Are you currently downplaying your drug and alcohol addiction? Do you believe it to be milder than your reality? Do you hide your side effects from family members, friends or even your employer?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Telford

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Denial can be used as a coping mechanism for drug and alcohol addicts. Yet, over time, the signs and symptoms of an addiction will surpass the strength of denial.

This can lead to many unfortunate occurrences, including relationship breakdowns, career deterioration and the most concerning, physical and mental health issues.

A specialist and personalised approach to addiction treatment will influence higher results when comparing to location or convenience. If you’re keen to achieve high success rates, considering our treatment services here at Asana will benefit you greatly.

If you’re abusing drugs and alcohol excessively, while resembling addictive behaviours, considering professional support should be your next step. However, before jumping into visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Telford, it is important to consider all of your available treatment options.

Denial is a common emotion used by those suffering from addiction. It is a coping strategy, a way to blur the truth of reality. However, long-term experience of denial can reduce the control an individual has over their reality, in turn their drug and alcohol consumption.   

As time surpasses, substance abuse or a mild form of dependence can develop into a drug and alcohol addiction; along with carrying its likely negative impacts. Long-term denial will also diminish the desirability of rehabilitation, by justifying consumption and irresponsible choices. 

With this in mind, if you’re using denial to block out your current reality or hope to hide your drug and alcohol addiction from others, it is important to understand that denial is dangerous.

The longer you embrace it, the greater rehabilitation you will require to reverse the damaging effects and begin to piece your quality of life back together.   

To overcome denial, we recommend opening up to close family members and reaching out for localised support in Telford, soon followed by opting for specialist addiction treatment. 


Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Telford  

Your natural first port of call, once you’ve overcome denial may be to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Telford. Localised rehab centres and addiction treatment are understandably favoured for comfort and convenience.

However, before investing yourself, it is important that you first understand the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction, and secondly appreciate your full range of treatment options.  

If you’re living with a mild form of substance abuse, localised addiction treatment may serve its purpose. Through outpatient treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Telford you’ll have the opportunity to overcome your physical side effects.

A convenient route to recovery, you’ll also be able to continue your everyday routine, while completing scheduled addiction treatment sessions. 

However, if you’re suffering from a greater fixation to drugs and alcohol, it is recommended that you look beyond localised support.

Although this may be a new option to you, residential rehab outside of Telford will provide a structured, handheld approach to addiction treatment.

You will have the best opportunity to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction by prioritising your recovery probabilities over convenience.  

Although initially, comfort will be your main desire, a worthwhile rehab experience will be aimed for once you begin to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

Make the right decision from the offset and you’ll experience a worthwhile rehab journey; probable through our residential rehab facility here at Asana Lodge.  


The benefits of residential rehab here at Asana Lodge  

Residential rehab programmes are highly promoted here at Asana Lodge. We believe that addiction recovery, with long-term prospects can only be achieved by completing a comprehensive rehab programme.  

As an addiction is a multifaceted condition, challenging to understand and treat, it is important that a specialist and concentrated approach is followed when encouraging rehabilitation. With this in mind, the first benefit you will experience through our rehab facility is our specialist knowledge and processes.

We follow the evidence when forming personalised treatment programmes, catering recommendations around cognitive functioning and addiction experiences. This is very important to ensure that you are completing the most suitable addiction treatment options to influence internal and external healing.  

Secondly, you will be provided with time and peace, away from influences in Telford, to recover optimally. Full addiction recovery can be difficult to achieve when surrounded by emotional and social triggers. Through residential rehab, triggers will be controlled by residing from a positive and organised environment. 

The final key benefit of looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Telford is the support you will receive to overcome associated mental health conditions. Through our rehab facility, we again specialise in mental health recovery.

Through our evaluations, we can identify weaknesses in a person’s mental state, by assessing whether they have any symptoms associated with mental health conditions.

With the aim to treat a dual diagnosis, at Asana Lodge, suitable depths of treatment will be available and recommended by our addiction counsellors to promote cognitive repair.  


How important is mental health and cognitive functionality when recovering? 

Although visibly impacting physical health, addiction is a psychological illness, impacting changes in the brain. These changes can be identified by observing how blood flow impacts cognitive activity, ultimately increasing the chances of developing an addiction or mental health issues.  

To achieve the first stages of addiction recovery, mental health and cognitive functionality are very important. Without a positive mindset and the ability to control symptoms, there is a high risk of failed addiction treatment.

In order to ensure that success can be achieved, our brain evaluations help to identify risks and further contributing factors; including biological, psychological, spiritual and social influences.  

From here, suitable addiction treatment options can be promoted throughout rehab, helping to tackle both addiction and mental health conditions. Without this internal insight, the incorrect form and level of addiction treatment may be recommended.  

In unison, we utilise organic and low-risk treatment options, ensuring that health and safety can be maintained through rehab.

Drug and alcohol detox programmes, cognitive behavioural therapy and individual therapy are some of our traditional methods, followed by art therapy and NAD+ therapy, identified as non-traditional restoration options.  

Without focusing on cognitive functionality, mental health symptoms can worsen, deteriorating the opportunity to recover. With this in mind, to achieve initial addiction recovery, looking beyond convenience through a drug and alcohol rehab in Telford is recommended.

Specialist and personalised approaches through our residential rehab will offer a greater chance of working through the initial causation, along with diminishing all connections to drugs and alcohol.