Knowing the exact rehab experience that you’ll encounter, before beginning your drug and alcohol rehabilitation process can be difficult to gauge.

Your experience will be based on your personal needs, addiction history, physical and psychological health, and your decisions around rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newmarket

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However, by gauging those needs, by considering the severity of your drug and alcohol consumption, and by thinking about the type of decisions you’ll need to make, you can start to build expectations of rehab.

This, along with additional reasons for increased comfort and acceptance is why it’s recommended that you do your research around rehab, helping to make it a familiar process.

Increasing your awareness of the type of drug and alcohol rehabilitation experiences, on offer through varying forms of rehab will be advantageous to help you direct your encounters.

Through this beneficial step, we at Asana Lodge have condensed some of our most commonly asked questions around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket, around the withdrawal process, and around our specialist rehab services.

We hope that this overview will contribute to boosting your awareness, your acceptance of rehab and your expectations.

Select the most fitting form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, for your needs, by truly understanding your available forms of professional addiction support.


Can I recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket?

Through fitting selection, yes, you can recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket. Yet, here, suitability is very important, as localised recovery can carry some challenges.

To most clients, remaining close to home, for rehab will offer an extra level of comfort. Comfort and familiarity are highly motivating feelings throughout the unknown of drug and alcohol rehab. Through those feelings, you’ll likely sway towards selecting a Newmarket-based rehab clinic.

However, through those feelings, you can also experience heightened disruptions, drug and alcohol associations and exposure.

This will be down to the fact that you’ll be selecting to recover close to where your life, influenced by drugs and alcohol, occurs. This is manageable through the right rehab clinic, which you should aim to secure.

A beneficial way to curb the challenges of localised recovery, while experiencing the good, falls down to selecting a drug and alcohol treatment centre which provides residential, physical and psychological distance, yet which also offers convenience to your Newmarket location.

Here’s where Asana Lodge can support you.


What withdrawal symptoms will I experience?

Withdrawal symptoms are expected to be experienced by all clients, down to the process of removing a build-up of drugs and alcohol on a physical scale.

However, the severity of those symptoms will depend on the person, their metabolism, their ability to cope through the withdrawal process, their addiction makeup and its severity, and their addiction history, based on the drug that they’ve consumed.

All drugs will impact the body and brain differently, which in tandem, will vary the experiences for each individual. With this in mind, withdrawal symptoms can drastically vary between clients.

Yet, through experience, there’s a strong likelihood that physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms will be experienced, which can range from mild to challenging.

This is why selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket or within the local area will be encouraged as an option over lone detoxification.

Through professional addiction support, your withdrawal process can be eased and monitored, helping to reduce the impacts of withdrawal symptoms, while protecting your health.


How will I reach a state of sobriety?

Sobriety is worked towards by completing a range of addiction treatment services. This will usually begin with physical withdrawal, by promoting a drug and alcohol detox programme. In place to remove the toxicity and traces of drugs and alcohol, the body will soon adapt to the low or non-existence presence of each substance.

Next up, psychological withdrawal and restoration will be required, change outlooks on drugs and alcohol, to shine the light on positive coping strategies, and to work through old wounds, driving drug and alcohol abuse.

Through a range of addiction treatment services including art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and stress management, the psychological restoration will be aimed for.

Sobriety will be reached when physical and psychological recovery have been achieved, where relapse prevention planning is strong, where drugs and alcohol are devalued for the future, and where sustainable living back in Newmarket, without their presence can be maintained.

This is doable through drug and alcohol rehab, on a comprehensive scale, especially via our unique approach to addiction recovery.

Catering to personal needs, personal responses to drug and alcohol abuse, and personal expectations of rehab, our science-driven processes will help to normalise sober living for you at an easier and clearer scale.


How long will it take me to recover?

While reaching sobriety seems very self-explanatory, challenges can occur depending on your personal experience of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Sober living can firmly be achieved by those who fully commit themselves to the most suitable form of rehab.

However, depending on personal experiences, the timescale to meet that achievement will vary. Commonly, rehab can be completed on a 28-day timescale.

Here’s where both physical and psychological recovery can be achieved, along with post-rehab preparations for your return to Newmarket.

Yet, to fully recover, your efforts will need to be maintained on a post-rehab basis, helping to make sober living a strong possibility for you. Recovery is a long-term commitment which you can make.

However, you must see the realism of addiction recovery before embarking on rehab, to build your expectations, of rehab, of yourself and of your future without drugs and alcohol.


What services do you offer at Asana Lodge?

At Asana Lodge, we offer a comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation service, along with providing mental health support. Our services focus on rebuilding quality of life and purpose, which drug and alcohol withdrawal and rehabilitation fall into.

We believe that recovery starts from within, which supports our scientific outlook on addiction, on drug and alcohol attachments and on recovery.

Down to this, you can expect to complete unique services, mixing traditional and innovative addiction treatment services, mixing wellbeing sessions, and mixing personalised recovery steps, for your needs.

While our approach may be unique, we can offer you the services of a drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket, and then some, boasting residential and private standards, along with sustainable forms of recovery.

Learn what to expect from experiencing rehab here at our Towcester based treatment centre by contacting our team. Soon those expectations can turn into your reality, recovering from addiction with strong capabilities of sober living.