HRV Biofeedback Therapy

At Asana Lodge, our treatments focus on healing the mind and the body. We regularly take advantage of advanced therapy techniques to give our clients the best chance possible in overcoming their addictions and stress-related conditions.

Most recently, at Asana Lodge, HRV Biofeedback Therapy has been introduced to our clients.

HRV Biofeedback Therapy

What Is HRV Biofeedback Therapy and How Is It Carried Out?

Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Therapy, or HRV Biofeedback Therapy as it is commonly known, is a form of therapy training that is carried out through the use of an application called HeartMath.

HeartMath monitors the rate of the heart in periods of rest, recovery and stress and enables individuals to hone in on and regulate their emotions by uncovering the factors that cause them to encounter an accelerated heart rhythm.

In a similar way that medical professionals conduct an Electrocardiogram (EGC), HeartMath monitors the heart’s rhythm and detects an individual’s heart rhythm pattern. When an individual faces bouts of stress and anxiety, the heart rhythm will appear somewhat erratic, causing various peaks to appear on a monitor. In contrast, when an individual is calm and relaxed, a smooth wave will be shown.

As an individual undergoes HRV Biofeedback Therapy, they will monitor their heart rhythm as they experience various emotions as they undergo one-to-one therapy. When erratic peaks appear, stress and pessimistic emotions will be present.

Identifying the cause of these emotions can highlight triggers and factors that cause an individual to feel stressed. In turn, coaching and coping strategies can be introduced.

Over time, this will gradually enable an individual to effectively manage triggers and factors that impact their physical and psychological well-being.


What Are The Benefits Of HRV Biofeedback Therapy?

Taking advantage of HRV Biofeedback Therapy provides a wealth of benefits to those obtaining treatment for drug and alcohol addictions and mental health disorders. This is because HRV Biofeedback Therapy encourages individuals to recognise how an increased heart rhythm impairs their overall health and induces various short term side effects.

In turn, HRV Biofeedback Therapy allows addicts and those struggling with mental health disorders to become more parasympathetic. This means that when employed, HRV Biofeedback Therapy can help an individual relax and think more rationally.

In addition, HRV Biofeedback Therapy acts as a marker that determines how well individuals cope with stress and factors, including triggers. An increase in heart rhythm will highlight that the body and brain are unable to cope, leaving an individual to feel out of their depth, anxious and experiencing overwhelming emotions.

In contract, a steady heart rhythm determines that an individual can function and make rational decisions when faced with uncertainty and somewhat stressful situations.

Furthermore, as the heart and brain are connected, taking advantage of HRV Biofeedback Therapy presents an opportunity to better emotional well-being and cognitive function. When an individual experiences an alleviated heart rhythm, the brain will also feel the ramifications.

These ramifications include, but are not limited to, short-term memory loss, irrational thinking and inability to carry out simple tasks. Likewise, when the brain experiences vast amounts of stress, an individual’s heart rhythm will automatically increase.

Sadly, this can see an individual encounter a state of panic. In turn, various side effects such as shortness of breath, paranoia and increased risk of mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression, will be encountered.

It could be argued that one of the most significant benefits that HRV Biofeedback Therapy provides is the ability to uncover how those in recovery from addictions and mental health disorders can alleviate pessimistic thoughts, feelings and emotions.

As touched on above, gaining an understanding of the factors that causes an individual to experience an increased heart rhythm will enable coping strategies to be devised. In turn, this will gradually help those in recovery to overcome triggers and make a long term recovery.


Frequently Asked Questions

At Asana Lodge, we are often asked various questions surrounding HRV Biofeedback Therapy. To provide further insight into HRV Biofeedback Therapy, we have answered some of our frequently asked questions below.


Are Staff At Asana Lodge Qualified To Carry Out HRV Biofeedback Therapy?

Yes, John Gillen, Director of Asana Lodge, is fully certified to use the technology. John also has the experience and qualifications required to coach others on how to use the technology required to take advantage of HRV Biofeedback Therapy.


What Training Required To Take Advantage of HRV Biofeedback Therapy?

If HRV Biofeedback Therapy is recommended as a suitable form of therapy, those in recovery will be provided with a group coaching session to introduce them to the technology. This group coaching session will further offer insight into how to use HRV Biofeedback Therapy technology efficiently to relieve stress.


Why Is Training Required In Order To Take Advantage of HRV Biofeedback Therapy?

Training is required to ensure that an individual can effectively employ the technology needed to carry out HRV Biofeedback Therapy and understand the results that are highlighted upon doing so. Without training, an individual may incorrectly use the technology or may find it challenging to comprehend what the results of HRV Biofeedback Therapy determine.


Is HRV Biofeedback Therapy Only Useful When An Addiction Is Present?

No, HRV Biofeedback Therapy, as touched on above, is also highly beneficial for individuals struggling with mental health disorders and stress-related conditions to take advantage of. Using HRV Biofeedback Therapy will coach individuals through the employment of various techniques to become more parasympathetic.


Can HRV Biofeedback Therapy Only Be Taken Advantage Of During An Individual’s Stay At Asana Lodge??

Although clients are introduced to HRV Biofeedback Therapy and obtain coaching on how to use the technology during their stay in rehab, it can be taken advantage of long after attending rehab and completing treatment. This is because the therapy is carried out using HeartMath, an application that can be used on an iPad.


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