To the onlooker, an addiction is a singular illness, where all addicts will be categorised into the same group. Yet, to professionals, such as our team at Asana Lodge, an addiction is much more.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hampshire

Drug and alcohol addiction are extremely complex. This is down to the fact that there are different types of addiction, all carrying their own unique makeup. That makeup will act as an umbrella for a number of different side effects, causations, triggers and responses, all on physical and psychological levels.

Down to this complexity, if you are struggling from a drug and alcohol addiction, hoping to recover, it is recommended that you do opt for a specialist route. Unfortunately, alongside onlookers, many low-quality rehab clinics will offer a general, one-fits-all rehab programme.

Again, this is categorising all addiction diagnoses under the same group, offering little recovery opportunity.

Avoid a worthless drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience by understanding the makeup of your addiction via Asana Lodge. Alternatively, your next best option will be to find a specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire. Yet, this may carry difficulties depending on the type of addiction you’re living with. For proactive steps moving forward through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, reach out today.


Understanding the makeup of Addiction

As we’ve highlighted above, there are a number of different addictions. Subcategorising that even further, each type will influence a wide range of side effects, of withdrawal symptoms, of physical and psychological responses, and of severities. With this in mind, a general diagnosis of addiction doesn’t exist.

Down to this, understanding the makeup of addiction should be the first step before activating recovery. For example, some addictions are classed as impulsive. Others are classed as compulsive. Before recommending addiction treatment options, the motivators of either impulsive or compulsive responses must be gauged, helping to understand the route of substance abuse.

It’s also vital to remember that differing drug and alcohol triggers can influence addictive behaviours.

Environmental, social, biological, psychological and spiritual influences all exist, again, all subcategorised, depending on personal experiences and outlooks. For example, some individuals are born with pre-existing weaknesses of developing a drug and alcohol addiction.

Others reside in environments which enable and accept drug and alcohol abuse. Others will experience a spiritual connection to drugs and alcohol. As those triggers can significantly fluctuate, understanding is necessary.

Without a clear understanding, a general rehab programme will be recommended, only targeting common side effects and triggers. Surface level addiction recovery is probable. Yet, to target an engrained drug and alcohol addiction, its exact makeup must be gauged.

At Asana Lodge, this is a customary process for us, standing as the key reason to consider our facility over a generic drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire.


Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire

Understandably, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire may feel like the best option. Yet, after considering the above, it is important that you find the right rehab clinic, offering the formation of personal programmes.

With this in mind, if you can find a drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire, boasting specialisms in physical and psychological addiction recovery, your impending rehab experience can be set.

However, it is also important to look further than accreditations. It’s vital to consider your ability to recover from familiar locations.

While at Asana Lodge, we vouch for our accreditations and our thorough assessments, we also vouch for the neutral environments we provide.

Through residential rehab, we help clients move away from influences back in Hampshire, providing a seamless, concentrated structure to rehab.

If you feel like you can concentrate on drug and alcohol withdrawal, while surrounded by influences and triggers, remaining local may be ideal.

However, through experience, we understand how important settings are while recovering. In this instance, our Towcester based rehab clinic will provide the setting you require, while also benefiting from offering personal, medically driven rehab programmes.


Addiction treatment endorsements here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we only work with low-risk addiction treatment options. We believe in holistic healing, where the mind will firstly be repaired, soon followed by physical addiction recovery.

We achieve this by offering addiction treatment endorsements which fit your personal needs, along with the exact makeup of your addiction. Endorsements are made by firstly assessing your current relationship with drugs and alcohol. We will consider the type of addiction you’re experiencing, and your triggers, along with your brain response when activating substance abuse.

We will also look to see whether the likes of social or biological pressures are contributing to your addictive behaviour, uncontrolled by you.

From here, we can push ahead with the reassurance that fitting addiction treatments can be recommended. Treatment services, such as CBT, stress management, NAD+ therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, exposure therapy and detoxification will be endorsed to promote physical and psychological healing.

While exact endorsements will be made on your admission, we can safeguard positive, secure and effective addiction treatment recommendations for all clients; personal to their addiction.


Recovering for the future back in Hampshire

Your initial rehab experience will contribute to your long-term recovery journey. Commonly, the psychological repair will tackle the source of addiction, reducing relapse risks. Yet, like any other illness, relapse can happen if uncontrolled.

With this in mind, your recovery aims should continue on your return to Hampshire, ensuring that you can lead a drug and alcohol-free future. To help with this, aftercare services will be accessible via a drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire. You’ll also have a personal relapse prevention plan in place to guide you beyond relapse risks.

Yet, the greatest step you can take will be to prioritise self-care and a positive lifestyle. Through mindfulness, through protecting your mental health, through nutrition, through exercise, through stress management, and through a lifestyle beyond drugs and alcohol, you can maintain control.

Exact recommendations will be offered, based on your addiction makeup. Yet, all in all, you can work to maintain sober living back in Hampshire.

Ultimately, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire may work for you. If so, we recommend pushing ahead, avoiding the future control of drugs and alcohol.

Yet, down to the complexity of addiction, specialist addiction support will be encouraged, available here at Asana Lodge.

Work to tackle your exact type of addiction through our thorough, scientific-based rehab programmes.