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To onlookers, drug and alcohol abuse is viewed as a physical habit. While this is understandable, as tangible drug and alcohol use drives consumption and its impacts, addiction is in fact a brain illness.

Drug and alcohol abuse starts physically, where physical effects are usually sought-after. However, over time, as the presence of drugs and alcohol is normalised, the brain will also begin to respond, favouring euphoric and escape-like feelings.

Through this adoption, both physical and psychological side effects, withdrawal symptoms and cravings will be experienced, classifying these effects as a drug and alcohol addiction.

Yet, the greatest worry is the changes that toxic, addictive substances have on the brain, causing weaknesses, or heightening pre-existing vulnerabilities.

This is exactly why overcoming an addiction can be very hard, where treatment will need to surpass a drug and alcohol detox.

Again, onlookers will usually lack an understanding of addiction recovery, and will brand addicts as lazy and as low lives when the withdrawal is unfulfilled.

However, not only does this showcase the stigma linked to addiction, but also the tests of completing a comprehensive, seamless rehab programme.

While tests are present, it’s however very important that rehabilitation is aimed for, if you are struggling, by working with professionals. Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Shrewsbury will increase your chances of recovery, over prolonged abuse.

Yet, to tackle the complexity of addiction, visiting Asana Lodge for brain restoration efforts and addiction recovery services will be recommended.


The Importance of Cognitive Assessment and Restoration

As we’ve highlighted above, drug and alcohol abuse cause physical and psychological effects, attachments and issues. However, through vast research, at Asana Lodge, we appreciate how our minds ultimately control our actions and behaviours, which can therefore control physical attachment.

While an element of detoxification will be necessary to prepare the body to cope without drugs and alcohol, psychological realignment is the greatest hurdle and most important part of rehab.

This is why cognitive assessments and brain restoration are important, as they contribute towards guiding the way of addiction recovery and providing the opportunity to rest, restore and recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

Differentiating us from other drug and alcohol rehab clinics, we complete cognitive assessments on your admission into rehab, helping to fully understand your personal response to drug and alcohol use.

By doing so, we can gauge the impacts that their presence has caused, along with whether any pre-existing weaknesses have contributed to your habit. This is very important, like genetics, as mental health vulnerabilities, and as further environmental or learnt influences can motivate substance abuse.

Once insight into your addiction makeup has been achieved, we utilise brain restoration strategies, alongside further addiction treatment services to restore the brain to its organic functionality.

This change will then adapt outlooks, behaviours and attitudes towards substance abuse. Without this step, there’s a likelihood that outlooks and that damages will remain.

Combined together, psychological recovery from addiction is likely, soon followed by physical long-term recovery capabilities.


Looking beyond a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Shrewsbury

Down to the fact that significant focus should be placed on cognitive responses, at Asana Lodge, we encourage you to look beyond a generic drug and alcohol rehab in Shrewsbury.

While a general approach to rehab can offer recovery capabilities, with a large focus on withdrawal and relapse prevention, it will not consider the complex and personal element of addiction.

Living with an addiction is a personal experience, which is also the case when considering drug and alcohol rehab. Down to varying responses, our approach is superior to standard programmes as we can delve deeper into the makeup of addiction, helping to offer safe and reliable addiction treatment recommendations.

We also recommend that you look beyond the selection of a Shrewsbury based rehab clinic as ours, still boasting convenience will provide you with access to a wide range of transformational treatment services, which are backed by scientific evidence.

Through research, thorough assessments, and through personal recommendations, you will have the knowledge that addiction treatment services will benefit your encounter of addiction recovery.


Heal the mind, followed by the body, followed by the soul

Addiction recovery should be a holistic offering. By this, we highlight the necessity of a comprehensive rehab programme which tackles each area of addiction and its cycle. This is exactly why we start with cognitive responses, at Asana Lodge, as this will naturally develop towards physical recovery.

By completing a range of psychologically driven treatment services, the brain will begin to devalue drug and alcohol abuse, which in combination with a detox programme, will also diminish physical attachments. At this point, holistic healing will be aimed for, where forgiveness, where mindfulness and where balance can be restored, helping to strengthen long-term recovery opportunities.

While our approach to drug and alcohol rehab may seem extremely complex, we understand the materialisation of addiction, which benefits our rehab clinic, and will benefit your recovery journey.


Traditional and Contemporary Addiction Treatment Services

Like a generic drug and alcohol rehab in Shrewsbury, we make use of medically recommended addiction treatment services, such as physical detoxification, talking therapies and support groups.

All are invaluable when considering the foundation of addiction recovery, helping to lower barriers and accept intervention.

However, to get the most out of traditional treatment services, we also mix in contemporary options, helping to boost the susceptibility of sober living. The likes of exposure therapy, virtual reality therapy and NAD+ therapy offer even greater opportunities of restoration and post-rehab planning, helping to secure independent recovery back in Shrewsbury.

Through our cognitive assessments, we will gauge the most fitting combination of addiction treatment services, for you, mixed together to form your own personal rehab programme. Not only will this provide a comfortable experience of rehab, but it will also ensure that progression can be made, not only via rehab but also on your return home.

Tackling a physical and psychological addiction can be testing, especially if the correct form of support and addiction treatment is unavailable. Yet, by overlooking a drug and alcohol rehab in Shrewsbury, and by trusting our approach, you will have available access to correct, safe and proactive addiction recovery steps.

Reach out to Asana Lodge to begin your journey towards holistic healing.