If you’re in the Herefordshire area and have found yourself to be progressive more at the behest of drug addiction and/or alcoholism, then it is imperative that you start seriously considering serious, professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Herefordshire

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Asana Lodge can provide this aid at any of our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, and we are now able to specifically focus on helping those in the Herefordshire area.

During your stay at an Asana Lodge alcohol and drug treatment centre, our dedicated team of staff will make sure to treat you as an individual. We acknowledge that not every person struggling with addiction is facing their own obstacles, and we also make sure that we do not employ staff who will judge you for your problems.

Asana Lodge is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and positive environment for you to get better in.

Additionally, addiction is fast becoming an increasingly more frequent issue across the UK, more so than you may perhaps think. Drug addiction or alcohol addiction can take a toll on anyone, and there is a variety of different kinds of addiction.

When you ask for assistance from us here at Asana Lodge, you’re selecting the safest, healthiest, and the most accessible addiction treatment for you to be able to get back to normality in your day-to-day life without fear of relapsing.

Asana Lodge’s rehab in Herefordshire helps any and all local people, and those from surrounding locals to help our clients retake control of their life.

Drug addiction and/or alcoholism destroys an individual’s health, financial stability, relationships, and communities as a whole.

Asana Lodge will help you to put a stark end to the destructive cycles of behaviour that your addiction propagates, with the ultimate goal of helping you to lead successful and enjoyable lives.

You can contact Asana Lodge today at any time for a complimentary, obligation-free chat in regards to your condition and desires for recovery.


Side Effects In Relation To Drug Addiction And Alcohol Addiction

To a person suffering from addiction, identifying the very fact that they are suffering from a substance abuse disorder or alcohol abuse disorder can be difficult to accept, and as a result, denial can be a common problem amongst addicts.

For some people, the moment where they come to acknowledge that they are in serious need of help, they have already lost their job, ruined their finances, burned existing bridges with their family and friends, and more.

Drug addiction or alcohol addiction can, and does, truly dominate a person’s life and leave unimaginable damage in its wake.

However, if this is happening or has happened to you, Asana Lodge is here to help pull you out of this period of darkness.

Alternatively, you may well be here as you are currently seeing the negative side-effects of addiction being enacted upon a friend or loved one.

Their drug addiction or alcohol addiction may well have caused them to lose grip of their daily-life. It is also likely that when you have tried tour best to help them out of this, they have lashed out at you.

Approaching someone about their addiction is a uniquely delicate situation, however, our family and friend referrals are able to help you out with this as well.

Asana Lodge can help you, or a friend or loved one, get the much-needed support that they require. The dedicated staff at Asana Lodge can and will work with you to locate and begin the most suitable treatment programme for a budget that you require.

Private residential rehabilitation facilities are not always the cheapest option, but with our services, your recovery will not be delayed by waiting periods and we can start taking action in helping you overcome your addiction without delay.


Addiction Treatment In Herefordshire

Upon your arrival at Asana Lodge’s state-of-the-art drug and alcohol treatment centre, we will show you around our first-class treatment facility.

Initially, you’ll experience thorough physical and psychological assessments, which will help our staff to get to know you and intimately understand your addiction with a view of tailoring the best recovery plan for your needs.

Substance abuse disorders are complicated illnesses, and no addict is going to have experienced the same things. With this in mind, we’ll administer treatment based upon you as an individual — while also identifying the root, underlying cause of your addiction having manifested.

If the root cause of your addiction is left undiagnosed, then dual-diagnosis can be even more important, as relapse prevention can be difficult for us to reach you if there are any underlying mental health conditions which are not treated at the same time.

Our highly-trained medical staff will be prepared to help you through this every step of the way, as we want to make sure that you experience long-term recovery, one that exists even after you have finished your treatment at Asana Lodge’s rehabilitation centre.


Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When you first arrive and commence your treatments, you will likely start with a trip to our detox clinic. While here, under the supervision of our trained medical staff, you will experience a medically assisted detox program which will help you get through the initial stages of alcohol withdrawal and drug withdrawal safely and healthily.

Once negative substances have been completely flushed from your body, we combine psychological and physical therapies, examples of such being Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), individual and group therapy sessions, stress management classes, art therapy, and much more.

Our holistic approach to treatment programmes will heal both your body and your mind.

Finally, we will also sit down with you to draw up an aftercare plan when it comes for you to leave our facility.

The first year following a stay in rehab can be the hardest time for a recovering addict, so we want to make sure that we provide you with the resources needed to get through this period.

If you are ready to start taking recovery seriously and stop putting off getting healthier, then call us today on 01908 489421.