Amongst the most difficult tasks, you will encounter upon the road to long-term recovery from a substance abuse disorder or an alcohol abuse disorder is accepting that you have an addiction.

It is safe to assume that, having found your way to our webpage, that you have already passed this step, and all you need to do is reach out to Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol rehab in Havant in order to start receiving your professional addiction treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Havant

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Sadly, a worryingly high portion of individuals can still delay getting treatment even after experiencing the realisation that they have a problem.

The reason that this can occur is that people feel a sense of shame in regards to accepting help in overcoming their addiction, instead of feeling that they have to overcome this illness on their own and that it is their burden to shoulder alone.

However, the staff here at Asana Lodges drug and alcohol treatment centres are ready and waiting to help you overcome this illness.

The chances of overcoming an addictive disorder without the support of a professional addiction therapist are slim-to-none, due to the fact that for long-term recovery to be accomplished you will need two address serious psychological issues from which your addictive disorder was initially born.

If you are ready to accept the help that will enable you to overcome your addictive disorder for good then waste no time in reaching out to Asana Lodge by contacting us through our website or by calling our helpline on 01908 489 421.

This helpline number is also the number to call if you’re here as you are worried about a loved one or friend who has been displaying concerning habits with regards to narcotics and/or alcohol.

Our family and friend referrals will provide you with all of the information and support that you require in setting up the perfect intervention, as approaching a loved one about their addiction can be a very tricky and delicate situation.


What Are Our Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centres Like?

A lot of people can be wary of selecting residential rehabilitation centres as the course of addiction treatment for them due to a misplaced notion that residential rehabs are cold, unfeeling places such as they are depicted as in a lot of Hollywood movies and TV shows.

Asana Lodge’s residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres are specifically designed to be positive, luxurious environments that promote a healthy recovery.

In addition to a generally warm environment and caring, understanding staff you will experience a spacious en-suite room to yourself, housekeeping services performed for you throughout the duration of your stay, daily home-cooked meals provided for you every day by our nutritional specialist chefs, and you will also have access to our idyllic grounds and entertainment suites for you to relax in during your downtime.

We know that spending time at residential drug and alcohol rehab can be challenging, due to the intensive nature of residential rehab treatment plans, and so it is crucial to us that you can experience this life-changing experience in the best possible comfort.


Why Is Residential Rehab Addiction Treatment So Effective?

There are actually many reasons why residential alcohol and drug rehab provides one of the most consistently successful recovery rates for people going through addiction treatment.

One of the main reasons is the level of intensity that you will not experience with other forms of addiction treatment.

The fact that you are living and breathing the recovery atmosphere means that you will not slip in your resolve — not only because you will not be provided with access to narcotics and/or alcohol but also because our support care workers will be on hand 24/7 to offer emotional and psychological support whenever necessary.

One of the main facets of overcoming a drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction involves making serious alterations to your everyday life in order to cultivate an atmosphere that will mean that you do not fall back into old negative habits post-rehab.

Being temporarily removed from your home environment means that you will be in a better position to reflect upon which aspects of your daily life have been contributing to your addictive tendencies — and, in turn, you will be in a better position to make positive changes to your life going forward.


Physical And Psychological Treatments Will Work Together

When the time comes for you to actually cross the threshold into our drug and alcohol treatment facility, it is very likely that you will be experiencing the early stages of alcohol withdrawal and/or substance abuse withdrawal — or you will be about to go through this process.

And so, with this in mind, the majority of our clients begin their recovery journey with a stint at our detox clinic which administers medically-assisted drug and alcohol detoxification to purify your body.

Having our detox clinic staff manage your withdrawal symptoms with the benefit of their countless hours of experience in this area is the perfect way to safely pass through withdrawal.

Once your body has adjusted to sobriety, the work on realigning your mind with a life of sobriety can then begin. Psychological treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) in conjunction with traditional one-to-one therapy will help us together to unearth whatever it is that is at the source of you having developed this addictive disorder from which you are currently suffering.

Once we are armed with that knowledge, we can then better understand how to prevent your brain from propagating addictive tendencies with the help of a relapse prevention plan.

Over the course of your stay with us, the above physical and psychological treatments will inform the majority of your intensive treatment plan; however, other treatments such as dual-diagnosis treatment, satori char therapy, NAD+ brain restoration therapy, low-level laser therapy, and group therapy will also strengthen your overall recovery.

Call Asana Lodge today on 01908 489 421 to start your recovery journey.