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Here at Asana Lodge, we deliver an exceptionally high level of residential addiction treatment for individuals struggling to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. We ensure that each client receives the utmost respect, care, and attention whilst they stay with us at our drug and alcohol rehab in Oswestry.

Our dedicated team are experts in their field and are proud to have helped countless people achieve their long-term recovery goals. Many of them have even gone through drug and alcohol rehabilitation themselves so can truly understand what you’re going through and what support you need during this challenging time.

Do you feel as though addiction has taken over your life? Is it impacting on your physical and psychological health, on your relationships with family and friends, on your career? Drug or alcohol addiction can be all-consuming as everything else in your life becomes second best.

It can quickly destroy many aspects of your life, leaving you with very little. Don’t let this awful disease ruin your life. Take back control and call us today on 01908 489 421 or email us at info@asanalodge.com. If you don’t act now, it could be too late, resulting in long-term damage.


What are the main causes of addiction to alcohol or drugs?

People become addicted to alcohol or drugs for a wide variety of reasons. We could never pinpoint just a few, sometimes it could be combination of reasons.

You might not even know what the underlying reasons are for your drug or alcohol abuse, but our dedicated team can help you to identify the possible causes through useful therapy sessions. This is also greatly beneficial for your own recovery once you return home, as you’ll be able to better identify your triggers and avoid any potential relapses.

Some of the most common causes of drug addiction or alcohol addiction are:

– Your social situation: If you start by using drugs recreationally or drinking in small amounts, it’s a quick step into trying more severe drugs or drinking excessively more frequently. The more frequent and the more severe the abuse becomes, the harder it is to get out of this vicious cycle.

– Your genetics: Unfortunately, some people are just more genetically susceptible to becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs. You could have an addictive personality or deal with stressful situations or trauma in way which could make you more inclined to abuse these substances. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be treated.

– Your mental health: It’s possible that you could have begun using alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism to ease the pain of your mental health issues. It’s common to see people become addicted to their prescribed medication for existing mental health issues which can then lead into more severe drug abuse.

– Your environment: If you’ve grown up in an environment where abusing alcohol or drugs is the norm, then you’re much more likely to be influenced into using, and consequently, developing an addiction. This toxic environment also makes it very difficult to give up alcohol or drugs as you’re faced with the temptation every day. You must remove yourself from this situation if you want to give up substance abuse once and for all.


What residential addiction treatments do we offer?

As all of our treatment programmes are completely personalised to each individual, every programme will be unique. However, we do frequently include a drug and alcohol detoxification for most of our clients as it’s a highly effective way to remove the toxins from your system, allowing you to successfully undergo your remaining therapies.

In addition to drug and alcohol detoxification, we also provide psychological focused therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, 1-1 counselling sessions, stress management, family interventions, and a variety of well-being therapies including relaxation and sleep management, mindfulness, acupuncture, music therapy, art therapy, and nutritional support.

Our addiction therapies are evidence-based and have a fantastic rate of success when used for overcoming drug or alcohol abuse. By utilising a mix of psychological and well-being therapies, you’ll be receiving a holistic approach to your treatment, allowing for the most effective and efficient recovery process.

Even during your down time, we make sure that you have some social activities to look forward to which you can share with people in similar situations to yourself. These include group walks or runs, quiz nights, film nights, and family visits should you wish to.


We offer continued support during your aftercare

During your first year after completing your residential addiction treatment is when you’re most likely to suffer from a relapse. This is why all of our clients receive a free drug and alcohol aftercare programme for 12 months to aid with the transition back into home life whilst avoiding a relapse.

Just like your residential treatment programme at our drug and alcohol rehab in Oswestry, your aftercare programme will also be tailored to your condition and the progress you’ve made at our rehab.

We offer dedicated helplines to offer support whenever you need it, in addition to ongoing drug and alcohol relapse prevention sessions or supplementary counselling sessions as required. We can also recommend local support groups to take advantage of such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

It’s also possible for us to provide an enhanced aftercare service which includes your friends and family. As nerve-wracking as this may sound, it can be extremely useful to include your loved ones in your recovery process. Not only does it help them to feel more involved, but we can also provide them with the necessary tools to identify your triggers therefore avoiding a relapse and encouraging you to continue your recovery journey.

There’s no time to waste when it comes to creating a happier, longer future for you to spend with your loved ones. We’re happy to answer any further questions you may have on addiction or the recovery process. Call us today on 01908 489 421 or email us at info@asanalodge.com.