With a rehab recommendation comes a range of emotions, questions and concerns. Do you currently feel overwhelmed, in relation to a drug and alcohol rehab referral? If so, please be aware that this is normal, commonly a part of the self-acknowledgement and admission processes.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Dunstable

Withdrawing and recovering from a drug and alcohol addiction, on a professional level, will likely be new to you. Visiting a rehab clinic, residing from a treatment centre, committing yourself to a rehabilitation programme, and completing a range of addiction treatment services may all be unfamiliar steps, so it’s important that you cut yourself some slack.

Through this overwhelming part of deciding to recover, you may feel like it’s too much, you may feel like you cannot commit, you may even feel like you cannot work through your doubts or worries.

Yet, through experience here at Asana Lodge, we know that while tough to overcome, by working with specialists, by opting for reassurance, and by making rehab and the steps that follow, familiar, you can do it.

If you’re accepting of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Dunstable, we’re located close by, confident and equipped to guide you through your own personal addiction recovery journey. Yet, to experience our services, you must first prepare yourself and aim to overcome your reservations about rehab.

See some of our most commonly asked questions surrounding addiction recovery, subsequently, drug and alcohol rehabilitation. But for full reassurance, it’s time to reach out to gain a sense of control, understanding and confidence in yourself.


Can I pick a drug and alcohol rehab in Dunstable to detox and recover?

Yes, you can most definitely select a drug and alcohol rehab in Dunstable to undergo a drug and alcohol detox and recover. You in fact have the flexibility to select from treatment centres when investing in private rehab care, to ensure that you can select the most fitting form of rehab.

While we’re just located outside of Dunstable, down to the recommendation of residential rehab, we at Asana Lodge can offer a suitable take on rehab.

Our location is close enough for you to benefit from comfort and convenience, linked to localised recovery. Yet our location is far enough away for you to experience respite from your current life, where drug and alcohol abuse falls.

It’s natural that you may hope to recover on your doorstep. Yet this is one of the hardest obstacles of localised recovery, down to the physical and psychological associations you’ll likely have to drugs and alcohol. They can be extremely challenging to work through if a degree of exposure or familiarity are present.

By removing yourself from distractions, you can give yourself the focus and chance you deserve to fulfil drug and alcohol rehabilitation milestones.


What treatments will I in fact complete?

Our mission is to promote freedom for our clients. Freedom from addiction can be achieved by fully completing a suitable rehab programme, in tandem with long-term recovery efforts.

Through our rehab clinic, you will therefore complete a mixture of treatment services, focusing on physical, psychological and social repair. Your exact mix will be identified on a post-admission basis.

However, you will experience high-quality treatment services which delve deep into the causation and influence of drug and alcohol abuse, to safely yet productively tackle your habit.

Highly utilised treatment services include detoxification, stress management, art workshops, virtual reality therapy, group therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Each is combined to form a roadmap towards addiction recovery, by promoting drug and alcohol withdrawal, by focusing on restorative efforts, by rehabilitating the body and mind, and by promoting relapse prevention.


How beneficial will rehab be?

Following the above, by completing a suitable rehab programme, rehab as an offering can be extremely beneficial. With this in mind, if you commit to the right drug and alcohol rehab in Dunstable, or the surrounding area, you can provide yourself with a strong foundation to recover from.

Rehab is recommended as a progressive recovery step, which provides the body and mind with the resources and tools to detach from addictive stimuli, including drugs and alcohol. Its intentions are to benefit, to promote recovery capabilities, and offer holistic healing.

Of course, the definition of benefits will vary for every client, as well as recovery rates. Yet, if you fully immerse yourself into the offering of professional rehabilitation, your idea of beneficial, within the capacity of rehab can be encountered.


What is a dual diagnosis?

dual diagnosis is where an addiction is also met by mental health symptoms, for example, the symptoms of depression. Down to the roller coaster feelings that an addiction influences, down to the adaptations caused in the brain by drugs and alcohol, and down to the challenges of an addiction diagnosis, it is common for mental health symptoms to develop.

Are you struggling with your mental health? We understand that it may be tough to open up about your feelings, as mental health is unfortunately a taboo subject.

However, it is important that you do look to share your concerns, as mental health recovery is very important, especially when looking to rehabilitate.

In order to suppress dual symptoms, and in order to manage long-term recovery for both diagnoses, it’s imperative that you complete dual diagnosis treatment. Here’s where a strong mix of suitable treatment services will be combined to treat your body and mind through psychological vulnerabilities, and substance abuse.


Do you offer family drug support?

A key benefit of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Dunstable to recover from focuses on the accessibility of family drug support services.

We offer family members, those who have been impacted by addiction and support networks educational sessions, support sessions and relapse prevention sessions, to contribute to your recovery efforts.

It’s also important that your family and friends can heal themselves, as an addiction can be extremely tough for third parties. Through our services, you can feel reassured that your support network is strong, ready for your post-rehab transition.

You may currently feel confused, overwhelmed or worried about rehab. However, by working through the layers of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, in tandem with lowering your barriers, you can soon feel accepting of the right rehab clinic.

Experience this reassurance through our services here at Asana Lodge, ready to support you through your addiction recovery journey.