Addiction can manifest in multiple ways. Many substances can cause addiction and therefore, each case is an individual. However, the problem is rising, and millions worldwide suffer from this problem.

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When left untreated, drug and alcohol addiction can lead to severe mental and physical impairments and even overdose. In general, the addictive potential of the drug depends on the intrinsic properties of the compound. Each drug has its own chemistry, and this affects the user differently.


What Causes Addiction?

Three dominating factors may contribute to addiction. However, there is no confirmed cause; it is often a series of events and underlying issues that create this addictive behaviour. Genetic, physical and environmental factors are often the reasonings of alcohol and drug addiction.

Have you struggled with mental health? Have you relied on prescription medications long-term? Are you in an abusive relationship? Were you born to an addicted parent? Do you have unhealthy friendships that have led to poor decisions? There is always a psychological trigger to addiction that must be broken.

Thankfully, this perpetual struggle can be broken with drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Rehab seeks to help people facing addiction rewire their minds and tackle the issues that have led them to this problem. This includes detox and therapies in a professional and medical setting. Alcohol and drug rehab gives you access to round-the-clock care in a luxurious and comfortable place to call your own. Every element is taken care of, from your diet to exercise and activity.

Private drug and alcohol rehab is a comprehensive programme that is bespoke to fit your needs. Not only does it boast high success rates, but it is known to offer all patients a positive outlook on life, assisting in creating a better future. The worry of addiction can quickly spiral, so you should always seek help as soon as possible to avoid any adverse outcomes.


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The Alcohol and Drug Detox Process

Alcohol and drug detoxification is a medical process which removes the toxins of addictive substances from the body. This often lasts around one week, removes the dependency, and stops all the physical aspects of addiction. We eliminate or mitigate withdrawal symptoms during this time, and you will be cared for around the clock.

The goal of drug and alcohol detoxification is to help you abandon poor habits which are harmful to you and incorporate new and healthy habits whilst healing the body and mind from the effects of the substance. You may be given certain medications during this phase to make the transition more comfortable; however, there will be numerous methods to ensure this process is compelling throughout. Once this phase is completed, you will be ready to begin your therapies and treatments that will now combat the mental part of your addiction.


Addiction Therapies and How They Help You

Recognition is the first step in addiction recovery. Recognising the signs, recognising the triggers, and then allowing yourself to work through each, gaining skills along the way. Our specialised team has a plethora of experience in this field. Each psychotherapy offered will give you a better insight into your addiction problem and the best tools to overcome it. Some of the treatments that we offer are:

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • Counselling sessions (one-to-one and group therapy)
  • Art Therapy
  • Psychotherapies (various)

These therapies at Asana Lodge are beneficial because they tackle problems head-on. You will build up trust and confidence in those around you. This will allow you to feel comfortable and open talking about the issue. We have a friendly and professional team ready and willing to assist you. Dealing with addiction is daunting and can’t be faced alone. We want to ensure that you feel confident returning to your life with all the necessary tools.


The Benefits of Private Rehab

Rehabilitation is the only method for long-term success; with this comes a motivation to succeed. Whilst some public rehab has its benefits, it does not have the intensity or the medical assistance to reinforce the methods taught. Some of the benefits that we can offer you are:

  1. Incredible care: There is a premium level of care in terms of services, facilities, and programmes offered at Asana Lodge and this care is extended to the future. An aftercare plan will be offered. During your time with us, you will feel cared for and supported. We combat your anxiety and fears because we aim to get you healthy.
  2. Less to zero waiting times: There are often no waiting times, especially if emergency rehab is recommended. Sometimes there may be a very short wait, but this is rare, and you will always be able to find help quickly.
  3. The best facilities: You will have access to a high-quality facility that feels just like home, with great amenities, cuisine, activities and much more, which helps facilitate your recovery in a very positive way.
  4. Privacy guaranteed: You will be sure you have exceptional confidentiality during your stay. We regard all privacy as necessary; therefore, we will keep everything secure, including your health files.
  5. Variation of treatment: You will have access to numerous treatment types that would not normally be available in the public sector. The variety of treatments allows you to gauge your best treatments and explore different pathways. You will have access to different care workers, all of which have high levels of experience.


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Don’t delay in getting yourself the life-changing treatment that you need. With very little hassle, you can arrange a call and assessment, allowing us to determine the best treatment route for you. Our team is dedicated to your recovery, so please contact us today or call on 01908 489 421.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does rehab work?

Residential rehab is one of the most effective ways to overcome your addictive disorder for the long-term. However, as mentioned earlier, you need to be committed to the process of recovery for it to have the necessary impact. Without being prepared to change how you live at the moment, then you cannot hope to benefit from any form of addition treatment. Addiction treatment is based around making positive changes to your physiology and psychology, so without being ready to change you have little hope of achieving the necessary end result.

What happens when I leave rehab?

That depends on you. After rehab, the recovery journey is not over as the rest of your life waits. Taking advantage of our aftercare package and remaining vigilant as you attend weekly support meetings is essential to staying clean. Using all you have learnt during your time with us, hopefully, you can lead a fulfilling life free of addiction.

Can I detox at home?

You can detox at home in some cases. However, if you start to experience severe side effects, you should seek medical treatment immediately. If you are worried about detoxing at home, your best option is to speak to a doctor or medical professional for some medical advice on the best approach. It is always recommended, however, that you attend rehab for the safest detox.