There are many more people than you may realise who are currently suffering from drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction across the United Kingdom, and if you are one of these individuals then you should reach out to Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol rehab in Houghton Le Spring immediately.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Houghton Le Spring

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Many people can feel a sense of hopelessness or shame about having developed an addictive disorder; although, no matter how alone and defeated you may feel, our drug and alcohol rehab centres scattered across the whole of the UK are perfectly able to ensure that you break free from your addictive cycle.

Addiction, in its various forms and guises, manifests within individuals from any-and-all walks of life. Addiction is not something that a lot of people can see coming either, not until it is too late.

The longer that you allow addiction to fester within your body and mind, the more difficult that it can be to escape its clutches as well as the more serious the side-effects may become.

However, battling an addiction in order to forge a life free from its influence requires professional residential addiction treatment for the best chance of recovery.

Each year, residential treatment provides individuals across the globe the best possible chance of recovering from their addictive disorder, and so we strongly hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity being offered to you by Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol treatment centres.

If you are at a pointing your life where you want to be at the beck and call of your substance abuse disorder and/or alcoholism, then call Asana Lodge’s telephone helpline today on 01908 489 421.

Once you call this number, we will be able to start working on getting you into our treatment centre and receiving the best possible addiction treatment as soon as is feasibly possible.


What Can You Come To Expect From Living At Our Rehabs

One of the primary facets of a course of residential drug and alcohol treatment is the fact that you will reside at our facility while you are receiving addiction treatment. While this can be a little daunting a prospect, it is one of the main things that makes residential treatment so incredibly effective.

Not being able to live in an environment whereby you have easy access to drink and/or drugs will mean that your chances of relapsing are minimal compared to other, specifically outpatient, treatment plans

With this idea in mind, it is perfectly natural that you will want to make sure that your surroundings, for the duration of your 28-day treatment plan, are of the best quality.

The surroundings that you will experience at an Asana Lodge facility are painstakingly deigned to be not only the most comfortable environment possible, but also to be able to promote a healthy recovery.

For the duration of your time with us, you’ll reside in a spacious en-suite room all to yourself, our support staff will take care of any daily housework that you need assistance with, and our teams of nutritional specialists will prepare each of your daily meals in our kitchen.

Our facilities are also chock full of activity rooms and entertainment suites in order to keep you entertained during any downtime that you may have over the course of your treatment.

Here at Asana Lodge we want to make sure that people have a positive experience at our facilities; and, while the physical and psychological treatments may be challenging at times, we want to make sure that you look back on your time with us as one of the best experiences of your life.


Drug And Alcohol Detoxification

Detoxification, often simply termed ‘detox’ or ‘withdrawal’, is a process by which all traces of the substance to which you have been addicted to are removed from your physiology.

When professional medical support is not at hand, this process can be incredibly unpleasant and life-threateningly dangerous.

Throughout the duration of your addiction, your body and mind will have cultivated a dependency upon the substance which you have been addicted.

The fact that your body and mind will have altered to depend upon the substance being present in the body is the reason as to why, when you suddenly stop consuming that substance, your body and mind struggle to adjust back to their previous non-dependent state.

Withdrawal takes a different toll on each and every individual who is facing it. This means that the severity and duration of withdrawal can be dangerously unpredictable.

Some of the alcohol withdrawal, and substance misuse withdrawal, can include:

  • Severe sweating and body temperature fluctuations.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Depression and extreme mood fluctuations.
  • Anxiousness and extreme paranoia.
  • Inability to sleep (insomnia).
  • Development of tremors (shaking).

Fortunately, Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol treatment facilities are equipped with drug and alcohol detox clinics. These clinics will allow you to experience a physical course of medically-assisted detoxification treatment.

Controlling your symptoms with carefully prescribed medication will make sure that withdrawal is nowhere near as terrifying as it can be when experienced all alone without medical support.


Our Physical And Psychological Addiction Treatments

Here at Asana Lodge we boast a massive roster of potential treatments for you to experience. Each and every one of the treatments will serve and important purpose on your road to recovery as we make sure that you’re able to re-structure your thought patterns in response two addictive triggers and/or behaviours. However, while doing this, it is also important that we keep your body in the best possible shape as well.

Some of our most effective psychological treatments include such therapies as:

  • CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)
  • One-to-one psychotherapy
  • Group therapy
  • DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy)
  • Dual-diagnosis therapy
  • Stress management class
  • Relapse prevention planning


Some of the more physical and well-being orientated treatments we administer also include:

If you are prepared to make the necessary changes to your life in order to overcome your addiction, then call us today on 01908 489 421.