Reaching sobriety is a significant, longed for goal. It’s the key driving force of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, standing as the aim that majority of our clients here at Asana Lodge work towards.

Right now, reaching sobriety may seem unrealistic. It’s natural to doubt your personal ability of recovery, as your lifestyle and whole existence may be fuelled by drugs and alcohol. You may feel like it will be too hard to break the cycle, rather than continue through substance abuse.

While understandable, it is important to remember that sobriety is the end goal. Throughout your next steps of rehab and of post-rehab life, there will be many smaller milestones to work towards, which if combined, can strengthen your opportunity of sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tyne & Wear

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To believe and experience such capabilities, you will however need to change your mindset, you will need to be prepared for rehab and have the readiness to work, and you’ll also ideally need to select the right rehab experience for your needs.

Work out if visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Tyne & Wear will benefit you, will have the offering to motivate such small milestones, and if localised recovery will serve you best. If not, we’re here with our residential rehab offering, recognised for our small yet impactful points of change, combined to secure the realism of sobriety.


Is now my time to experience rehab?

It’s important to be prepared for drug and alcohol rehab and the array of treatment options.

Cravings will reside, up until the initial stages of rehab are experienced, meaning that you’ll always have those influences there. By overlooking your cravings, and by considering your lifestyle, your tolerances, your quality of life, and your ability to continue your habit, you’ll know if you’re ready.

It’s a substantial investment to experience rehab, which profiting from such investment is an aim of ours, for our clients. The best way to secure such return is by preparing, is by being ready to commit to rehab, even if your cravings say otherwise, and it’s about understanding what’s ahead through drug and alcohol rehab.

If your life is deteriorating in relation to drug and alcohol abuse, residential treatment will be ideal for you right now, standing as a lifeline. Yet you must be accepting of that lifeline to experience the support of drug and alcohol rehab treatment.


Am I best selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Tyne & Wear?

You can select whichever rehab clinic you desire when opting for private drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. You can span the country, different rehab offerings and varying treatment services to find the right offering for your needs.

This is very important, as your commitment, readiness, and dedication can be nurtured, protected and rank as worthwhile as you experience the right type of rehab. If such goals can be met via a drug and alcohol rehab in Tyne & Wear, you can select to remain local for addiction treatment.

Yet, it is important to consider whether this option is best for you when looking at your well-being and your long-term recovery capabilities of sobriety. If not, you have the scope to look elsewhere, which is where our offering at Asana Lodge stands out.

You can select residential rehab from afar, benefit from distance and protection, and experience leading forms of rehab by considering your needs rather than the convenience of rehab.


Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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What milestones will I need to achieve through rehab?

At the end of rehab, which usually spans over 28 days, you can reach the foundation of addiction recovery. This foundation will reflect your physical withdrawal, your psychological restoration, your re-build efforts and your plans of relapse prevention.

In a post-rehab facility, you can achieve a significant milestone to pave the way for sobriety. To reach this point, smaller milestones will be aimed for. This will commonly be the same process if you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Tyne & Wear. However, we tend to focus on the psychological side of recovery more, down to the positive benefits it has on sustainability.

You’ll need to under an alcohol and drug detox which can induce withdrawal symptoms. You’ll need to learn to cope without drugs and alcohol, you’ll need to work on your mindset and outlook through therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy, you’ll need to boost your physical and psychological health, and you’ll need to plan with reliability through relapse prevention.

If you can reach each milestone, you will have thrived through rehab and result at a point where foundational recovery can be achieved.

Sobriety may seem like a difficult goal to achieve. Yet by celebrating each milestone, you’ll soon see how realistic long-term recovery can be if you select the right rehab experience, at the right time, with commitment.


Should I complete residential rehab?

Residential rehab is the most beneficial option for urgent, effective and life-changing experiences of rehab. This is down to the speed and intensity of residential rehab, as it allows for consistent addiction treatment and support. In particular, it is beneficial for those with addiction and mental health needs.

Whether you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Tyne & Wear, or our treatment centre, residential rehab will be beneficial. This is down to the environment that you can experience on a consistent basis, this is down to the level of support you can receive, and this is down to the personalisation of such service.

If you instead select outpatient rehab, this will span over a longer period of time, sometimes 6-12 months, meaning that your readiness to recover may dwindle. For those with an addiction diagnosis, residential rehab is much more suitable, offering chances of sobriety at a stronger, quicker rate.

You should follow your needs and whether you can sacrifice right now to experience recovery at a quicker rate. Our professional recommendations and what we advocate is fully back residential drug and alcohol rehab programmes.


What milestones will I need to achieve after rehab?

Life after your addiction treatment programme will look very different. While the foundation of recovery may have been achieved, there are additional milestones to work towards to make sobriety even more realistic.

You’ll need to learn to accept aftercare, you’ll need to make changes to your lifestyle to mirror sober living, you’ll need to follow your relapse prevention plan, and you’ll need to remain transparent.

Moreover we advise to get in contact with local support groups to ensure you have people around you who can help in times of need and hold you accountable.

If you can work to meet and sustain such milestones, recovering from addiction can be easier. Reasonably, obstacles can appear anywhere across the drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey. Yet how you deal with them, how you see each step and how you manoeuvre through each milestone will speak volumes.

Select Asana Lodge to recover from when looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Tyne & Wear to feel supported and respected throughout the milestones of rehab truly.