Living with an addiction can be extremely tough. Realistically, side effects, withdrawal symptoms, the negative impacts on health and the stigmatisation around substance abuse all make an addiction diagnosis harder to digest.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Berkshire

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Through this challenging time, it’s very important that you accept and embrace support, of both personal and professional forms.

While this may be difficult in itself, down to worries over judgment, down to damaged relationships or down to a lack of local addiction support, as you can see by visiting our website here at Asana Lodge, quality support is available.

The longer that addiction is experienced, the harder life will become. While withdrawal symptoms may become normalised, while the negative backlash may be easier to process, and while the positives of drugs and alcohol may carry weightage, a lonely, a life-threatening and a life-limiting addiction can be the result of long-term enablement.

We don’t mean to scare you here at Asana Lodge. Yet we hope to encourage you to consider support, down to the likely damages of long-term drug and alcohol abuse.

Accept the best possible support through a drug and alcohol rehab in Berkshire, available here through our local rehab clinic.

Learn what’s different about our offering, along with what you can expect from the guidance, recommendations and support likely through professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


What’s the difference between free and private rehab?

When deciding to recover from addiction, one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make surrounds the type of support that you accept and the delivery of rehab.

Commonly, selecting between free and private rehab will be a challenging decision, where the battle between cost and results presents itself.

The key difference, at face value, between selecting NHS treatment service and privatised drug and alcohol rehabilitation is the cost.

NHS treatment services are free, making them highly desirable when compared to the cost that private care does carry. This for many makes their decision for them, where the ease and convenience of local NHS treatment services take priority.

However, the key difference when delving deeper into the experience of both rehab encounters focuses on recovery results, rehab experiences, and comfort. While free treatment services are convenient, they however lack personalisation, urgency and consistency.

They unknowingly cater to the stereotype of addiction, rather than personal, human experiences. On the other end of the offering, private rehab does provide the necessary standards, consistency, human touch and readiness to overbear a physical and psychological addiction.

This difference, alone showcases how beneficial selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Berkshire will be for you, offering strong recovery capabilities.


Should I select a private drug and alcohol rehab in Berkshire?

Yes, if you’re hoping to remain in Berkshire for rehab, you should secure a private drug and alcohol rehab clinic. This will ensure that you can receive the standards of residential rehab, on a local scale, still offering physical and psychological respite.

While selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Berkshire itself, right on your doorstep may seem like the best option, we do however recommend our rehab clinic here in Towcester, offering greater privacy and reliable recovery experiences.

We still rank as convenient and suitable for Berkshire locals, we still provide the familiarity and offering of family involved rehab clinics, and we will offer the benefits of residential rehab, falling way beyond the delivery of free NHS treatment services.


What will my day in rehab look like?

Each day in rehab will be personalised around your needs. Whether that’s your physical and psychological health, your response to addiction treatment services, to your susceptibility to healthy coping strategies, we will form the right schedule for you.

Your days will focus on setting new, positive intentions, to battle the habit of substance abuse. Your days will include a range of addiction treatment recommendations, focusing on traditional, medical forms, and innovative, holistic methods.

Your days will work on your wellbeing, your mindfulness, your balance, your relapse prevention and your overall quality of life.

See rehab as an escapism from reality in Berkshire, where you can nurture your relationships, your wellbeing and your recovery capabilities, to sustainably overcome the weightage of drug and alcohol abuse.

By selecting our rehab clinic when searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Berkshire, as a standard, you’ll have a positive, progressive and worthwhile rehab programme waiting for you.


Are there facilities to improve my wellbeing?

Yes, your wellbeing, health and safety are all prioritised through drug and alcohol rehab. You can expect nutritional advice and offerings, by focusing on what you’re putting into your body as fuel.

You can practice mindfulness, with the aim to find internal balance. You can work on your mental health with our dedicated team through dual diagnosis treatment.

You can also work on your overall quality of life, by truly reaching a state of happiness, without the necessary presence of drugs and alcohol.

Our rehab offering is here to improve your entire reality back in Berkshire, rather than merely focussing on detoxification. By healing the mind and body, you’ll soon benefit from the speed and strength of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Why are you different from other rehab services?

We’re different at Asana Lodge as we truly care about our clients. We treat each client as a person, as someone with private experiences with drugs and alcohol which requires a personalised rehab programme.

Our key difference to other rehab services focuses on our approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, where we prioritise brain functionality and restoration, commonly the route of addiction development.

We work with our clients to provide a rehab experience which truly caters to their personal needs, their outlooks and values, their commitments and their health.

Through our differences, we believe that comfort and quality rehab encounters can be experienced by all, by not only offering a place to recover but to truly restore and rebuild.

You can experience our standard of care by selecting Asana Lodge as your drug and alcohol rehab in Berkshire.

Yet before you reach your admission, it’s firstly time to accept the idea of support, the idea of encouragement and the idea of removing yourself from drugs, alcohol and a future of addiction.