Page Last Updated: 22/08/2023

At Asana Lodge, we understand how difficult it can feel to reach out for addiction support. Difficulties are definitely the case if you’re sitting on the fence when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

However, if you are leaning towards addiction recovery, no matter how small that lean may be, it is important that you begin to prepare yourself for acknowledgement and professional addiction support.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Southampton

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Yet, as this can take some time or feel overwhelming, we also want to ensure that you are increasing your awareness of drug and alcohol rehab, along with having the opportunity to have your concerns over rehab, addressed.

With this in mind, to ease this time for you, allowing you to prepare on physical and psychological levels for rehab, here’s a relevant overview of rehab expectations.

Below is a Q&A around visiting an alcohol and drug rehab in Southampton, around private drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and around expected experiences here at Asana Lodge.

We hope that this accurate and reliable insight will help you warm to the value of opening up and increasing your opportunity to rehabilitate.

If you do have any questions which we haven’t covered, please feel free to reach out. Our team is compassionate and ready to support you through drug and alcohol rehab.

Even if you aren’t ready, we follow a no-obligation approach, supporting you up until you’re prepared for the life-changing encounter of drug and alcohol rehab.


Is the cost of Private Rehab really worth it?

In short, yes, the cost of private rehab is worth it when measuring against recovery results. Like anything, what you invest in your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey will have a direct impact on your recovery results.

Down to this, the greater you invest in high-quality care and addiction treatment, the greater chance you will have at long-term recovery. However, there are even more valuable assets linked to visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Southampton or further afield.

From greater access to leading addiction treatments and personal rehab programmes, to immediate support, consistent treatment services, and carefully designed rehab clinics, your rehab experience will be greater and more comfortable through a private setting.

It’s also important to remember that the stereotype around private rehab has now diminished. Private drug and alcohol rehab are accessible to the majority, now working to a range of budgets. Offered here at Asana Lodge, we ensure that our clients can source the care and rehabilitation steps they deserve.

You can benefit from private drug and alcohol rehab, ultimately stopping your unhealthy spend on drugs and alcohol.


Can I recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in Southampton?

If you’re keen to remain local for rehab, you can select a drug and alcohol rehab in Southampton. Yet, it is advised that you opt for a specialist facility which promotes residential rehab programmes.

At Asana Lodge, we are located in Towcester. We support clients from across the country, experience the true benefits of private, residential drug and alcohol rehab.

If you are struggling on physical and psychological levels with drug and alcohol abuse, removing yourself from Southampton will be encouraged, by considering our specialist approach.

The decision is ultimately up to you. Yet, it is important that you rank suitability over convenience when selecting your up and coming drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme.


Why is it important to treat the mind?

Addiction resides in the mind. Although drug and alcohol consumption are physical actions, the greatest impacts are experienced psychologically. Drug and alcohol abuse correlates highly with mental health issues, with cognitive weaknesses and emotional triggers.

Down to this, it is imperative that psychologically driven addiction treatment is promoted, helping to disconnect those associations.

We highly advocate this here at Asana Lodge. This is one reason why we promote our rehab clinic over the convenience of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Southampton as we highly rely on scientific evidence, linked to brain functionality.

We promote addiction treatment options which work on the mind, on emotions, on mental health issues, on pre-existing cognitive weaknesses, and on triggers. Through this approach, true long-term recovery can be aimed for as physical recovery will soon follow suit.

Addiction recovery is so much more than drug and alcohol detoxification. We cover this here at Asana Lodge.


What is exposure therapy?

Exposure therapy is a commonly utilised addiction treatment option, helping to understand the brain’s response to drug and alcohol exposure.

An assessment of exposure is commonly made prior to rehab, helping to understand causations for each individual client. For example, for some, a certain environment can influence drug and alcohol abuse.

Through exposure therapy, and further addiction treatment options, side effects and triggers will be worked through. Exposure therapy will again be activated to see whether associations have reduced via rehab, offering greater confidence in post-rehab transitions.

While exposure therapy is a newer addiction treatment option, it saves clients from returning home to Southampton with little knowledge of their progress.

Alongside this therapy, you will require further addiction treatment options, including detoxification, CBT, stress management, virtual reality therapy and brain restoration; working on physical and psychological rehabilitation.


Will I have my own rehab programme?

A key benefit of our rehabilitation offering is that we provide personal rehab programmes to all clients. We understand the necessity of suitability, ensuring that fitting and safe addiction treatment options are endorsed, along with suitable structures and timings for rehab.

You will be welcomed from Southampton with a rehab programme, fit for purpose. We will form this by assessing your relationship with drugs and alcohol, from your triggers to your brain functionality.

We can then work to merge the most fitting addiction treatment options, in place for your entire rehab stay.

While personal rehab programmes may be available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Southampton, here you will have the added value of our specialist approach to rehab.

If you have any questions around what we can offer you, reach out today. We are here to ease this time for you, while preparing an optimal drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience.