If you’re based in Reading, searching for a local drug and alcohol facility to recover from, visiting our reputable treatment centre will be encouraged here at Asana Lodge.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Reading

When selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Reading, to complete a time of transformation, of rejuvenation and of adaptation, your personal needs should be prioritised.

Here you will secure your admission into the most valuable rehab clinic, ensuring that recovery can be motivated for you; whether you’re living with a drug or alcohol addiction, or a dependence on both.  

Although we are sure that you’re overwhelmed by the number of different drug and alcohol treatment centres to choose from, it is important that you have accurate information about all of your local rehab options.

Likewise, it is wise to gauge success rates via alternative drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes, ensuring that your recovery aims can be met.  

It is important to remember that there are many one-fits all recovery programmes out there.

Some will work for the short-term, while others will result in a disheartening and difficult dose of relapse. With this in mind, searching for high-quality and personalised rehab programmes is a must.  

Here at Asana Lodge, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to addiction recovery. We prioritise personalisation, while ensuring that recovery can be aimed for by all clients.

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions, helping you decide on visiting our drug and alcohol rehab near Reading.   


Am I living with a Drug and Alcohol Addiction? 

Before starting your time of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it’s important to understand whether you’re living with an addiction, and if so, to acknowledge it.

Without an accurate view of your relationship with drugs and alcohol, you’ll fail to see and experience the full value of rehab.  

Ask yourself: 

  • Do I struggle to stop consuming drugs and alcohol? 
  • Will I carry on abusing drugs and alcohol, even if negative consequences are probable? 
  • Have my family members commented on my drug or alcohol consumption? 
  • Have my consumption levels increased recently? 
  • Do I rely on drugs and alcohol? 
  • Am I experiencing any mental health symptoms, such as depression, anxiety or irritability? 
  • Do I experience chronic withdrawal symptoms in between consumption? 

If many of the above questions resonate with you, where your life has been impacted by excessive drug and alcohol consumption, an addiction could be developing under the surface. In this instance, it is important that you take your rehabilitation opportunity seriously.

Denial is a difficult emotion to overcome. Yet through professional guidance, available here at Asana Lodge, you’ll soon appreciate the lifeline of rehabilitation.  

Without investing yourself in drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment, your situation will deteriorate, resulting in physical and psychological dangers. Consider your future, your loved ones, your quality of life by overcoming your drug and alcohol addiction.  


Will I have access to a drug and alcohol rehab in Reading? 

If you’re looking to recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in Reading, our treatment centre is conveniently located in Towcester. Although small distance is present, you’ll benefit from our residential approach to rehab.  

Recovering locally, from a rehab clinic on your doorstep is desirable at first look. Convenience and familiarity are the key selling points. However, for those living with an addiction, many social and emotional triggers are linked to their everyday lives. By attempting to recover and bypass those triggers, while experiencing their exposure, progressing through rehab will be tough.  

Through our residential rehab facility, you’ll reside in a luxury, positive and relaxing environment as you focus on your personal recovery. You’ll have a true chance to overcome your triggers and influences, ultimately diminishing your drug and alcohol addiction  

With this in mind, before opting for a rehab programme down to its location or convenience, we urge you to consider the bigger picture and your ability to recover. A large proportion of our clients value privacy and distance, positively influencing physical and psychological rehabilitation efforts.  


How will my mental health affect my recovery?  

Mental health issues and addiction go hand in hand. They are known to fuel one another, commonly resulting in a dual diagnosis. With this in mind, your mental health state will have a direct impact on your recovery journey.  

Down to this high correlation, here at Asana Lodge, we focus heavily on initial psychological recovery. We appreciate how many addictions are initially fuelled by cognitive changes or abnormalities, imbalances, genetics, environments and pre-existing mental health issues.

As a result of this, before recommending addiction treatment, you will first complete a full assessment of your addiction with one of our recovery specialists. 

Your results will provide a clearer insight into your relationship with drugs and alcohol, along with your mental health state. Once this has been achieved, addiction treatment options can be recommended, along with treatment for a dual diagnosis.  

By overlooking your mental health, there is a high probability that full, long-term recovery will be unattainableFuture psychological relapses can occur, soon turning into physical consumption of drugs and alcohol.  

With this in mind, prior to rehab, it is important that self-help tips and preparations are completed. Additionally, when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Reading, ensuring that a similar approach to ours is offered will be beneficial.  


What makes your rehab programme different from others?  

As touched on above, what makes us different from other drug and alcohol treatment centres is our personalised approach to addiction treatment. We prioritise the evidence, the results, the internal functions of the mind and body. From here, we can offer realistic and safe recommendations to motivate long-term recovery.   

A further factor which differentiates our facility is our range of addiction treatments. Traditional treatment options are utilised, such as detox programmes and therapy sessions. Yet, down to the psychological associations of addiction, we also utilise innovative and proactive treatment options, such as art therapy and virtual reality therapy.  

Through our approach to rehab, we can provide healthy and effective rehabilitation programmes, while also future-proofing post-rehab life. We can treat a range of mental health issues, commonly experienced in today’s world, while also diminishing addictive behaviours.  

With this in mind, if you’re aiming for addiction recovery, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Reading, we recommend considering your long-term aims.

If you’re looking for a lifetime of sobriety, our approach to rehab will help you get there.