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Page Last Updated: 22/08/2023

Addiction is a growing issue in the UK, as more people are suffering with substance misuse, the demand for treatment is also growing

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Belfast

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At Asana Lodge, we provide a range of leading, holistic treatment options to help you achieve long-term recovery.

If left untreated your addiction will only get worse. It’ll destroy your relationships, push the people closest to you away and in some cases, you may lose your job, fall into financial debt and in extreme cases, you may even lose your home.

Even if you feel you have control of your addiction, it’s important you seek professional help as soon as you can.

As the UK’s first and only private residential centre based purely on scientific and evidence-based treatments, we can offer you ground-breaking treatments in state-of-the-art facilities.

Contact our experienced and supportive staff today to discuss your treatment options.


Getting Help Straight Away

Admitting you have an addiction is one of the hardest steps you have to take, but it’s important that you also take action.

If you continue with your current routine your addiction will only get worse. Reaching out for help can seem like a daunting step, but at Asana Lodge we provide you with full confidentiality.

Unlike the NHS and their stretched services, we can provide you with help and support straight away. There are no waiting lists and you determine your treatment.

Once you’ve taken that first step and called our team we’ll discuss your addiction, medical history and treatment options with you in a confidential and free consultation.

We’ll advise you on the treatment available at rehab in Belfast and what the best next steps to take are.


What To Expect from Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When you arrive at rehab in Belfast, you’ll be welcomed in and shown around the facilities and grounds, so you can make the most of the amenities throughout your stay.

You’ll undergo a medical assessment to determine your physical and psychological health. We believe in treating the mind and body, so it’s highly likely you’ll receive a dual diagnosis.

Our experienced medical staff will design a treatment program with you for your 28-day stay. Detox is the first step of any addiction treatment and must be conducted under medical supervision.

Our team of on-site doctors and nurses will oversee your detox, administering prescription drugs or Intravenous Brain Restoration if withdrawal symptoms are more severe.

The withdrawal symptoms you experience are determined by the length and severity of your addiction.

Once you’ve successfully completed your detox you’ll start your therapy treatment. We offer a range of therapies to help treat every individual, but we often find that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the most effective for identifying the triggers of addiction and helping you overcome them.

CBT focus on determining an individual’s negative thought processes and working on them to re-establish a more positive thought process and, with it, healthier habits

Individual therapy, group therapy sessions, stress management classes and art therapy are also treatments we provide at Asana Lodge.

As a leading centre for scientific and evidence-based treatments, we also provide more modern techniques, such as the Satori Chair.

This vibration therapy uses sound frequencies to create a meditative state of mind to allow for deeper reflection.

Alongside healing your mind, we also want to help you establish a healthier lifestyle. Most addicts will come to our rehabilitation centres deprived of vital nutrients and minerals, as they haven’t had a balanced diet.

During your 28 day stay, you’ll work with our on-site nutritionist and chef to develop and sustain a healthy balanced diet that’ll allow you to heal and take part in various fitness activities.


Benefits Of Residential Rehab

The alternative to residential treatment is outpatient rehab. This involves visiting detox clinics during the day and returning home at evenings and weekends.

This may seem like a more appealing treatment method as you can complete rehab without anyone knowing and without leaving home, but it’s more challenging than it may at first seem.

By staying at home whilst receiving treatment you’re not removing yourself from situations or environments that may trigger your cravings and drive your addiction.

By checking-in to a residential rehabilitation centre, you immediately provide distance between yourself and your day-to-day life in which your addiction has developed.

You’ll also have distance from your relationships, which may help the process of healing, both for you and your relationship.

At Asana Lodge, we believe in healing both the mind and body, which means that your treatment program will cover all aspects of your addiction and health, allowing you to intensively treat and heal your mind and body.

You’ll have access to 24 hours of help and support, as we have on-site doctors, nurses and social workers.

Alongside this professional support, you’ll also experience peer support as you’ll get to know other residents during your stay. Peer support is considered a powerful motivator and we always encourage you to connect with others.



Leaving rehab in Belfast after successfully completing your treatment program may seem like a daunting step to take, but, rest assured, we’ll support you every step of the way.

The first 12 months after drug and alcohol rehab is considered to be the most challenging and this is when most relapses occur

Due to this, we provide 12 months of free aftercare to ensure you get back on your feet, start rebuilding relationships and stay on track for your long-term recovery.

We can introduce you to local peer support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous. These groups can provide emotional support to you from people with similar experiences.

If you’re struggling to settle back into family life, or your family are struggling with how to treat you now that you’re back, we can offer family and friend referral, or group family therapy sessions to help you rebuild your relationships. Remember it’ll take time for everyone to readjust.

Start your journey to long-term recovery today by contacting our friendly and supportive team for your free and confidential initial consultation.