When drugs and alcohol have been misused and abused, addiction treatment will need to be completed. Offering guidance, ease, and reassurance, professional help through this process is very important for recovering addicts.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Marsh Baldon

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Although general services through the NHS may offer rehabilitation support, there are some downfalls to this service. Waiting lists and generic programmes are a few to mention.

Instead, many benefits are linked to private drug and alcohol rehabilitation, offered through outpatient and inpatient programmes. Waiting lists are avoidable, privacy is high, tailored programmes are offered, and a complete plan motivating progress is expected.

Through our rehab facility here at Asana Lodge, you can expect to experience the benefits of private addiction treatment, with the added value of holistic and evidence-based services. Found to progress all-around recovery, rehabilitation can lead to a future without drugs, alcohol, and their addictive natures.

Our team is on hand to support you through the admissions process, to access the addiction help you deserve. Visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Marsh Baldon to experience the most beneficial road to recovery.

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Importance of addiction help

Once an addiction forms, treatment will be a necessity. Although detoxing and getting clean from drugs and alcohol can stop initial consumption, psychological help will be needed.

This is down to the internal changes that addictive substances make to the brain, central nervous system, and rewards pathway. All will now rely on the presence and effects of drugs and alcohol. Reducing consumption will result in shock, usually displayed through withdrawal symptoms and heightened cravings to fulfil the reliance.

Therefore, addiction help and treatment will be a requirement to break the addiction cycle while also returning the internal changes caused by drug and alcohol abuse. Very important to move on from addiction safely and sustainably; rehab is a definite recommendation, offering the most significant level and quality of help.


How to find addiction help?

Finding the right addiction help is also essential, as your needs will differ from the next person’s. By researching and comparing rehab services, finding a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Marsh Baldon will be possible.

Factors that you should prioritise when searching includes:

  • Budget, making sure that rehab can be experienced to its fullest
  • Location and whether you’re favouring outpatient or inpatient rehab
  • Health, making sure that suitable treatments and support can be experienced
  • Addiction type, to find a specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic
  • Available time, again helping with your decision around the delivery of treatment

Along with prioritising your needs, it’s also recommended that you look for a specialist drug and alcohol treatment centre registered under the CQC that offers tailored programmes.

Finding a drug and alcohol rehab clinic that can cater to your needs and tailor addiction help will be beneficial. From here, the admissions process can begin, also starting a schedule of addiction treatment sessions.


What happens during addiction treatment?

A range of addiction treatment services will be completed through private rehab. What makes private rehab different to NHS services is that programmes are fully tailored to individual needs. Known to offer a safe and suitable recovery process, at Asana Lodge, you can expect to work through a bespoke programme.

Treatment is designed to drive recovery results. Our services are scientifically proven to reduce the strain of drug and alcohol addiction and offer coping and recovery techniques.

On arrival to rehab, an assessment will take place to become aware of personal needs and addiction history. A tailored programme will then be created, following the key milestones of addiction recovery.

Clients can expect to detox, complete psychotherapy, work through individual and group treatments, and invest in their wellbeing. Typical treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, support groups, stress management and mindfulness sessions. Alongside industry-leading treatments, holistic therapies and dual diagnosis treatments will also be recommended to heal the mind naturally.

Addiction treatment will also focus on post-rehab life, helping to improve the adjustment of sober living back in Marsh Baldon. At Asana Lodge, we prioritise relapse prevention planning and aftercare to offer personal guidance throughout high-risk situations.

Through a tailored programme, physical and psychological recovery can be worked towards realistically and comfortably. All treatments will be observed to ensure that you are safe and well and progressing through rehabilitation.


Cost of rehab in Marsh Baldon

The cost of rehab will all depend on your personal needs. For example, outpatient rehab is a cheaper option when compared to inpatient rehab. This is down to the level and amount of support and treatment initially experienced, which is higher through a residential stay.

Budgets can be worked around through private rehab. However, it is vital to be aware of possible costs when considering your needs and expectations. Contact our team for more information on the costs of private rehab in Marsh Baldon.


Admission into rehab

Admission is the referral process into rehab. It’s a very important step, as it helps to increase awareness of what’s ahead and prepare for rehab whilst also assessing personal needs.

A thorough admissions process will be experienced here at Asana Lodge to ensure that you’re comfortable with the arrangements of private rehab. We also focus on your assessment to begin the formation of your programme, ready for your arrival.

By reaching out, you can begin your admission through a confidential and easy process, supported by our experienced team. Accessing addiction help and support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Marsh Baldon will then be possible.

How to choose a rehab facility?

Choosing a rehab facility should come down to prioritising your personal needs and finding a centre where they are respected and catered to. A private, CQC registered centre will be recommended which specialises in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Factors such as your budget and location should be considered against your available options.

Is rehab expensive?

Private rehab reasonably carries a cost. However, the cost of professional treatment and support is worthwhile, found to offer the most effective form of rehab. For more information on our costs here at Asana Lodge, contact our team for a personal quote.

Inpatient vs outpatient treatment?

Both treatment options are effective. Yet it all depends on how time-sensitive you are, along with the strength of your addiction. Inpatient treatment is arguably the most effective as it’s a quick, targeted process, involving a residential stay. Outpatient treatment is offered weekly, taking longer to complete, yet still beneficial when considering addiction recovery.