Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue throughout the UK and can affect anyone who drinks or uses drugs. The misuse of addictive substances can lead to physical and psychological dependency, with increased tolerance, meaning you need to take more and more for the same effect.

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You might experience withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit or cut down, and drugs and alcohol can also affect how your brain deals with areas including pleasure, reward, and impulse control. Alcohol and drug addiction is characterised by compulsive use even when you know there may be negative consequences. All this helps to explain why addiction is so difficult to tackle alone.

Addiction can be successfully treated though, using evidence-led treatments and therapies. If you are struggling with these issues, undergoing a treatment programme at a residential rehab in Bedfordshire could provide your best chance of breaking free from the vicious cycle of addiction and making a complete and long-lasting recovery.


 Signs You Need Treatment for an Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction can easily creep up on someone who regularly drinks or uses drugs. It can also be marked by denial, and many people with a drink or drug problem can be reluctant to admit it. Admitting that you have a problem and need help is always a big and positive step forward, and here are some signs to look out for:

  • Using more and more of the substance
  • Needing to take more for the same effect
  • Trying and failing to quit or cut down
  • Drinking or using drugs despite negative consequences
  • Feeling bad (withdrawal symptoms) when you don’t drink or use drugs
  • Anxiety over not having access to drugs or alcohol
  • Avoiding situations where you can’t use the substance
  • Becoming preoccupied with securing drugs or alcohol
  • Neglecting family, work and other responsibilities
  • Deteriorating health

This is not a complete list, and experiencing one or more of the above does not necessarily mean you have an addiction. They are indeed warning signs, though, and you might want to seek professional help or advice.


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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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What Happens in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

One addiction treatment option is the outpatient programme typically available via the NHS. This can be very valuable for many people, but there are definite limitations. Resources are often stretched in drug and alcohol services and may involve waiting times.

You would have to be organised and motivated to attend sessions at clinics or other venues, which can be difficult when you are in the grip of addiction. You might have to undergo a drug and alcohol detox on your own, and you will be surrounded by the people and places associated with your drinking or drug use.

At a private drug and alcohol rehab, you will be away from those triggers and temptations in a safe and tranquil environment where you can concentrate on your recovery. You can undergo a supervised alcohol and drug detox and participate in various therapies and treatments delivered by experienced recovery professionals.

Your stay in drug and alcohol rehab will be followed by an aftercare programme to provide you with extra support when you need it. All this gives you the best chance of breaking free from your addiction.

Going Through Detox in Rehab

One of the biggest hurdles facing most people going into recovery is the period known as detoxification or an alcohol or drug detox. This is where you process the drugs or alcohol out of your system, essentially getting clean and sober. It is often accompanied by intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms that can be very unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. It is safer and more effective if you can undergo detox in a supervised medical setting like rehab.

Therapies Available at Asana Lodge

Detox is a vital step but certainly not the end of the process. You will also need to address the psychological aspects of your addiction and the root causes of your substance misuse. This is generally done via various therapies such as group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and one-to-one counselling. At Asana Lodge, we can also provide less common progressive treatments such as a wellness lounger and intravenous nutrient therapy to aid recovery.

Addiction and Mental Health

There is often a complex relationship between substance misuse, addiction, and mental health, each affecting others differently. Substance misuse can sometimes trigger a mental health condition or make an existing one worse. In other cases, a mental health issue can contribute to the person’s drinking or drug use, potentially leading to addiction and worsening the condition. Treating both elements simultaneously is known as dual diagnosis treatment and is very important in avoiding relapse after you leave rehab.

Is it Worth Travelling for Inpatient Rehab Treatment?

If you decide that residential alcohol and drug rehab is your best option, you might be tempted to simply look for the nearest place to you. This can make it easier to get to and for family and loved ones to visit, but it is more important to find the place that is right for your own individual circumstances. One of the critical benefits of residential rehab is that you are safely away in a self-contained environment, so in many ways, it does not matter if the rehab is a bit further afield. Some people will also feel more comfortable and anonymous travelling to a rehab outside their local area.


 How We Can Help

Whether you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Houghton Regis or further afield, we can help you to find the right place to start your recovery journey. Our team of admissions specialists can answer any questions you might have, provide confidential advice and help to start the admissions process rolling. This will include an assessment to ensure you receive the proper care and treatments during your stay.

Contact us today to take your first steps towards a more positive life free from drugs, alcohol and addiction. Alternatively, you can call us on 01908 489 421.


Frequently Asked Questions

How beneficial is residential rehab?

Residential rehab can benefit you in a multitude of ways. Obviously our drug and alcohol rehabilitation plans are perfect for getting you clean and sober, but we also want to make sure that you are ready to get the most out of life once you are sober. We encourage our patients to engage with many different types of activities while they are staying at our drug and alcohol treatment centre as finding alternative outlets for your internalised emotions will contribute towards a relapse prevention plan in the long term.

Is it safe to detox at home?

Detoxing without any medical guidance and alone, known as going cold turkey, is a path that some addicts take. If you can afford to undergo medical detoxification then this is recommended. The severity of withdrawal is impossible to predict and there can be complications that may result in a medical emergency. Seizures and delirium tremens caused by withdrawal can result in death. Without medication or care, the process may be very unpleasant and increase the risk of relapse.

What happens after rehab?

After leaving rehab you will have access to our aftercare package, focused on relapse prevention. Many people leaving rehab continue to attend support meetings and stay connected with former addicts to increase the chances of long-term recovery. Hopefully, during your time with us you will have learnt techniques and tips to help you deal with triggers and urges. The hope is that whatever happens after rehab, it’s better than what came before.