Are you searching for a place where you can fully recover from drug and alcohol abuse? Our rehab in Harlow is a world-class, state-of-the-art facility, home to a fantastic team of medical experts who are all highly skilled in delivering drug and alcohol treatment. We’ve helped countless people overcome their addiction to alcohol or drugs, let us help you next.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Harlow

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With industry-leading addiction treatments, our welcoming rehabilitation centre is the ideal setting for you to undergo your drug and alcohol rehab.

We have a very high rate of successful long-term recovery; we believe a huge part of this is because of our bespoke addiction treatment programmes.

We take the time to get to know each of our clients, gaining a better insight into the nature of your drug and alcohol abuse.

This enables us to design a completely personalised treatment programme for you to follow over the course of your 28 day stay with us.

Contact us today on 01908 489 421 or at and begin your recovery journey.


What are the benefits of drug and alcohol rehab?

When you’re feeling the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, it can be extremely difficult to acknowledge that you need help, never mind actually seeking that help out. Excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol can leave you at much higher risk of experiencing heart disease, liver disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, anxiety and even suicide.

If you’re not developing any of these conditions already, you’ll likely be suffering from any of the following symptoms: fluctuating temperature, fluctuating weight, redness of the face, skin sores, headaches, nausea, dizziness, the shakes, irritability, and depressive or anxious tendencies.

When you visit a drug and alcohol rehab like ours in Harlow, you will be given a personalised addiction treatment programme to follow, which aims to alleviate all of your existing symptoms and lessen the risk of you developing any more severe conditions.

Our experienced team will work with you to identify the underlying reasons for your drug and alcohol abuse to give you a better understanding of what your triggers may be. This will in turn help you to manage these triggers and learn how to better cope with temptations to potentially relapse.

We strongly advise against attempting to recover from drug and alcohol abuse at home, or without professional support. One of the main reasons that we have such a high rate of success, is because our clients benefit from our relaxing, recovery-focused environment.

If you were to remain at home whilst undergoing outpatient drug and alcohol services, you’re likely to be distracted by the daily routine of home life, and even tempted to fall back into old habits in your familiar environment. It’s much more effective to remove yourself from this situation and solely focus on your long-term recovery at our rehab in Harlow.


How do our addiction treatments work?

Our rehabilitation centre offers a wide variety of treatments including psychological therapies, well-being therapies and clinical detoxification which targets your physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. The most effective method to achieve long-term recovery is to receive a carefully selected combination of all the above to give you a holistic addiction treatment experience.

Whilst your treatment programme is completely unique to your specific needs, we’ll likely recommend visiting our detox clinic at the beginning of your programme. This helps to remove all of the harmful toxins which are stopping your body and mind from functioning in a healthy and logical way.

Although we understand the dangers which detoxification brings, we wouldn’t suggest it if it wasn’t such an integral aspect of your recovery journey. We manage the risks involved by ensuring you’re overseen by our team of professional experts, they’re there to support you every step of the way.

After your drug or alcohol detox, you can move on to psychological and well-being therapies. These can vary depending on what’s most suited to your specific condition, but can typically include cognitive behavioural therapy, relapse prevention, individual, group or family counselling, stress management and psychotherapy.

Our well-being focused therapies are mindfulness, fitness therapy, sleep management and relaxation, art therapy, and sauna therapy.

Studies have shown that by following a personalised treatment programme which features a carefully selected combination of both psychological and well-being therapies, gives you the greatest opportunity to achieve long-term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.


How do you get started?

Once you’ve taken the brave step of asking us for support, we will conduct an initial assessment of your physical and psychological health and take a look at your medical history.

This assessment typically only lasts around 30 minutes and can be done over the phone or online; it’s strictly confidential.

This helps us gain more of an insight into the severity of your addiction and to identify which symptoms you could be particularly suffering from.

From here, we can begin to design your bespoke addiction treatment programme, taking into consideration everything we’ve discussed up to this point.

If you were happy to progress with your admission into our rehabilitation centre, we would then decide on a date for you to join us.

Upon your arrival, you’ll be looked after by our friendly induction team of recovery workers who will show you around and make sure you’re settled into your private room.

We take pride in ensuring all of our clients feel comfortable, relaxed, and prepared to take on this extremely rewarding challenge of overcoming their drug and alcohol abuse.


What happens when you leave our drug and alcohol rehab in Harlow?

Our support doesn’t stop just because you’ve left our rehabilitation centre. Through our bespoke aftercare programme, which is free for 12 months to all of our clients, you can take advantage of dedicated helplines and local support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Contact our team today on 01908 489 421 or at and begin your recovery journey.