The cold turkey approach seems like the easiest way out from drug and alcohol abuse. Cutting off all sources, with the hope that the body and mind will respond positively is the outlook of many users, living with an addiction diagnosis.

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While it’s highly understandable as to why the most easily perceived route is selected, going cold turkey is in fact the toughest route when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

From uncontrollable withdrawal symptoms to the damage that such regression can cause to your mindset, and to the ineffective and unsafe step that instant disconnect results in, instead, professional drug rehab support should be sourced.

It’s important to look at your next step as the starting point of a domino effect. If you’re purely looking for respite from drugs and alcohol, and do not have the intentions to recover, many will advocate going it alone. Yet, if you’re looking for a way out to recover, and to maintain long-term sobriety, it’s time to look into private addiction treatment.

Consider the offering of a drug and alcohol rehab in Maidenhead, providing you with the environment, support and processes to make rehab a safe and proactive choice. We at Asana Lodge offer just that, close to home, yet far enough into the distance for complete rest and focus.


It’s time to overlook the cold turkey approach

The cold turkey approach is favoured for the fact that drug and alcohol consumption can be cut off from home, where privacy is high, and where personal needs can be maintained.

This however provides a false sense of security, as while comfort will be felt through familiarity, such comfort will hinder the drug and alcohol withdrawal phase, without structure and guidance.

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol will influence withdrawal symptoms. Down to cutting off all sources of drugs and alcohol, instead of following a detox plan, withdrawal symptoms can be aggressive and dangerous for health. This is the point where many individuals revert to the comfort zone of drug and alcohol abuse, to smooth out the withdrawal.

Such regression can easily damage your mindset, which may currently be recovery driven. This can be a disheartening process to experience, which is known to reduce future confidence in oneself and in professional rehabilitation services.

Going cold turkey ultimately for most results in health risks, reduced inclination to recover, and aggravated side effects. Instead, by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Maidenhead, where you can still experience privacy and comfort, your health will be observed, you’ll feel motivated to continue, and your addiction will be worked through with treatment.

Now is the time to decide your next step, with the knowledge that such a decision will impact your long-term recovery capabilities. For strong capabilities, drug or alcohol detox and restore through rehab.


Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Maidenhead

If you’re leaning towards professional support for its security and forecasts, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Maidenhead will be possible. On a residential basis, you’ll have access to the type of care you’ll need to advance through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

By selecting residential rehab, while still close to your life in Maidenhead, you’ll have the security blanket of residing from rehab.

Through such a route, you’ll have your own personal, comfortable space to live from, you’ll experience privacy and confidentiality, and you’ll have a dedicated team to support you, help you and respect you.

Residential rehab will also offer the structure to complete an intense programme of addiction treatment services, including the detox phase and further rebuild steps.

At Asana Lodge, although we’re located outside of the Maidenhead area, we are a strong option for your residential rehab needs, by providing the above services, with CQC standards.

You can expect a safe environment, you can expect your own personal treatment programme, and you can expect access to a comprehensive plan which promotes sustainability.

This experience can be secured by deciding to give yourself the support and chance to detox safely, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Maidenhead. From this decision, such offerings can unravel to help you through addiction recovery.


Completing safe and suitable treatment via rehab

Treatment will naturally cause discomfort to some degree. However, such services should be safe and suitable, while completing a significant task of drug and alcohol detachment.

Both safety and suitability are very important to us here at Asana Lodge, which is why we place great emphasis on assessing your needs, which are soon translated into treatment recommendations.

You can look towards completing treatment that will be fitting for the side effects that you’re experiencing, the addiction history you have, and your physical and psychological health. Stress management, detoxing, art workshops, and cognitive behavioural therapy are some common treatment services completed here at rehab.

Your health and wellbeing matter, which should be strengthened to help you advance through long-term recovery. You should prioritise both while embarking on your recovery journey, to set yourself up for the greatest form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation; again, discouraging the ineffectiveness of independent withdrawal.


Change with sustainability in mind

Change is a key focus of rehab. You’ll ultimately be changing to detach from drugs and alcohol. Your outlooks will change, your coping strategies will change, your wellbeing will change, your lifestyle will change, and the way you see drugs and alcohol will change.

Committing to change is very important, providing yourself with the platform to step outside what’s comfortable, to send a sign that addictive substances are unnecessary in your life. We can help you through such change, yet with sustainability in mind, ensuring that your choices can uphold as you return to life in Maidenhead.

You’ll have the chance to normalise such change through aftercare services, relapse prevention and through commitment. With our backing, you can progress through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, with comprehensive results in mind.

The cold turkey approach will not help you heal on both physical and psychological levels, necessary for addiction recovery. Rehab will, offering a 360 focus on long-term recovery.

Select our clinic when searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Maidenhead, to experience safety, suitability and privacy, while controlling your destiny of recovery capabilities.