Living in denial, in association with drug and alcohol abuse is unfortunately common. Most of the time, the feeling of denial will be involuntary, where it will be used to mask and protect emotions and mental health.

However, whether voluntary or involuntary, justifying drug and alcohol abuse can be very dangerous, resulting in a harder to diminish the addiction cycle.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bracknell

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Are you living in denial? Maybe you’ve overcome denial, yet feel overwhelmed with your next steps of drug and alcohol rehabilitation?

Or maybe you’re worried about rehab and the experience that you’ll encounter via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell? No matter whether your emotions are high, or you have a concern surrounding rehab, we at Asana Lodge are here for you.

Although we’re based in Towcester, boasting distance from your reality in Bracknell, we are addiction and mental health recovery specialists, with significant insight into rehab experiences, responses to drug and alcohol abuse, and the emotions that you’re currently experiencing.

Consider some of our FAQs below, relevant to the associated feelings of drug and alcohol withdrawal, along with offering some realism into rehab as a service.

If you have any personal concerns, contact our team today, here to help you overcome denial, warm to rehab and complete the addiction recovery journey with security and safety in mind.


Why is denial such a strong emotion?

Denial can be an overpowering emotion, sometimes relied upon and sometimes experienced involuntarily. Living in denial can be used as a coping strategy, as a way to reduce the severity of reality, caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

Those in denial will usually justify consumption, even if it is excessive, will aim to hide their emotions and experiences with drugs and alcohol from loved ones, and will push away the idea of professional support.

In the moment, denial may benefit the experience of drug and alcohol abuse. Yet, in the long-term, considering the addiction cycle, it’s strength can be dangerous, blurring the necessity of support and its value.

Down to its potential strength, it is important that you consider your outlook on substance abuse, and whether you’re using denial as a way to cope. If you are, it’s time to reduce that coping strategy, in tandem with drug and alcohol abuse, possible with professional support.


Should I accept support via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bracknell?

Support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell which carries reputability and suitability will benefit you. However, while localised recovery will benefit some, it’s important to consider your needs, and whether it will fulfil your expectations of rehab.

You have full freedom when considering your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey, especially through a privatised route. With that being said, if you’re worried about remaining in Bracknell for treatment, you can curb those anxieties by selecting residential rehab here at Asana Lodge.

Offering a wealth of benefits, linked to residential, privatised and specialised drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you can in fact experience an even more suitable recovery journey here.

Your decisions around drug and alcohol rehab should be directed by your needs. This is the route to follow when considering the type and level of support you should experience in regard to the delivery of rehab.


Is Rehab a scary experience?

On the initial approach, rehab can seem scary. It’s a process that promotes change, which is likely outside of your comfort zone and which is unfamiliar to your current lifestyle, likely consumed by drugs and alcohol.

However, that image will change once you boost your awareness of rehab, once you find the right rehab clinic and programme for your needs, and once you begin the transformational experience of rehab.

If you are experiencing anxieties around the processes of rehab, it is encouraged that you do look into your likely journey, helping to offer expectations and ease your worries. Entering rehab with significant worries will not benefit your experience.

Yet entering with confidence and knowledge will help you embrace drug and alcohol rehabilitation, whether near home in Bracknell or at afar.


What types of Treatment will I personally need?

Treatment recommendations, through our rehab clinic, will be made personally, after assessments have been completed. On your admission, we will assess your attachment to drugs and alcohol, the influences which drive this attachment, and also the experiences that you are encountering down to emotions and side effects.

This personal information will remain confidential, yet will be used to direct your treatment programme, in turn, the recommendations of treatment services.

Detoxing is commonly part and parcel of drug and alcohol rehab. Yet through our scientific approach, we place emphasis on psychological restoration, where detox will merely help to promote withdrawal. Instead, you can expect a mixture of traditional and innovative addiction treatment services, including anything from NAD+ therapy to cognitive behavioural therapy.


The aim is to merge a mixture of safe and effective treatment services which will meet your needs when considering the process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We will also promote a similar approach on a post-rehab basis, offering aftercare for your return to Bracknell.


Is it hard to adapt on a post-rehab basis?

It can be challenging to adapt on a post-rehab basis, as over a 28-day period, you’ll warm to the comfort of residential rehab. In fact, returning to reality, no matter the rehab experience you’ve had can cause a mixture of emotions.

With this in mind, you should prepare for this transition, which we will help you with here at Asana Lodge, focussing on your exposure to drugs and alcohol, your lifestyle and your outlooks.

Post-rehab stands as one of the hardest steps linked to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. You will have full accountability to recover independently and select actions to benefit your long-term recovery goals. However, to ease this test, you will have access to ongoing support, and you will have a relapse prevention plan, catered to your needs.

Gaining some perspective on rehab will benefit your acceptance and your ability to overcome denial. Do your research into the possibility of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bracknell, along with our services, offering direction when accepting your impending rehab journey.

We will be here for you, to guide you through your selected route to drug and alcohol rehab.