Shopping Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Shopping addictions impair the lives of approximately 10% of the Great British population.  Dubbed ‘shopaholics’, individuals who struggle with shopping addictions feel unbearable compulsions to buy goods that they may not necessarily need.

While shopping addiction treatment & rehab is not often discussed, there is a wealth of professional support available for those struggling with shopping addictions.

Here at Asana Lodge, we provide shopping addiction treatment at our residential rehab located in the serene Yardley Gobion. If you find yourself addicted to shopping, please do not hesitate to contact us directly to refer yourself for shopping addiction treatment & rehab.

To help you understand cannabis and mental health, we have shared a wealth of information for you to review below.  We have also delved into the treatment we can provide at our residential rehab.

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Understanding A Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction is a form of compulsive buying disorder that, as touched on above, causes thousands of people across the nation to experience intense compulsions that leave them preoccupied with shopping and buying products that they may not necessarily need. Shopping Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Locked into a vicious cycle of being consumed by the thought of shopping, studies show that those battling shopping addictions state that shopping temporarily relieves any pessimistic feelings experienced and leaves them feeling good for a short period.

Sadly, the feel-good sensations experienced when purchases are made are short-lived.  As these sensations wear off, those living with shopping addictions once again feel an urge to shop.  As they give in to the desires and cravings that come hand-in-hand with shopping addictions, many find it impossible to control their spending habits. 

Regrettably, this particular disorder leads to financial difficulties, problems at home, problems at work and uncontrollable thoughts and behaviours.   

Identifying If A Shopping Addiction Is Impairing Your Life

If you are worried that a shopping addiction controls your life, understanding the signs associated will help you determine whether you need to consider addiction shopping treatment & rehab.

Below, we have outlined several signs that will help you distinguish whether a shopping addiction impairs your life.

  • Shopping online or in-person every day
  • Shopping to relieve mental health disorders, such as stress
  • Experiencing insomnia as a result of feeling compelled to shop
  • Purchasing items that you do not use
  • Spending an increasing amount of money
  • Applying for credit cards
  • Experiencing debt as a result of using numerous credit cards
  • Reduced energy and low moods
  • Hiding spending habits from others and becoming secretive
  • Isolation from others

Should you experience the signs noted above, you may not believe that you have developed an addiction to shopping.  Like many others, you may live in denial.  In this instance, we would encourage you to ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do I always think about shopping?
  • Do I spend a large proportion of my day researching products that I could purchase?
  • Do I purchase at least one item a day?
  • Do I find it difficult to go without shopping?
  • Do I experience agitation, anxiety or irritability if I do not shop?
  • Have I experienced financial difficulty, or do I currently experience financial difficulty due to my shopping habits?
  • Has a friend or family member approached me about my shopping habits?
  • Do I hide my purchases from my loved ones?

If you have said yes to any of the above questions, we recommend contacting us to discuss shopping addiction treatment & rehab.

Shopping Addiction Treatment and Rehab At Asana LodgeTreatment

Shopping addiction treatment & rehab at Asana Lodge is provided on a residential basis and focuses on healing the mind and body.

While the shopping addiction treatment encountered upon attending our rehab is dependent on many factors, our shopping addiction treatment incorporates detoxification, rehabilitation and psychological therapies, including cognitive behavioural therapy. 

Cognitive behavioural therapy remains highly beneficial in treating shopping addictions.  This is because cognitive behavioural helps many understand the factors that have contributed to the development of their shopping addiction.

Cognitive behavioural therapy also aims to increase an individual’s awareness of the negative behaviours and compulsions that impact their day-to-day life to ensure that coping strategies can be developed. 

In some instances, mental health treatment is required when a shopping addiction surfaces.  Upon entering our rehab and conducting a clinical assessment, we will provide you with dual diagnosis treatment if we believe that you require mental health and addiction treatment.

We also offer NAD+ Therapy, Satori Chair Therapy and Stress Management to all of our clients.  These particular treatments will encourage you to relax and break free from the pessimistic thoughts you experience.  As you do so, you will find that you can secure a more optimistic outlook on life. 

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If a shopping addiction has come to control your life, seeking shopping addiction treatment & rehab is in your best interest.

At Asana Lodge, we are here to support you.  By contacting us today, we can provide immediate support, guidance and treatment.

How Do I Identify If Someone Is Developing A Shopping Addiction?

Identifying if someone is developing a shopping addiction can be tricky. However, there are many signs that you can look out for. For example, if someone is developing a shopping addiction, they will frequently purchase items they may not need. They will try to hide their shopping habits from you, and they will likely encounter financial difficulty. In this instance, it is not uncommon for those struggling to use multiple credit cards.

What Causes a Shopping Addiction?

Shopping addictions arise from mental health disorders, trauma, stress and various other factors.

How Long Does Shopping Addiction Treatment & Rehab Last?

A typical shopping addiction treatment programme is administered over 28 days. However, some clients require treatment for a more substantial period, especially if their shopping addiction is severe. Although it is difficult to put an exact time frame on shopping addiction treatment & rehab, if you want to ascertain how long treatment may take you to complete, please contact us directly.