By visiting our site here at Asana Lodge, we will assume that you’re personally aiming for addiction recovery or hope to support a loved one through the process. If this is correct, you’re in the right place.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bedford

To benefit from addiction recovery opportunities, we recommend considering all of your localised options. Whether that’s outpatient treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bedford, or a residential rehab programme, with our support, we can help you progress through the necessary stages of addiction recovery.

For more information on addiction treatment, our specialist approach or the support you will receive from our team post-rehab, reach out today. We are here to guide you through holistic healing, improving your brain health and quality of life post drugs and alcohol.


Acknowledging your Drug and Alcohol Addiction

It is important that before you start on your personal recovery journey that you acknowledge your drug and alcohol addiction. Facing up to your problems with drugs and alcohol will help emotions such as denial, subsidise. You’ll also have greater knowledge on the severity of your relationship with drugs and alcohol, commonly acting as a motivator to kickstart rehab.

However, the biggest benefit of acknowledging your addiction is the mental preparation you will complete, required to experience the value of rehab. Completing a rehab programme can be very challenging.

Any degree of withdrawal from addictive substances can result in obstacles. We are all human, sometimes resulting in a few steps back. In order to work through those drawbacks, push through the challenges and withdrawal symptoms, you must be mentally focused on the end goal of addiction recovery.

Once you’ve reached this point, your receptiveness to addiction treatment will advance, improving your recovery rates significantly.

Face up to your addictive behaviours, reach out to close family members for support, and consider recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in Bedford. Through this mindset, you’ll have the potential to disconnect for the long-term from drugs and alcohol.


Selecting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bedford

Once you’re in the mindset to conquer rehab, no matter what it takes, it is important that you find the right rehab programme to meet your personal requirements.

Focusing on the local area, many individuals will naturally consider outpatient treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Bedford itself. For some, this can motivate recovery, following a self-sufficient and controlled detoxification process.

However, here at Asana Lodge, we are here to help Bedford locals, who struggle with the true signs of a drug and alcohol addiction, rehabilitate effectively. The best way to achieve effective rehabilitation is by completing a residential treatment programme, set away from current triggers or influences.

For some individuals, localised recovery can work in their favour, motivating physical disconnect from drugs and alcohol. Yet, to disconnect psychologically, identified as a necessity for addiction recovery, facing drug and alcohol triggers can disrupt progression.

Not to mention, the inconsistency and disjointed approach commonly followed through outpatient methods.

With this in mind, if you are experiencing mental health issues and/or the psychological association to drugs and alcohol, we recommend visiting a rehab facility outside of Bedford.

Still offering convenience and comfort, our residential drug and alcohol rehab centre, based in Towcester will provide the distance, privacy and motivation to recover.


Completing high-quality Addiction Treatment

Here at Asana Lodge, we offer the most effective addiction treatment options by listening to the scientific evidence. We differentiate ourselves from other drug and alcohol rehabs in Bedford by utilising a specialist evaluation process, prior to creating personalised treatment programmes.

We stand out through completing assessments, measuring how biological, social, spiritual and psychological factors can drive drug and alcohol abuse. Results will provide insight into how your brain responds to addictive substances, along with internal damage and disruption.

From here, we will start by recommending psychologically formed addiction treatments, promoting brain health and restoration.

High-quality treatment options such as support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapy and art therapy will merge to create your treatment plan. Alongside, a drug and alcohol detox programme will also be required, along with nutrition management and further wellness activities.

Following our approach and completing an addiction treatment programme will help your brain repair, your body heal and your whole preparing for life post-rehab without drugs and alcohol.

Please be reassured that relapse prevention steps and coping strategies will also be entwined through rehab to benefit your recovery.


Embracing Mental Health Support

Through a drug and alcohol addiction, it is likely that your mental health will also deteriorate. This can lead to a dual diagnosis, requiring an additional stream of treatment.

In order to return home to Bedford and complete aftercare services, embracing mental health support is encouraged. Without recovering mentally, in unison with cognitive realignment via addiction treatment, there’s a likelihood that psychological relapse may occur post-rehab.

With this in mind, through our residential rehab facility, you will have access to our dual diagnosis treatment services which address both your substance and mental health issues. To advance your recovery rates, it is important that you’re open and ready to discuss your mental health struggles.


Continuing through Aftercare Services

Returning home to Bedford post-residential rehab will showcase a new opportunity to live. You’ll be firmly placed on the initial steps of addiction recovery. However, it is important that your efforts are maintained post-rehab, ensuring that you’re continuously progressing.

Through a drug and alcohol rehab in Bedford, you will be encouraged to complete consistent support groups and narcotics anonymous sessions.

Conveniently offered, free of charge, you’ll have a chance to maintain your recovery efforts from home via weekly Zoom sessions, while upholding your mental health.

To move closer to this stage, you must kickstart your recovery journey through rehab. Visit our residential rehab centre, offering a specialist approach to addiction treatment, soon followed by localised recovery maintenance. Reach out today to start your initial assessment process.