Breaking a habit can take a lot of work, focus and patience. Restoration is required on physical and psychological levels in order to shake off the significant tie that drugs and alcohol can create.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab South Shields

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The best way to experience such restorative efforts is via residential alcohol and drug rehab, where a comprehensive addiction recovery programme can be sourced and completed.

Through such recommendation, you may lean towards visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in South Shields for convenience. However, there are some downfalls which you should be aware of, which can make the rehabilitation process even harder for some.

As we’re aware here at Asana Lodge, that localised recovery will work for some, and residential rehab will work for others, we feel a duty to share breakdowns of expectations. Either way, private, specialist care will be recommended, to secure the safety and standards of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

We cannot state how difficult addiction recovery will be for you, as it’s a personal experience. Yet, with our support, we can secure a sustainable recovery for you, making any challenges worthwhile.

Contact our team for more information on how life-changing our rehabilitation services are, paired with your commitment and energy.


Getting help through residential rehab

Residential rehab, no matter where you decide to recover from should be secured. It offers the level of focus, intensity and consistency that is necessary to unravel a toxic habit, and ingrain new, healthy routines.

It’s natural that with such a recommendation, that you may feel apprehensive about leaving behind your responsibilities and life in South Shields. However, it is important to remember that your current reality may be consumed by drugs and alcohol or will likely be if you do not take control, which you will want to avoid as a long-term experience.

The best way to avoid the long-term presence of drug and alcohol influences is by removing yourself from them for restorative efforts. Through rehab, physical and psychological restorative efforts will be aimed, to help you recover on a holistic basis.

Not only will this offer an easier rehab experience for you, but it will also help you change your outlooks, help you adapt your perspectives and also help you build a new lifestyle, without drugs and alcohol.

Comfort zones are places that maintain current habits. You’ll want to experience residential rehab to reduce the strength of your drug and alcohol addiction.


The downfalls of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in South Shields

As we’ve highlighted above, residential rehab, even in your local area will help you recover. Any degree of quality rehab services will offer progress when considering addiction recovery. However, if you are keen to recover with longevity in mind, it is encouraged that you select the right rehab experience for your needs and expectations.

While there are benefits of localised recovery, which surround your initial exposure to rehab, there are also downfalls that can make the process harder to complete. Through complacency, as you’ll remain in your comfort zone, the level of progression that you can achieve on a local scale may be less than the comparison of residential rehab.

Residential rehab will position you in a place where you’ll want to continue pushing towards recovery, yet through a drug and alcohol rehab in South Shields, you may feel a false sense of security.

Drug and alcohol influences, down to familiarity are also commonly noted as a downfall of localised recovery. While a residential plan can be secured, remaining close to current relationships, environments and triggers can resonate greater through localised recovery, making it harder to restore.

Other downfalls are usually linked to personal perceptions, where reduced privacy, where concerns over judgment and where greater respite is craved, driving the need for residential rehab, at afar. If you’re having similar feelings, at Asana Lodge, we can facilitate your rehab programme.


Tailored, progressive programmes here at Asana Lodge

A further reason to look beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in South Shields, and instead select residential rehab here from our Towcester treatment centre is that you’ll have a tailored, progressive programme to complete.

While many rehab clinics promote this standard, we however are one step ahead by following scientific evidence surrounding effective addiction recovery.

We know what works, we understand the need for assessments, and we prioritise personal needs and responses. Through our approach, you can therefore expect a treatment programme that takes your needs into consideration and ensures that you can recover safely and effectively. To benefit from this, you will need to embrace recommendations and fully immerse yourself in addiction treatment sessions.  

Both physical and psychological treatment services will be advocated. Traditional and non-traditional forms will also be endorsed. You can also expect to complete treatments that focus on your wellbeing and mental health, to promote restorative effects.

The aim of our programmes is to ensure that you can rest, reset, restore and recover to change your life, and devalue the need for drug and alcohol consumption. You can work towards this goal via residential rehab and maintain it through aftercare back at home in South Shields.


Restore for sustainable recovery

In order to detach from a strong habit, you must restore. This is the only way that sustainable recovery can be experienced, by wiping the slate clean and by fully investing yourself into rehab.

We must add that you will need to manage your long-term recovery journey, you will need to make lifestyle changes, and you will need to treat relapse prevention as your best friend.

However, by also restoring via rehab, by forgiving yourself, by overcoming any grudges, doubts or insecurities, you will have a stronger mindset to sustain recovery.

Addiction recovery is mainly fuelled in the mind, which is our reasoning for a scientifically-driven rehab approach. Experience this at Asana Lodge on an initial basis, which could be followed by support groups and therapy via a drug and alcohol rehab in South Shields if you require convenience.

Residential rehab will offer the environment, the safe haven and the structure you need to recover. Make sure you place your trust within what’s ahead to benefit from addiction recovery.


Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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