Are you struggling to open up about your problems with drugs and alcohol? Do you justify your actions of drug and alcohol consumption? Do you feel the need to hide your side effects away from those around you? If so, there’s a high chance that you’re living in denial.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab County Antrim

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Denying an addiction is very common, down to the backlash that such a diagnosis can result in. Unfortunately, not every individual suffering from addiction will feel supported. The stigma of habitual behaviours is still present, again making it hard to admit the truth.

However, through neglecting self-care, through enabling ongoing drug and alcohol abuse, and through pushing loved ones away, great consequences can be linked to denial.

If you are struggling to open up, if you’re finding it hard because of the pressures placed by your loved ones, if you’re worried about judgment, we at Asana Lodge are here for you.

By looking beyond, a drug and alcohol rehab in County Antrim, you’ll have the security and privacy to work on self-acknowledgement, on drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and on securing sobriety.

Right now, your emotions may be protecting you. Yet, denial will fester, will worsen and will control your outlooks, in fact placing your physical and psychological health at risk.


The role that denial plays in addiction

Throughout your life, you may have bypassed denial as a protective emotion. However, through the unnerving experiences of a drug and alcohol addiction, living in denial is in fact very common.

Denial is used as a protector, as an emotion to blur the realism of substance abuse. Users will talk themselves into justifying consumption, into downplaying the impacts of drug and alcohol abuse, and into hiding oneself from the world. However, all of these behaviours can intensify consumption, can create feelings of isolation, and can damage mental health.

Right now, denial may be benefiting your life. Yet for the long-term, its purpose will change, where it will reduce your risk of an ingrained addiction, which will be difficult to simply shake off.

It’s time to see your consumption for what it sadly is, reflecting the symptoms of a drug and alcohol addiction.


Looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in County Antrim

In order to work through your addiction, you may look to lean on local recovery resources. If this is your starting point, that’s absolutely fine, to learn to accept professional support. However, to experience comprehensive recovery, we encourage you to look beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in County Antrim.

Remaining close to home can make overcoming denial a challenging hurdle. If you’re protecting yourself from judgment, from stigmatisation and from the stereotype of an addict, there’s a likelihood that selecting a County Antrim located rehab clinic will induce feelings of anxiety for you.

Recovering from addiction should be facilitated in a safe, protective, non-judgmental and balanced setting, which may not be securable for you on a local scale. Your mind may worry, detracting attention and energy from drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

To overcome such anxieties, moving yourself away for residential rehab will be encouraged, where your admission will be confidential, where your experience will be private, and where you’ll experience nothing but respect.

Overcoming denial, with the right support is possible, commencing your ability to accept professional support. Yet, by remaining close to your existing worries and triggers, lowering your barrier may be challenging, delaying your chance at drug and alcohol rehab.

Feel at home at Asana Lodge by experiencing the ideal recovery setting, away from your influences in County Antrim.


Invaluable services at Asana Lodge

The recommendation of residential rehab may be new to you. You may find it hard to digest a possible move from your current life. Yet, by doing so, you’ll set yourself up for significant change, removing yourself from the exposure and control of drugs and alcohol.

In tandem with the benefits of residential rehab, there are a wealth of invaluable services, ready and waiting for you at Asana Lodge, making the move justifiable.


  • Personalised treatment programmes

On your arrival, we get to know you as a person, we consider your triggers, and we look at your health and addiction history. Through such assessments, we can provide personalised treatment programmes as an ongoing offering, which will offer comfort, reassurance and proactivity.


  • Leading treatment services

Our treatment programmes are made up of traditional treatment services, including detoxificationstress management, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Yet, we also utilise leading, innovative treatment options, to truly enhance recovery capabilities and the realism of sober living. AAD+ therapy, art workshops, virtual reality therapy and exposure therapy are a few of our newer treatment services, which offer greater reliability when considering recovery forecasts.


  • Holistic healing

We’re all about healing the mind, to ultimately heal the body. You can expect holistic approaches to our treatments, to ensure that comprehensive recovery can be aimed for. Every area of your life can be improved by visiting Asana Lodge.


  • Wellbeing therapy

Your wellbeing will influence your future back in County Antrim. If you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle, have positive coping strategies to utilise, and have good mental health, avoiding relapse will be greater. However, poor self-care can result in relapse risks, which we hope to avoid for all.


  • Aftercare therapy

Your post-rehab transition is very important, as your reality back in County Antrim will change. We’re passionate about offering aftercare therapy to ease your transition, to help offer clarity and motivation, and to provide mental health support.


Overcome denial with our help

It’s understandable that you may find it hard to initially look beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in County Antrim. Yet, if you are struggling with denial, removing yourself from your current environment and routine will help to break the cycle and also offer perspective.

With our support, we can help you overcome denial, while also inspiring the potential of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Contact our team for more information on expectations of rehab, helping you warm to the idea and necessity of professional rehabilitation support.