important when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab to call home. Many individuals have unfortunately selected the most convenient or the cheapest option, and have resulted in incomplete rehab experiences, or worst yet, relapse.

Drug and alcohol rehab are big commitments to take on. With this in mind, you’ll want to secure a worthwhile experience, possible through selecting the most suitable rehabilitation journey.

By reading the above, we hope to showcase the importance of understanding the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction. In tandem, you should feel confident in communicating your personal needs and rehabilitation goals.

With this in mind, if you’re experiencing substance abuse or minimal associations to triggers, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex could rank as suitable. Yet, this is necessary, as convenience alone will not produce the long-term recovery results you hope for.

If you’re experiencing a drug and alcohol addiction, or deviate from the above in any way, residential rehab will be recommended. Here you will have the most optimal drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience waiting for you.


Contact our team to start your Rehab Admission Process

If long-term recovery is important to you, it’s time to contact our team at Asana Lodge with the aim to begin your rehab admission. By doing so, we can press ahead, gaining an understanding of who you are, your physical and psychological needs, and your experience with drugs and alcohol.

From here, your rehab programme will be formed, ready to change your life back in West Sussex. Reach out to benefit from our specialist approach to addiction recovery.