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Across Northern Ireland, drug and alcohol misuse continues to be a widespread problem. Although it is estimated that more than 4,000 people sought treatment for substance misuse in the last year, the number of people silently struggling with drug and alcohol addictions is believed to be considerably higher.

Sadly, research conducted by the Northern Ireland Department of Health highlights that individuals between the ages of 26 and 39 are more likely to require treatment for both an alcohol and drug addiction. Meanwhile, those over 40 are more at risk of developing an alcohol addiction.

Irrespective of whether you have developed an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both drugs and alcohol, you must secure treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Northern Ireland as soon as possible.

Failure to do so will cause your addiction to intensify. You will also gradually come to experience a number of physical and psychological health problems that will significantly reduce the quality of your life.


Attending A Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Northern Ireland

From NHS rehabs to private residential rehabs, across Northern Ireland, various drug and alcohol rehabs frequently provide treatment to those struggling with addictions.

NHS rehabs in Northern Ireland continue to provide free treatment. Typically consisting of one-to-one therapy, NHS treatment has proven to be successful.

In contrast, private residential rehab in Northern Ireland comes at a cost. Yet many individuals favour private rehabilitation over NHS rehabilitation due to the benefits associated.


Attending A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Elsewhere

Offering successful treatment options, attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Northern Ireland will enable you to overcome your addiction and secure a long-term recovery. However, for various reasons, you may find yourself hoping to attend a drug and alcohol rehab elsewhere.

If this resonates with you, here at Asana Lodge, we can provide you with drug and alcohol addiction treatment at our residential rehab located in Towcester, England.

Providing industry-leading treatments that are yet to be offered elsewhere, our treatments continue to help clients from across the United Kingdom secure a long-term sobriety.


Rest, Relax and Recuperate In A Safe Space

Here at Asana Lodge, we focus on brain and body restoration. During your time in our rehab, we will encourage you to rest, relax and recuperate. We also ensure you have the space you need to slow down and truly heal from the ramifications of your addiction, thanks to our state of the art facilities.

Boasting private bedrooms, communal lounges, dining rooms, and several treatment rooms, you will gradually feel the weight of your addiction lift from your shoulders when you enter our rehab.


Our Treatments Are Industry Leading

As touched on above, at Asana Lodge, we take great pride in our ability to administer industry-leading treatments that cannot be accessed elsewhere.

To offer greater insight, we have outlined a number of the treatments we frequently administer below.



The first stage in many of our treatment programmes, detoxification will remove harmful toxins that have been administered throughout your addiction from your brain and body.

Medically induced, detoxification usually lasts for 7-days. However, the severity of your addiction will ultimately determine how long you will need to undergo detoxification.



Rehabilitation at Asana Lodge combines psychological, well-being and holistic therapy in both one-to-one and group settings.

Although the therapy you encounter will depend on the psychological impact your addiction has had, it is possible that you will undergo cognitive behavioural therapy.

You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of Satori Chair Therapy and NAD+ Therapy.


Aftercare Support

At Asana Lodge, we provide 12-months of free aftercare support to all of our clients. Helping many maintain their sobriety, our aftercare support includes weekly group catch up sessions.

We also offer one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy to those who need it.


We Will Guide You Through A Personalised Treatment Programme

To ensure that you have every chance of making a long-term recovery, the treatment you encounter during your time in our rehab will be personalised to your needs.

Before commencing treatment, we will conduct a clinical assessment. This assessment will offer us insight into the severity of your addiction. This assessment will also ensure that we can review your psychological and physical health to determine whether you are fit to progress through an intense treatment programme.

Upon conducting your clinical assessment, our team of highly qualified and experienced medical and therapy professionals will create your personalised treatment programme and inform you of the treatments that you will progress through.

During your time in our rehab, we will guide you through your treatment programme. We will offer you support at all times, and we will be on hand to assist you through the good and the bad.


Referring Yourself To Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you have attempted to locate a drug and alcohol rehab in Northern Ireland, yet have been unable to do so, we welcome you to refer yourself to our drug and alcohol rehab.

Although our rehab is not located in Northern Ireland, we are confident that we can offer you the best care and support as you embark on your recovery.

To refer yourself to our drug and alcohol rehab, all you need to do is give us a call. Upon doing so, we will discuss your addiction with you and answer any questions you may have about our treatment and facilities.

When you contact us, we will also conduct a pre-admissions assessment. Doing so will ensure that we can provide you with accurate information regarding the treatment you may require during your time in our rehab. We will also offer insight into the length of time you may need to stay in our rehab for.

If you are happy with the information we share with you and would like to attend our rehab, we will ask you to pay a deposit. In doing so, your place at our rehab will be secured. We will then offer you an admissions date for you to commence treatment.


Contact Us Today

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