Commonly, anything to do with our health here in the UK is usually seen by the NHS. For health issues or conditions, free treatment services will therefore be offered and completed.

Down to this commonality, it’s easy to see why many individuals gravitate towards free addiction treatment services, over private rehabilitation efforts.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Market Drayton

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However, unfortunately, for those who do follow that route, long-term recovery will not be experienced by all.

This is down to the pressures placed on our healthcare system, where existing demands already delay rehab programmes, make personalised programmes impossible to offer, and reduce the innovative capabilities of addiction treatment.

Yet, through private rehab, rapid admissions can be made, personalised programmes are offered to all, based around personal needs, and a range of contemporary, safe and highly effective treatment services are on offer.

Through this offering, it’s easy to see why visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Market Drayton will benefit you greater. Yet, it’s also understandable why you may be put off, down to the cost of private rehab.

To help you see the value of private care, and how costings should always be a second priority, with your recovery capabilities as the first, we at Asana Lodge have condensed some of the most important guidance, all-around drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Along with our guidance, benefit from our services, offering comprehensive rehab programmes, harnessing the worth of private care.


Free treatment services vs private rehab

Free treatment services are a convenient way to overcome addiction. Understandably, for some individuals, NHS support will be their own choice. If this is the case, great care, compassion and effort will be invested in your addiction recovery journey.

Opting for this degree of care will benefit you greatly by helping you withdraw and experience respite from drug and alcohol abuse.

However, for those who do have the option, free treatment services will not provide the full recovery capacity of private rehab.

This is down to the fact that a range of key services and milestones must be fulfilled in order to achieve addiction recovery. A personalised journey is one of those, which unfortunately cannot be offered by the NHS. Yet, via private rehab, your entire experience will be worked around your needs, increasing comfort and progression.

A further factor which is necessary to achieve recovery is an intensive and consistent addiction treatment programme. Down to demands, delays are always likely through the support of the NHS.

Yet, from a private drug and alcohol rehab in Market Drayton, your admission can be made, where your entire rehab journey will be secured and facilitated.

Reasonably, through these benefits, a greater investment is necessary for private rehab. Yet, ranking as worthwhile for our private clients, that investment will secure greater chances of you saving financially from sober living, along with saving your future.


Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Drayton

If you’re set on privatised care, your next step will be to find a drug and alcohol rehab clinic to call home. Through private rehab, residential rehab will likely be encouraged, helping to provide consistent care, consistent streams of addiction treatment, and consistent progression.

Naturally, you may believe that selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Drayton will be a requirement when opting for private rehab.

However, this isn’t the case, as with private drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you can select the most fitting option for your budget, needs and addiction type.

With this in mind, you can overlook many obstacles linked to localised recovery by considering our rehab clinic here in Towcester.

Here, residential rehab will be offered, where you’ll encounter the quality and intentions of private rehab, yet with even greater comfort and capacity to reach long-term recovery.


Benefiting from our programmes here at Asana Lodge

Our programmes here at Asana Lodge are personalised to cater around the needs of our clients. Yet, we do offer a structured service, where all benefits and milestones of residential rehab will be included.

Here’s what you can expect to benefit from by selecting our approach over a generic drug and alcohol rehab in Market Drayton.


Residential care

Like those in Market Drayton, we offer residential rehab programmes, here to provide a 360 experience, all under one roof. This is highly convenient while providing personal confidence in your own ability to recover, and the services of rehab.


Personalised treatment programmes

Standing as leading specialists in the addiction recovery field, we personalise our treatment programmes by prioritising scientific evidence. We utilise results from our pre-rehab assessments, which look into cognitive responses on drug and alcohol abuse, on withdrawal and on recovery.

By considering your results, your rehab programme will be personalised with your needs in mind, catering to generic factors such as your recovery goals, to in-depth characteristics, such as the most optimal route to recovery.


Innovative treatment services

We make use of traditional addiction treatment services, including detoxification, stress management and cognitive behavioural therapy. Yet, we also make use of innovative treatment services, which provide greater reliability and realism into addiction recovery.

Our contemporary services are also highly supportive throughout the rehab experience, where the likes of art therapy, NAD+ therapy and virtual reality therapy will be recommended.


Expert teams of addiction specialists

Our team is hand-picked, where quality, values and expertise are very important. We work with a range of addiction specialists, across medical and therapeutic professions, ensuring that support of every form is available through rehab.


Optimal recovery settings

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Drayton, you may experience exposure to drug and alcohol influences, down to familiarity. This can even be the case on a residential basis, as your emotions and experiences can link to environments and memories.

However, as familiarity will be low here at Asana Lodge, you’ll have a neutral environment to recover within, providing optimal settings of relaxation and privacy.


Personal aftercare offerings

The standard of our aftercare services is very important to us, as your post-rehab transition can be daunting. Our services are in place, to again fit around your personal needs, providing you with ongoing support and sources of treatment.

Invaluable throughout the expected vulnerabilities of your new lifestyle, you can expect this care for one-year post-rehab.

Understandably, justifying the cost of private drug and alcohol rehab may currently feel tough. Yet with the intention to help those in need, we work to a range of budgets here at Asana Lodge.

We hope that this can support you through your recovery journey, helping you experience our care over free treatment or services via a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Drayton.

Value your future by valuing your drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience through private care.