As soon as the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Leominster springs to mind, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll experience a rush of emotion.

You’ll probably experience hope, where you’ll have the chance to break the cycle of addiction. You’ll probably experience concern, where you’ll feel worried about what’s ahead through the unfamiliar offering of rehab.

Yet primarily, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed, flooded with questions and concern.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Leominster

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A whirlwind of emotions is the most common response to a rehab recommendation. It’s understandable why, as the idea of parting ways from drugs and alcohol can be daunting yet in demand.

One of the best ways you can reduce those overwhelming feelings is by grounding yourself through pre-rehab preparations.

Currently, you may lack the recovery mindset, necessary to truly submerge yourself into physical and psychological planning. Yet, once you feel ready to experience rehab, you’ll also feel confident in your mindset to prepare for rehab.

At Asana Lodge, while we’re located outside of Leominster, we understand how important planning is, before committing to drug and alcohol rehabilitation and what’s to come through long-term recovery.

As you’ve visited our website, we will assume that you’re open to rehab clinics outside of your local area, which will make our guidance an invaluable option for you.

If this is the case, where you’re accepting of suitable and reliable forms of support, our below Q&A will be helpful through this overwhelming time, helping you feel grounded and ready to soon benefit from drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Should I prepare for Rehab?

Most definitely. Pre-rehab planning is a necessity to ensure that you will get the best out of your experience.

Many individuals will avoid this step, where unrealistic views of rehab will be held, commonly resulting in incomplete programmes or negative perceptions. However, this result will be down to a lack of accountability, which you can avoid.

You can become accountable over your rehab experience, by ensuring that you complete the entire process, that you set realistic goals, and that you make your own judgments at the end.

This is possible by preparing on physical and psychological levels, focusing on factors such as the amount of time, support and money you have to fulfil a 28-day residential programme.

Unknowingly, you will be preparing for rehab now, by doing your research around all accessible options. This will be wise to see whether visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Leominster itself will be best for you, or whether alternative options, such as Asana Lodge will promote greater recovery goals.

All in all, pre-rehab preparations will build on your expectations of rehab, helping you see how it can help you, rather than hinder your recovery.


Will selecting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Leominster be my best option?

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Leominster can be a possible option for you. Yet, without fully understanding your relationship with drugs and alcohol, we cannot make this recommendation for you.

At Asana Lodge, we’re a Towcester based rehab clinic, offering a suitable recovery platform for Leominster locals. We prioritise pre-rehab assessments, helping to secure the suitability of rehab for our clients.

Through our admission process, we can help you identify whether alternative forms of rehab, available here, are best suited for you, or whether localised recovery will be fitting.

Many individuals believe that the most local option of rehab will be the most suited. Yet, this is commonly incorrect, where suitability will be found through personal, residential rehab programmes, set away from your daily reality.

For you, removing yourself from your influences in Leominster may provide you with a stronger path towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Find out by completing your research around a range of rehab options.

Why am I experiencing Mental Health symptoms?

Mental health symptoms are unfortunately related to excessive abuse of drugs and alcohol. The pressure that both addictive substances place on the brain can result in weaknesses, which ultimately influence consistent feelings of anxiety, depression and paranoia.

One experience which also increases the diagnosis of mood disorders is the roller-coaster feeling that consuming drugs and alcohol create.

Highs are experienced, yet they are followed by quick, significant lows, which can cause some people to enter an uncontrollable state of negativity, which over time will combine to reflect mental health symptoms.

If you’re experiencing mental health symptoms, please understand that they are normal. Yet, shouldn’t be ignored, where sourcing professional support should be your next step.


Can I source treatment for both Addiction and Mental Health issues?

By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Leominster, there’s a probability that dual diagnosis treatment will be available to you. Through our services, we can guarantee streams of treatment which focus on both addiction and mental health recovery.

We do things very differently via our rehab clinic, as we firstly focus on cognitive responses to potential weaknesses. We gauge whether susceptibility to addiction or mental health issues is already expected, helping to provide safe and accurate recommendations of treatment.

With this in mind, through our assessment process, we can work to secure dual diagnosis treatment for you, helping you heal on physical and psychological levels. This is a necessary process to complete as without targeting both conditions, relapse risks can heighten as you return to Leominster.


What makes you different at Asana Lodge?

We have a unique offering at Asana Lodge, standing as the only UK based rehab clinic focusing on scientific evidence on addiction recovery. We place great emphasis on how the brain reacts to addiction, to mental health issues and to the recovery of both, helping to form reliable and realistic rehab programmes.

Alongside our outlook, we promote a wide range of addiction treatment services, making us different to other rehab clinics. We utilise traditional forms, such as counselling and detoxification. Yet, we also invest in methods which can secure greater sustainability, post-rehab, such as virtual reality therapy and brain restoration.

While our offering may be different, our results speak for themselves, helping our clients safely normalise a sober lifestyle, avoiding the necessity of drugs and alcohol.

Encounter our ways of working by keeping an open mind, helping you see value beyond the option of a drug and alcohol rehab in Leominster.