When looking for a drug and alcohol rehab clinic to recover from, there are certain personal factors that should be considered. Your budget, location and wellbeing are a few, very important to prioritise through your rehab search. Alongside individual needs, it’s also important to look for rehabilitation support, which is suitable, of a high-quality and found to offer successful recovery programmes

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Buckhurst Hill

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There are many advantages of completing a thorough admissions process to find the right drug and alcohol rehab in Buckhurst Hill. Confidence is found through selecting a reputable clinic and the reassurance that treatments and therapies are appropriate for addiction types.

Professional rehabilitation is invaluable when considering the possible achievement of sobriety. You can work towards successful rates through a range of addiction treatment services, well-being management, and education here at Asana Lodge.

Contact our team for more information on the drug and alcohol rehab process or arrange a private call back. Our approach to addiction recovery is very different, found to treat addiction and mental health worries holistically.

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Finding addiction treatment in Buckhurst Hill

A suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Buckhurst Hill will first need to be selected to access addiction treatment. Your personal needs will help measure a fitting service, where factors such as your available time, budget, location, addiction type and symptoms should be considered.

It’s also recommended to look for a private rehab clinic that offers a range of addiction treatment services, resources, and facilities to meet your needs. Bespoke services are provided through a CQC registered treatment centre, ensuring that health, safety, and recovery progress can be protected.

Once you’ve found a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Buckhurst Hill, the admissions process will begin, following by an assessment. This assessment will make sure that your needs are known, along with creating a tailored programme.

Impacting the structure and timeline of your programme will be your decision between outpatient and inpatient treatment. Both are privately and medically offered yet arrange treatment sessions differently.

Outpatient treatment is where a personal schedule of weekly treatment sessions will be provided, carrying over several months. Treatment will instead be completed daily through an inpatient programme, through a 30-day programme, where clients will check into a residential facility. Both programmes are effective, yet inpatient rehab is arguably a better option for the level of progress that can be achieved in the short term.

A suitable results-driven rehab programme can be experienced at Asana Lodge through a thorough search and admissions process.


What happens during a rehab programme?

A rehab programme will be created with a range of treatments and therapies in mind. Treating an addiction will be a different process for each client due to substance abuse’s emotional symptoms and triggers. Each programme is tailored to the needs of our clients, with a focus on health and addiction types.

A recovery programme will move through crucial phases of rehabilitation, including detoxification, psychological therapies, group and one-to-one sessions, and wellbeing services. The exact treatment services that will be recommended through each phase will be decided on admission.

A rehab programme aims to withdraw all drug and alcohol traces, cravings, and influences whilst improving mental health and outlook. It’s also designed to educate clients and help them learn how to manage symptoms through long-term recovery.

A dedicated team of medical professionals, psychiatrists, and well-being coaches will observe and support a rehab programme. Support will be available on a 24/7 basis, following either an outpatient or inpatient structure.


Scientific treatment and therapy options

Our therapies at Asana Lodge are scientifically proven, meaning that they deliver strong results of recovery. We make use of treatment options that will benefit our clients through each phase of a rehab programme.

We aim to understand what’s happening on the inside when considering drug and alcohol abuse. Through leading treatment services, we can become aware of influences and triggers and reduce their impacts.

General therapy options will be promoted through rehab, including cognitive behavioural therapy, detoxification, one-to-one therapy, and family therapy. Yet, we’re also passionate about holistic healing, which can be experienced through NAD+ therapy, satori chair therapy, sleep management and nutritional therapy.

Treatment programmes via rehab will also focus on relapse prevention planning to help clients pursue sobriety back at home in Buckhurst Hill. Planning will take place to form personal coping strategies and motivations to work through high-risk situations.


How to treat a dual diagnosis?

dual diagnosis is where both problems with drugs and alcohol and mental illness are present. It’s usually found that a primary condition will influence symptoms of a secondary. Yet once both are formed and displayed through symptoms, they become co-occurring.

As substance abuse and poor mental health go hand in hand, dual diagnosis treatments must be completed through rehab. On assessment, we will understand whether dual diagnosis treatment is a necessary option for you by considering your mental wellbeing and outlook. In the event of a dual diagnosis, separate treatment will be arranged to improve mental health.

It is normal to suffer from your mental health whilst facing an addiction. It’s essential to address your worries or negative thoughts throughout the rehabilitation process, to reduce the risk of future relapse.

At Asana Lodge, we can offer a tailored rehab programme structured by the most effective and suitable treatment options. Experience this level of support by finding the right drug and alcohol rehab in Buckhurst Hill to recover from.

How to help an addict?

The best way to help an addict will be through offering support and empathy, whilst also looking at a friend and family referral. Your concerns can be shared whilst also increasing the need for rehabilitation.

Does rehab work?

Rehab is the most successful service when considering addiction recovery. It offers the tools and treatments to work through the phases of recovery, whilst also providing ongoing guidance through aftercare. With commitment, rehab will work and offer many benefits.

Can you visit someone in rehab?

Rehab visits are mostly discouraged, as they can disrupt the direction and commitment of treatment. In particular situations, arrangements can however be made, yet they must be beneficial for our clients.