If you’re looking to break free from the grip of a drug or alcohol addiction, your best option might be to attend a rehabilitation or rehab centre.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Henley

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Henley or further afield can give you the very best chance of stopping problem drinking or drug use and addressing your addiction once and for all.

There are other addiction and substance misuse programmes available but a private drug and alcohol rehab has some benefits that NHS and other treatments simply can’t match.

It is not the best solution for every person in every situation but, going on evidence and results alone, residential rehab offers the best chance to beat a serious addiction.


Why choose Drug and Alcohol Rehab Henley?

The NHS is a wonderful institution of course, but it does have limitations when it comes to treating addictions. Part of this is down to the resources and types of programme available. The vast majority of NHS and NHS-backed treatments are delivered on an outpatient basis.

This means that you have to attend appointments and treatment sessions, which may take place at different sites. This in itself can be difficult to organise and stick to when you are in the grip of an addiction, with many people in this situation living messy and chaotic lifestyles.

This also means you will have to manage your own detoxification process, although medical check-ups, a certain amount of supervision and replacement drugs may be available – such as methadone for opioid withdrawal.

In an outpatient or community-based programme you will also be in your usual environment, meaning you will be around the people and places associated with your drinking or drug addiction, as well as all the triggers and stresses of your everyday life.

By contrast, a stay in residential rehab takes you away from your everyday life, with all its pressures and temptations, placing you in a secure and tranquil environment.

Here you will be able to really focus on your recovery, being guided through a structured treatment programme by qualified experts with a wealth of experience in this area.

Crucially, you will also go through the detox process within this secure environment, meaning you can access support and medical supervision 24/7 when needed. Replacement drug therapies and medication will also be available where appropriate during rehabilitation.

Cost may be a concern. There will obviously be a bill involved with a stay in a drug and alcohol rehab but many people see this as an investment in their own future, especially considering the harm that addiction can do to your finances, prospects, health and relationships.


What to expect from Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Drug and alcohol rehab in Henley works because it uses a comprehensive programme of treatments tailored to the individual. The exact shape of the programme can vary but will usually include a few common elements.

You will start with a thorough screening and assessment process, which will aim to find the best way of treating you and also identify any potential risks, especially with regards to detoxification.

This detox process will usually be next, as you will have to rid your system of the toxins left in there from your drug or alcohol usage. With prolonged usage, our bodies and brains come to rely on the chemicals supplied by these substances.

This can affect various parts of the brain including areas that deal with pleasure, reward and impulse control. Suddenly taking these chemicals away usually results in a range of different withdrawal symptoms, which can vary quite widely depending on the substance, the length and heaviness of usage and other factors.

This is one of the main reasons why quitting is so hard without the right help and support in place. The recovering addict will also experience cravings, which can last for a long time and be very intense.

Undergoing this detox process within the secure environment of a detox clinic or rehab centre is by far the safest and most effective way to go through this crucial stage.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatments

Detox is a very important part of the recovery process but rehabilitation also requires so much more. You need to develop the tools and knowledge you need to stay clean or sober once you leave the rehab centre’s doors.

The tailored programme – which will be monitored throughout – will be developed with relapse prevention in mind and will typically incorporate a number of different therapies and other treatments.

People will generally work in a combination of group and one to one therapies, which could include techniques such as group therapy, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT.

Workshops on nutrition, exercise, meditation and complementary therapies such as music or art therapy can also be useful in helping an individual to live a generally healthier lifestyle, which can help them to resist the lure or drugs and alcohol later on, as well as undoing some of the potential physical and mental damage from their substance misuse.

Some rehabs will also address issues such as anxiety, mental health and depression. People who are struggling with addiction will often have mental health issues as well and one can have a big effect on the other.

Dual diagnosis, also known as dual disorder or co-morbidity, is a term for co-existing mental health and dependency problems. Dealing with one side of the equation without addressing the other could be storing up problems for the future, as an untreated mental health problem could trigger further substance misuse or vice versa.


Finding the right Rehab in Henley

Rehab is not the right answer for everybody but it is the most effective way to face and vanquish addiction. Not all rehab facilities are the same but, if you’ve decided this may be the right way forward, we can help you to find the place and programme to suit your own individual needs and circumstances.

An unchecked addiction only tends to get worse so don’t delay. Get in contact today to take your first step towards a more positive future free from addiction.