Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression or of any further mood disorder, in conjunction with consuming drugs and alcohol? Are unsure why you may feel like this, whether it’s a coincidence or whether your addiction is fuelling such results?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Darlington

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Unfortunately, dual diagnoses exist. Here’s where a mental health condition or such vulnerabilities linked to the brain are brought on through substance abuse.

Down to the hazardous and toxic traits of drugs and alcohol, significant adaptations can take place in the body and brain, with a specific focus on mental functioning for this case, causing pressure and disruption. Such pressure and disruption can motivate mental health symptoms, which if enabled, can amount to a dual diagnosis.

If you are therefore feeling low, paranoid or extremely irritable, this is a normal reaction to excessive drug and alcohol abuse. However, no matter how normal it may be, it is even more important that you now consider rehabilitation efforts.

At Asana Lodge, we’re specialists in the conjoining fields of addiction and mental health recovery. We understand that without rehabilitation steps, that both addiction and the likes of depression can significantly change a person, from their health to their outlooks, to their relationships, to their quality of life, and to their behaviours.

Work with our team while considering support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Darlington to benefit from residential, private, specialist and dual-focused care.


The risks of a dual diagnosis

Many users believe that the low feelings, that the mood swings and that the mental health-like symptoms are mere side effects of substance abuse. Similar to withdrawal symptoms, they believe that mental side effects are controllable and can be cured through ongoing substance abuse.

This is however far from the truth, where a mental health condition will likely be developing in tandem with substance abuse. Naturally, for some individuals, such symptoms will present themselves for the short-term, which can be suppressed or controlled.

Yet once those symptoms become regular, and once drugs and alcohol are identified as coping strategies, those symptoms will continue to present themselves, sometimes at an intensified rate.

This is the risk of excessive drug and alcohol abuse, where an even more serious development of a dual diagnosis can emerge. This is how chronic the relationship between addictive substances and the brain can become, where drugs and alcohol will be used to diminish such symptoms, which in fact will be contributing to their aggravation.

Considered as a complex diagnosis, this is why professional intervention is necessary, to break the cycle of both addiction and mental health issues.

If you’re struggling, it’s time to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Darlington, or a centre within the area, capable of treating your dual diagnosis.


Working through symptoms and challenges via a drug and alcohol rehab in Darlington

Working through and suppressing the symptoms and challenges of a dual diagnosis is possible with professional backing. However, down to the severity and layering of such a diagnosis, it is very important that you find and select the right rehab clinic to visit.

This may be discouraging to hear, as you may have had your hopes of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Darlington. While remaining local can provide comfort and convenience, and may stand as a suitable option for you, through the admission process, we at Asana Lodge have found that our clients favour privacy, distance and the opportunity to recover away from home influences.

Home influences, such as environments, associations and emotional connections can be difficult to recover around, especially if mental health issues have also developed through drug and alcohol consumption. Even greater risks of disruptions and of obstacles can be present, down to the multifaceted impacts and experiences.

You can overcome such risks by leaving Darlington, for rehabilitation purposes, to not only work through your symptoms but benefit from dual diagnosis treatment here at Asana Lodge.


Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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Benefits of selecting Asana Lodge

There are many benefits awaiting you by overlooking a drug and alcohol rehab in Darlington, attached to the intentions of residential rehab. Yet those benefits go even further by selecting Asana lodge, down to our unique approach to addiction rehabilitation efforts.

While the initial driving force of addiction is usually a physical action, which in your case, will be drug and alcohol consumption, addiction resides and develops in the brain.

Understandably, physical cravings can be strong. Yet without the control that drugs and alcohol can have over the mind, your outlooks, your behaviours, your actions and your central nervous system, those cravings wouldn’t exist.

With this in mind, our approach focuses on brain health and functionality, which is where the recovery of mental health issues also stands. By investing in our approach, you can therefore secure greater reliability of recovery, as significant focus will be placed on your responses to drugs and alcohol and influential stimuli.

To promote such standards, we complete vast assessments on your admission, including evaluations of your mental health, to help form-fitting and safe recovery programmes.

This will not only offer comfort, reassurance and confidence in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process but also of the process of dual diagnosis recovery.

By looking beyond Darlington, you can therefore experience our unique, accredited and leading take on recovery, helping to offer insight into your personal triggers, along with greater sustainably on a long-term recovery basis.


Dual diagnosis treatment and more

Through our treatment centre, dual diagnosis treatment programmes are on offer, to work through both singular conditions, while having significant impacts on one another.

We make use of innovative treatment services to understand your personal response with accuracy, along with offering stronger insights into relapse prevention and post-rehab steps when considering suitability.

By missing the likes of detoxification, stress management, virtual reality therapy, NAD+ therapy and nutritional guidance, we offer a comprehensive approach to recovery, to benefit the entire rehabilitation journey.

While our approach is unique, and while we understand that the convenience of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Darlington may seem appealing on the surface, the appeal of sustainable recovery and greater education does stand out to our clients.

By favouring our approach, not only will you feel confident in understanding your triggers of both diagnoses, but you’ll also have confidence in your ability to sustainably manage post-rehab reality.

Contact Asana Lodge today for support, guidance and real opportunities for recovery through addiction, through mental health conditions and through dual diagnoses.