Feeling free from addiction may currently feel like the impossible, may deviate to such a significant point from your reality, and may feel like an unrealistic goal. It’s understandable why you may feel like this, down to the struggles of addiction, down to the strength of drugs, alcohol and their grasp, and down to the negative mindset that such a habit can cause.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Braintree

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However, here at Asana Lodge, we have faith in you, with our mission of freedom for all clients, affected through addiction. Through carefully curated rehab programmes, mixing both the roles of detoxification and therapy, we aim to make recovery more than a goal, but a sustainable possibility for you.

Naturally, through convenience, you may look at visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Braintree for detoxification and treatment. Yet, by overlooking this option, and instead selecting our treatment centre, you can expect a unique, powerful and highly progressive form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Find out how our mission can benefit you through your long-term recovery goals, rather than mere convenience on a superficial basis.

Addiction recovery is for the long-term. Select a rehab route that will reflect this possibility for you, by learning to live without drugs and alcohol on physical and psychological levels.


The role of detoxification in rehab

Rehab is commonly associated with drug and alcohol detoxification. Many individuals in fact believe that detoxing will be enough to overpower an addiction diagnosis. While it is a highly responsible addiction treatment service, there are however additional recovery steps that must be completed to benefit from rehab.

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol will usually commence rehab. Its role focuses on detoxing the body from the toxicity of drugs and alcohol, to restore optimal functionality.

The issue is, is that drugs and alcohol can place significant pressure on the vital organs and how systems organically work together. Through detoxing, normality will be aimed for, by flushing out remaining drug and alcohol traces, helping the body readjust to its normal state.

Whether you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Braintree or our treatment centre to recover from, there’s a strong chance that you will complete a detox, to promote physical withdrawal.

There’s also a chance that a medical, high-standard detox programme will be offered through both options, to ensure you are safe through withdrawal. Yet, there’s a strong possibility that our emphasis on therapy and therapeutic treatment services will not be found elsewhere.


The role of therapy in rehab

The detoxification process is significant when considering physical recovery. Yet, the role of therapy in rehab is even more important when considering holistic healing.

Reasonably, the initial use of drugs and alcohol is a physical choice. However, the positive effects that drugs and alcohol create cause psychological changes, which fuels the development of addiction.

As an addiction is a brain condition, great efforts must be placed on breaking the psychological attachment that users have with such substances.

Therapy therefore plays a very important role in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, but ultimately adapting outlooks, routines, fixations, emotions and behaviours. The feelings and emotions you can feel through therapy can positively influence your physical actions, helping to break the addiction cycle at a sustainable rate.

Here at Asana Lodge, you can expect to complete a mixture of therapeutic treatment services, catered for your needs, your mental health and your cognitive responses to drugs and alcohol.

Completing the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, art workshops and exposure therapy is very common, to target change within the value of drugs and alcohol.

Without therapy, without opening up and without committing to emotional change, it can be very challenging to realign the mind, to detach completely from drugs and alcohol.

While detoxing is important, therapy is essential, to positively affect the body. The role of withdrawal, alone, cannot motivate positive change, where outlooks will remain, where unhealthy coping strategies will remain, and where mental vulnerabilities will remain.


Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Braintree

Visiting and recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in Braintree should provide exposure to both detoxification and therapy sessions. This is a standard offering via professional and private treatment centres.

However, the standards that we offer at Asana Lodge will provide a unique approach to such offering, by truly recommending a combination of treatment services that will serve rehabilitation efforts.

As we focus mainly on psychological recovery, we evaluate cognitive responses to drugs and alcohol, and how their presence can motivate ongoing consumption. Through this approach, we can then promote treatment services that will change your responses, helping you eliminate the physical action of drug and alcohol consumption.

Our treatment services are safe, are proactive and are innovative, to influence as much change and stability as possible through your rehab stay, before returning home to Braintree. This is also the approach we follow on an aftercare basis to ensure that the right type of treatment is on offer, at the right time.


Experiencing our Asana Lodge mission

We cannot guarantee freedom, forever, from drugs and alcohol. Yet we can promote and back our mission of freedom, on physical, psychological, emotional and social levels, to increase the possibility of sobriety.

Our approach to mixing the roles of detoxification and therapy, on personal levels, helps to make addiction recovery a sustainable goal. Instead of communicating generic recovery steps or relapse prevention plans, we tailor each step of rehab, to your needs, to ensure that you can digest and confidently overcome your causation of addiction.

Of course, our mission will not stand out to everyone, nor will our approach to addiction recovery. Yet if you’re looking for the most feasible way out from addiction, opting for our specialism, over a generic drug and alcohol rehab in Braintree will be encouraged.

You can contact our team today for more information on how we can support you through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Feeling free, right now, may feel out of reach. However, slowly, through the steps of rehab, you can soon feel detachment from drugs and alcohol, possible on a sustainable level through long-term recovery efforts.