Feeling free, on physical and psychological levels from addiction is a common goal for many of our clients.

Through an addiction, feeling controlled by drugs, alcohol and their addictive characteristics is very likely. People change, their outlooks adapt, their priorities modify, and their lifestyles transform, all down to the presence of drugs and alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ross-on-Wye

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Down to these changes, and the difficulties and risks of an addiction diagnosis, it’s easy to see why freedom is a sought-after aim. However, those who aim high will sometimes select the most convenient form of rehab, which unfortunately will not facilitate their goals.

Finding the right type and quality of rehab is therefore important, especially if you are looking to experience the true capabilities and value of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

See whether this is possible via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ross-on-Wye, whether freedom can be a long-term aim for you, and how we at Asana Lodge can help you reach this outcome, all through our scientifically formed rehab programmes.

Feeling free from addiction can be possible when you commit yourself when you select a rehab programme which can reflect your commitment, and when you trust the process, offered by rehab. Lead an independent life by regaining control through drug and alcohol rehab.


Can I become free from addiction?

Yes, you can work towards freedom. However, it is important that you understand the reality of addiction recovery and the level of commitment that it will require.

Reaching the result of freedom will be worthwhile. Yet, to work towards that goal, you’ll need to find a rehab clinic and programme which can harness your commitment, you’ll need to complete a comprehensive rehab programme, you’ll need to drastically change your lifestyle post-rehab, and you’ll need to see recovery on the long-term scale that it is.

If you can fulfil all of these requirements, becoming free from addiction is a realistic goal to set. We have helped many people here at Asana Lodge through sustainable addiction recovery, transforming their lives for the better.


What are the benefits of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ross-on-Wye?

There are many benefits of remaining local for rehab, so in your case, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ross-on-Wye. Most benefits around localised recovery focus on your initial experience with rehab, including its convenience and ability to boost comfort levels.

If your addiction is mild, localised recovery can also benefit your rehab journey, by providing the opportunity to recover while motivated by familiarity and routine.

However, if you’re struggling through a moderate to severe addiction, those benefits will likely end on your initial admission into rehab.

Of course, any degree of rehab will benefit your health and safety, when compared to ongoing substance abuse. Yet, as you’re aiming for the greatest opportunity of freedom, you will need to provide yourself with the greatest opportunity to recover.

This is where Asana Lodge, our leading rehab clinic can serve you, offering sustainable chances of freedom, all down to the standard and input of our rehab programmes.

Not to mention, our residential rehab offering can help you avoid common setbacks, linked to localised recovery, helping you overcome drug and alcohol exposure and influences.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ross-on-Wye can bring value to your recovery journey. Yet, it all depends on how much value you’re aiming for.


Why is your rehab clinic different from others?

Our rehab clinic is very different from other treatment centres, as we are the first and currently only clinic to offer private and specialist care, focused on evidential addiction recovery routes. We’ve harnessed scientific findings, focusing on addiction as an illness and its ideal treatment routes, which now guides our programmes here at Asana Lodge.

Many other rehab clinics commonly follow standard side effects of addiction, offering a structure of traditional addiction treatment services.

We differ from this approach, as we assess personal interactions with drugs and alcohol, which soon translates into our rehab recommendations.

Through our services, you can expect a unique structure, including both traditional and contemporary forms of addiction treatments. This helps to not only target physical recovery but most importantly, psychological recovery.

Through our approach, sustainable recovery can be aimed for much easier, as we plan ahead with treatment services such as virtual reality therapy, while offering personal aftercare plans, making your transition back to Ross-on-Wye, easier.


What is brain restoration?

Brain restoration, also known as NAD+ therapy, aims to restore internal cells which have been damaged through excessive drug and alcohol abuse.

This is one of our contemporary addiction treatment services which we commonly recommend, helping to revert both physical and psychological health to their optimal states.

Without restoring NAD+ levels in the body, leading a balanced lifestyle can be very difficult, which can ultimately motivate future weaknesses towards drug and alcohol abuse.

With this in mind, for the right clients, completing brain restoration services is an important step, in conjunction with further addiction treatment services.

Whether NAD+ therapy is suitable for you or not, you will complete a wide range of addiction treatment services, which are ethical, safe and suitable for your addiction makeup.

A mix of physical and psychological treatment services will be combined, to help you tackle addiction with great force.


What will long-term recovery look like?

Long-term recovery can resemble the aim of freedom. It can provide a life without the presence of drugs and alcohol. It can also promote full healing capabilities, on physical and psychological scopes.

Yet, to reach long-term recovery, you must be willing to put the work on, even after rehab. Rehab itself will act as a platform to motivate initial recovery. It will also provide you with the motivation and tools to drive independent recovery as you return to Ross-on-Wye.

However, to reach the point of long-term recovery, you will then need to utilise those tools and prioritise them through your future behaviour, actions and decisions.

This, therefore, means that you’ll need to adapt your lifestyle, your drug and alcohol exposure levels, your outlook on substance abuse, and your overall coping strategies.

By doing so, with the help of aftercare services, long-term recovery can soon reflect your future. We can help you forecast for long-term recovery, helping you experience true freedom from addiction.

Do so by selecting the most suitable level of rehab to meet your needs. Whether that’s a drug and alcohol rehab in Ross-on-Wye or our standards, push ahead today.