Asana Lodge is a private rehab helping people with drug and alcohol addiction in Oxford.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Oxford

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When looking for drug and alcohol rehabs in Oxford, here at Asana, we are well-placed to help you overcome an alcohol or drug addiction.

Our addiction recovery centre is only a 1-hour drive away, and we can admit patients within 24 hours in emergencies. We can also provide free transport to our rehab if you or a family member is unable to travel unattended.


How To Get Started With Drug And Alcohol Rehab Oxford

Making the decision to seek help is a major step on the road to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Most people, when they start looking for drug addiction treatment in Oxford, will visit their local GP or contact us to enquire about how to get help.

When you first contact Asana Lodge, we take the time to listen carefully to your needs – whether it’s a meeting via phone or in person.

At this point, you may be offered inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment services. These are two different types of treatment approaches we will explain.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Oxford

When you visit your GP regarding a substance abuse issue or alcohol addiction, they may refer you to an outpatient centre in Oxford.

This form of drug and alcohol treatment is free, and you may be put on a programme with addiction support groups and other community-led charities that focus on addictions.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment:

  • You can continue to work whilst getting treatment
  • Access to free services in certain cases
  • You have the flexibility to attend sessions around your schedule

So as an outpatient, you are free to live your usual life and go about your day-to-day business with only occasional visits to a clinic or therapy session required.

Disadvantages of Outpatient

  • No 24/7 support through detoxification
  • Easy access to drugs or alcohol in the community
  • Higher risk of encountering drug triggers

But as an outpatient, you are required to basically go through a challenging detoxification period basically at home. You will still be surrounded by the same network of friends and will not be under the full-time guidance of an addiction specialist.

You will attend a clinic and speak to a counsellor; you may also be offered a drug substitute if, for example, you are suffering from a Heroin addiction.

To summarise, in an outpatient recovery programme, you are treated in the community and do not stay in a rehab centre.

You can enquire about outpatient rehab through your local GP in Oxford, and they may refer you to an appropriate local drug outpatient programme.


Inpatient Rehab

Here at Asana Lodge we provide private rehabilitation services. Here you stay in our rehab for an extended period of time and complete a medical detox and therapy for any alcohol and drug addiction.

Our rehab process can start within 24 hours of making contact with us, and you will be placed on a personal rehabilitation programme in our facility.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

  • Medically Assisted Detox
  • 24/7 Access to Medical Professionals
  • Private Room
  • Greater Range of Treatment Options
  • Highly Confidential
  • Individual Therapy
  • No Access to Drugs or Alcohol
  • All Inclusive

Staying in rehab for drug and alcohol treatment is the safest place to complete your recovery and removes you from your current environment whilst you get over alcohol or substance dependence.

Disadvantages of Inpatient Rehab

    • Not Everybody Can Afford the Cost
    • You Have to Leave Home for a Period of Time
  • You have to Follow a Routine, Bedtime and Meal Times

We would advise a stay as an inpatient is a more effective way of overcoming addiction as you receive a wide range of holistic treatments away from temptation.

For people who have had addiction issues over many years and expect to have dangerous symptoms in withdrawal, it is also the safest place to detox.


During your first appointment, you will speak to a friendly and understanding treatment professional who will listen to your every word.

Our admissions team will ask specific questions which will be vital for creating a tailored addiction treatment program. You will also be assigned a key worker who will help support you during your rehabilitation journey.

By learning about your situation, we can develop a rehab program which addresses the very specific nature of your alcohol or drug rehab requirements.

Here are some of the topics we explore in the admissions process:

  • The addiction itself: its precise nature and the extent of your usage
  • Employment circumstances: whether you’re working or not, and if so, how it’s being affected.
  • Housing: do you currently have a home to go to?
  • Psychological issues: either pre-existing and/or caused by the addiction.
  • Physical symptoms: Are you currently on medication any other issues?
  • Social issues: encompassing friends, family and anything else that may affect – or be affected by – your drug and alcohol addiction.

There are a variety of services offering drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford and they all have their merits.

Our specialist support team at Asana Lodge is committed to treating the symptoms and the underlying causes of your addiction problems.

We have a range of specialists, including psychologists, doctors, support nurses and other clinical experts in order to assist with a wide range of complex needs.

You might also require a psychological assessment. With a team of qualified psychiatrists, we can provide this service in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Once again, this really helps us provide a bespoke treatment plan which addresses the full spectrum of problems an individual might have. (Of course, talking through your problems can also be therapeutic in its own right.)


How Long Are The Treatment Programmes?

This will vary depending on the precise nature of your drug or alcohol dependency and the various causal factors behind it.

At Asana Lodge, we offer a broad range of timescales for drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford. On average, the duration will range from a week to 28 days.

There’s no one-time frame which works for everybody. As part of our initial assessment, we will outline what we believe to be the optimal time you’d need to undertake addiction treatment in order to become drug and/or alcohol-free.

One of the major factors which govern this decision is the length of detox you require. As a holistic alcohol and drug rehab clinic, we understand that a detox programme is essential to take you away from dependency.

However, this has to be a gradual process. Exactly how gradual will depend on the severity of your substance abuse problem. This is known as ‘tapering’. It’s the step-by-step process by which you take less and less of the harmful substance until you get completely free of its grip.

The purpose is to negate the harmful withdrawal symptoms that can occur during an unsupervised substance detox. There are other ways that we can alleviate withdrawal symptoms. One is through diet.

By giving you a well-balanced and nutritious diet, we can help speed up the process of removing harmful toxins from your body. This is why we have a professional chef on-premises to cook your meals daily.

As well as providing you with healthy sustenance, this also removes the burden of having to organise and cook your own meals. The result is that you are able to focus your energies single-mindedly on your own recovery.

Aside from meals, we may also prescribe vitamins and minerals to help lessen withdrawal symptoms.

At Asana Lodge, the treatment programme we provide is truly holistic. In essence, we employ a range of treatment techniques and approaches designed to maximise your chances of a successful recovery.


Other Aspects Of Our Holistic Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programme May Include:

  • Meditation/relaxation: Once aligned with spiritualism, in fact meditation is a medically proven method of alleviating a wide range of physical and psychological maladies. A study by Harvard found that clients suffering from depressionanxiety and chronic pain benefited from meditation practices.
  • Medication substitution: Addiction to illicit drugs may require us to provide a substitute up until you become drug-free. For example, methadone is often used as a substitute for heroin addicts.
  • Group therapy: We may encourage you to meet with a group of fellow sufferers. This sense of community can help strengthen a sense of purpose and resolve. It’s reassuring to know you’re not alone.
  • Psychological treatment and emotional therapy: such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) can help individuals build their mental resilience and give them the tools to stay clean post-treatment. You may have a psychological dependence on a drug, we can help you break this link.
  • Family Therapy: You may at some point wish to involve family members in your recovery process. This can be of benefit as co-dependency can be of concern, and we may need to discuss as a group how we can help each other.


Book In For Drug And Alcohol Rehab Oxford

Contact us today and find out how the supportive team at Asana Lodge can give you the care and treatment service you need. We have the resources available to help cleanse your body of addictive substances and help you to lead a long term recovery and healthy life.


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