Are you currently based in Spain? Do you seek support for a drug or alcohol addiction? Instead of searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Spain, why not consider our state-of-the-art residential rehab?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Spain

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As you come to terms with your addiction, your initial reaction may be to seek support from a drug and alcohol rehab in Spain.

Although this is entirely normal, an increasing number of individuals that require help for their addiction have found it beneficial to step away from their home environment and attend a rehab elsewhere.

At Asana Lodge, we welcome individuals from various locations across the United Kingdom and Europe to overcome their addiction at our residential rehab.

Our team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals paired with a comfortable and peaceful home away from home will help you turn your life around once and for all.


What Addictions Can You Treat?

At Asana Lodge, an expert team of medical professionals administer our leading addiction recovery treatments.

Not only does this enable us to treat various drug and alcohol addictions, but it allows our patients to take advantage of world-class facilities.  The addictions that we commonly treat include;

It is not uncommon for mental health disorders to accompany addictions.  As a result,

in addition to offering treatment for addictions, we can also provide the support needed to overcome a wealth of conditions that include;


What Symptoms Will I Experience?

Regardless of the type of addiction you are battling, it is more than likely that you will have already experienced a wealth of physical and psychological symptoms.

However, if you have only recently concluded that you are suffering from an addiction, you may have believed that the symptoms you have encountered were due to feeling generally unwell.

Typically, physical symptoms that will occur regardless of the substance you are addicted to include;

  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Looking somewhat pale
  • Reduced personal hygiene
  • Slurred speech

In addition to physical symptoms, you will experience several psychological symptoms.  These symptoms will often include;

  • Increased bouts of anxiety
  • Trouble sleeping and insomnia
  • Heightened mood swings
  • Difficulty controlling your emotions
  • Lack of energy
  • Problems with your memory
  • Reduced concentration

If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, you may not necessarily experience all of the above symptoms.  However, if you have experienced even a few of the symptoms listed above, it is time to ask for help.

When you contact us to discuss your addiction and seek our support, we will ask you to inform us of the physical and psychological symptoms that you have experienced.  Even if you are unsure if these are a result of your addiction, it is best to let us know.

Based on the symptoms that you experience, our team can distinguish the severity of your addiction and the treatment you require.


What Does A Typical Treatment Programme Look Like at Asana Lodge?

As you contemplate visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Spain or further away from home, it is expected that you will want to distinguish the types of treatment available to you.

Although it is somewhat difficult to determine the exact treatment that you will need without conducting a pre-admission assessment, we can confirm that our treatment programmes consist of detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare support.

Throughout each stage of treatment, you will also be provided with personalised care and a wealth of psychological therapies to help you overcome your addiction.

Unlike other rehabs, here at Asana Lodge, we boast many bespoke treatments that we have created specifically for our patients.  These include Satori Chair Therapy and NAD+ Therapy.

Satori Chair Therapy is a one of a kind therapy.  Not only does this therapy aid the recovery of addictions, but it helps to realign the balance in the brain’s chemistry that is often altered when addictions are present.

Our NAD+ Therapy is an additional form of detoxification that can be employed.  Unlike other detoxification therapies, NAD+ Therapy can help to reduce and treat the impact substance abuse has on vital organs such as the brain, kidneys and liver.


How Do I Know If I Am Ready to Go to Rehab?

Determining whether you are ready to go to rehab is only something you will be able to do.  Although we can advise and recommend that you seek treatment, you need to be ready to commit to a long-term recovery.

You also have to want to overcome your addiction and cease your relationship with drugs or alcohol.

If you have come to understand the impact that your addiction has had on your physical and psychological health and know that you need to change your behaviour before it is too late, you are likely ready to commit.

Likewise, if you can comprehend the impact that your addiction has had on your relationship with others and you want to make amends, you are probably ready to seek support from a drug and alcohol rehab in Spain.

If you are aware that your addiction is taking a toll on your life, but you do not feel ready to live a substance-free life, rehab may not be for you just yet.  However, we would still urge you to seek our support and advice.

Not only can we help you to determine what you can do to prepare yourself for rehab in the future, but we can recommend various addiction support groups that you could attend.


Contact Us Today

Although embarking on a drug and alcohol addiction treatment programme may be easier said than done, it could ultimately save your life.

If you are ready to leave your addiction behind you and move forward with your life, contact us today.

Regardless of whether you seek a drug and alcohol rehab in Spain or further afield, we can help you.