If you’re based in the North East of England, deliberating on your local recovery opportunities, you’ve visited the right website.

Understanding which rehab option will suit you best can be a challenging process. It is however an important process, as your decision can have a direct impact on your ability to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab North East England

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Across North East England, there is a large mix of rehab clinics, programmes, addiction treatments and services available. All will follow different approaches when considering rehab, long-term recovery and aftercare.

With this in mind, narrowing down all options, understanding the impacts of localised recovery, and keeping an open mind to further rehabilitation avenues is recommended.

Here’s some commonly asked questions around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in North East England, along with our holistic treatment services here at Asana Lodge.

Although located at a distance, we are a strong contender for locals, providing value through inpatient, specialist rehab programmes. You can also experience this value by looking beyond North East England for a time of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Can I realistically recover from a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in North East England?

Yes, you can realistically recover by remaining local. Many individuals have benefited from the familiarity of remaining in North East England. It is however important to gauge whether localised recovery is your strongest rehab option when considering your personal needs and the makeup of your addiction.

Localised recovery usually benefits those who suffer from symptoms of substance abuse. Substance abuse is where excessive drugs and alcohol will be consumed, yet standalone physical associations are likely. This is why localised recovery can work, as psychological associations will be lacking.

Those who struggle with physical and psychological associations on the other hand will likely find it hard down to familiarity. With this in mind, if you are experiencing the symptoms of addiction, looking beyond a treatment centre in North East England will be encouraged.


What are the differences between Outpatient and Inpatient Rehab?

The biggest difference between outpatient and inpatient rehab is your recovery setting. This again is a decision you must make when selecting a rehab clinic and programme.

Outpatient rehab is where you’ll live at home yet visit rehab for addiction treatment. On the other end of the spectrum, inpatient rehab is where you’ll reside from a selected clinic, and benefit from available resources, support and recovery designed environments.

A further difference is timescales. If you select outpatient care via a drug and alcohol rehab in North East England, your recovery will likely span over months. This is down to the incontinence of addiction treatment, making it difficult for addicts to recover wholly.

Via inpatient rehab, at Asana Lodge, you’ll benefit from a quicker recovery process as you’ll experience a focused and structured approach to addiction treatment.

This decision will go hand in hand when selecting a drug and alcohol treatment centre, whether locally or further afield. It’s imperative that you consider this and your potential recovery rates before deciding.


What type of treatment will I need?

Through our rehab clinic, you will complete a personal range of addiction treatments. That range will be decided post-assessment, where a clear idea of your addiction will be made.

Here we can offer safe and effective addiction treatment recommendations, ensuring that you can withdraw and rehabilitate proactively.

In the majority of cases, clients will complete detox and a depth of psychotherapy. Yet, contemporary addiction treatments will also be encouraged, including the likes of brain restoration, art therapy and exposure therapy.

Please keep in mind that factors such as your physical and psychological health, your response to addiction treatment, and the severity of your addiction will dictate treatment recommendations.


How likely am I to recover?

If you select residential rehab here at Asana Lodge, you’ll have strong recovery capabilities. By removing yourself from triggers back at home, by embracing a comprehensive rehab programme, and by trusting our unique approach to addiction recovery, you can reach the foundations of sobriety.

Down to our unique approach, where we follow the evidence, recovery rates will surpass those of a generic drug and alcohol rehab in North East England.

Through your admission, we will assess the exact makeup of your addiction, along with your cognitive response to drugs and alcohol. This will guide the way, offering the capabilities to form a personal rehab programme, around your needs.


Can I expect to remain sober?

As touched on above, foundational recovery is a strong possibility via residential, specialist rehab. However, to remain sober, you must continue your efforts.

Throughout rehab, you will learn to cope without drugs and alcohol. You’ll develop life-changing skills to change your associations with drugs and alcohol. You’ll also benefit from relapse prevention planning, helping to protect your future without drugs and alcohol.

All of these factors will help you avoid drug and alcohol consumption. However, you must also actively participate in further addiction treatment, via a drug and alcohol rehab in North East England. Here you’ll have convenience and capabilities to complete support groups and AA meetings on a regular basis, helping to maintain a sober status.

Alongside professional support, you can control this status by being honest with yourself and others, by maintaining a positive lifestyle, by disassociating yourself from drugs and alcohol, and by activating your relapse prevention plan.

By combining all of these assets, you can remain sober. Yet, you must commit to long-term recovery and the effort that this will take to avoid drugs and alcohol, and their addictive tendencies.

Although remaining local and selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in North East England may feel easier, it’s imperative that you weigh up all decisions, across the UK. Here you will have the chance to access our holistic alcohol and drug rehab, while benefiting from the capabilities of inpatient rehab.

The aim is to be free from addiction. Selecting the safest and most effective rehab programme and route will help you reach this point; capable via Asana Lodge.