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Rehab is the usual recommendation for addiction recovery. There are of course many parts of rehab which combine together to offer such an effective recovery step. However, the key driving force of rehab is addiction treatment, and the role that such services play.

Addiction treatment, usually standing as a wide range of options, is the vehicle for promoting drug and alcohol withdrawal, psychological recovery and rebuild. While spoken about as a universal offering, addiction treatment services are in fact flexible, are personal and are only effective when following this route.

The role of addiction treatment is significant. Without the likes of detoxification processes or therapy, overcoming an addiction on physical and psychological levels will be extremely challenging. This is down to the complex status of addiction, where unravelling causations, where sharing emotions, where overcoming withdrawal symptoms, and where building positive coping strategies are all necessary.

Combined together, addiction treatment, if recommended appropriately, will drive rehab, will move you through the process, and will offer the tools to continue your long-term recovery journey. Understanding the necessity of treatment and the types that will best fit your needs is very important.

Here’s some insight into the experience of treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Haverhill, along with the innovative treatment services we offer here at Asana Lodge. Embracing and accepting addiction treatment is very important, helping you through the milestones of recovery. Rely on such services through drug and alcohol rehab to truly profit on your recovery journey.


The role of addiction treatment in recovery

Addiction treatment materialises itself in many different ways. With this in mind, its role is also multifunctional, promoting a range of recovery milestones. For example, drug and alcohol detox is one of the most utilised treatments, which promote physical withdrawal. At the other end of the spectrum, cognitive behavioural therapy is again prevalent, helping with psychological recovery. Both are very different but very important parts of rehab.

Experiencing addiction treatment services is therefore essential, as attempting to recover without them will be extremely tough. You’ll likely feel lost, you’ll most definitely find it hard to fully recover, and you’ll also fall short when considering physical and psychological recovery.

Many individuals believe that detoxing alone from drugs and alcohol and reaching out for support from loved ones will be enough to diminish the traces of addiction. This is unfortunately far from the truth, as for most, trauma, distress and pre-existing mental health issues will be driving consumption, requiring specialist forms of rehab.

Instead, looking for effective and personally recommended forms of addiction treatment will be encouraged, to unpick your causation, to help you forgive and forget, and to offer progressive steps, rather than regressive.


Experiencing treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Haverhill

You can experience treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Haverhill. Addiction treatment is a standard service through rehab, which can therefore be experienced and completed from any accredited and reputable rehab clinic.

You can look to remain in Haverhill for treatment, yet the delivery of such services should be aimed for on a residential basis. It’s also important that you look for a clinic which follows the approach of personalisation, which offers a wide range of treatment services, and which recommends such services with safety in mind.

Unfortunately, many treatment centres do follow a generic route to addiction treatment. They will take the common side effects and causations of addiction and look to treat them through standard therapy and detoxification. Such efforts will offer greater results than lone attempts. Yet, to recover on a personal level, you will need to invest into greater standards.

If you struggle to find reassurance through a drug and alcohol rehab in Haverhill, our rehab clinic will be a strong option, here to offer personal, safe and innovative forms of addiction treatment.


Personal treatment programmes here at Asana Lodge

We go way beyond generic rehab programmes here at Asana Lodge. We assess your relationship with drugs and alcohol, on physical, psychological and social levels. We look into your influences, your triggers, your environment, your mental health and your overall lifestyle.

By doing just that, we can understand which forms of addiction treatment that you’ll need to complete in order to benefit from rehab. To us, this approach is essential to secure safety, suitability and strong capabilities of recovery.

Alongside our thorough process of recommending addiction treatment services, we also use a wide variety of options, from traditional forms, to innovative recovery processes. We believe in holistic healing, in making small yet impactful changes to mindsets and lifestyle, and we also believe in harmless forms of treatment.

You may find it hard to secure such processes via a drug and alcohol rehab in Haverhill, which also meets your needs. If this is the case, please be reassured that you can experience our services, as our rehab is for residential purposes.

Feel respected, feel understood and feel personally supported through a tailored treatment programme here at Asana Lodge.


Treatment services suitable for addiction recovery

We promote a wide range of treatment services, some which may be identifiable, and others which may be new to you. Detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, stress management and family therapy are a few which are familiar in the world of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Our innovative options include art therapy, NAD+ therapy, exposure therapy, virtual reality therapy, satori chair therapy and dual diagnosis treatment.

We believe in offering such a mix, as one option may work for a specific client, yet may not benefit the next. It’s very important that treatment services can work on a personal level, that they can benefit the body and mind, and that they can be completed with safety in mind. At Asana Lodge, you can feel assured of such standards and of such variation, to meet your addiction recovery needs.

The role of treatment can transform your addiction recovery journey. Ensure to select the most suitable forms for your needs, which we can cater to at our Towcester based rehab clinic. For more information on this, along with how we can assist you in Haverhill, reach out today.