Heroin Rehab

How Rehab Can Help You Overcome Your Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a highly addictive substance causing significant dangers. Consumption usually begins very innocently, influencing consistent cravings. As dependencies grow, individuals are consuming greater quantities of heroin, negatively impacting brain functionality and health.

Once this sets in, brain damage and further psychological disorders are highly probable. Not to mention the physical effects you can experience, reducing your quality of life.

If you are living with heroin dependency, seeking support through addiction specialists should be your next step to avoid any further health issues. Here is where you’ll complete a heroin detox and addiction treatment for a set period of time to slowly diminish your addiction.

Our team here at Asana Lodge specialise within helping individuals work through their dependencies, promoting long-term sobriety.

We are passionate about supporting people just like you. Provide yourself the opportunity to rehabilitate before your dependency overtakes your life.


Seek Support Through Our Luxury Rehab

Whether you’re personally experiencing any side effects from your heroin dependency, or believe a family member is suffering alone, it is time to seek medical support. As touched on above, without support, a heroin addiction can be highly dangerous, threatening an individual’s life long-term. Therefore, the sooner you consider a reputable residential rehab, the less damage will be caused.

Here at Asana Lodge, our luxury treatment facility will provide you with the tools you need to overcome your heroin addiction. Within our rehab centre, we offer both residential and outclient support, working with individuals looking to diminish any behavioural habits, mental health issues and eating disorders.

Once you’ve shown interest with our admissions team and believe rehab will be beneficial, you will receive our expert 24/7 support. We believe that support received will increase the effectiveness of your rehab journey.

We will take your personal requirements into consideration, ensuring that the right level of support is offered. Alongside our compassionate approach, our industry-leading addiction treatments set our luxury rehab apart in the industry. They are designed to instil long-term recovery, along with diminishing any connection you have to heroin.

To ensure that treatment is effective, a personalised treatment plan will be provided, following a holistic approach. All selected treatments will work together to tackle the psychological and physical heroin cravings you experience. Our evidence-based treatments include therapy sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, suitable medication, clinical detoxes and family sessions.

We will work with you to slowly tackle your underlying connection to heroin while moving you through withdrawal symptoms. As we understand how difficult working through withdrawal symptoms can be, we schedule appropriate treatment methods to promote comfort.

Additionally, to advance your recovery, relapse prevention and coping mechanism classes will be recommended to safeguard you from any future heroin temptations. Our treatment facility will provide you with all the tools required to lead a positive, drug-free life once returned home.

We will also promote aftercare outclient sessions in the form of support groups to ensure you are on track and continuing to follow your recovery plan.

Throughout your heroin rehab journey, we will ensure that comfort is a priority. We achieve this by providing a luxury setting, ensuring that everything is in place for your stay. If you do require anything while visiting, please let our team know and we will do our utmost to support.


Why Consider Residential Rehab?

We are sure that when considering rehab, seeking local support would be favoured. However, for greater recovery, it is recommended that you consider a residential rehab programme. Research has found how clients recover greater by separating themselves from their reality.

Picture yours. Now think of what influences your heroin consumption. By providing yourself with space, you will have time and energy to purely focus on your recovery.

We understand that this step may be daunting, however, our team will support you, treating you as a family for your visit. Additionally, to promote comfort, we will include your loved ones as much as possible throughout your rehab journey.

This will also benefit your transition back home by building up a strong support network for you. If you are concerned about moving away for rehab, please get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.


Get In Touch With Our Expert Team Today

Alongside our specialised offering of luxury, yet professional addiction treatments, our team of experts are on hand to guide you through rehab. They are hand-picked, selected for their wealth of addiction experience, passionate about helping individuals through their heroin dependencies.

Our team are made up of addiction psychologists, counsellors, medical experts and life coaches, providing you with the best care available. Additionally, each has mutual values and views, ensuring that a compassionate, caring approach is followed.

To many, addiction is second nature. Some have overcome addiction themselves or supported family through the suffering. Therefore, we can assure you that you will be placed in the best hands possible.

Whether you are battling with a heroin addiction, or suffer from mental health issues, we are here to help. We understand how difficult seeking support can be. A mixture of emotion is probably present, including nerves, distress, embarrassment and fear.

Please be reassured that we are a non-judgmental group who will listen to your story and recommend the most appropriate rehab programme for you.

Visit our rehab centre today for a period of transformation and return home ready to live a drug-free life. Get in touch with our specialised team to begin your heroin rehab process. You may have already considered rehab, however, believe that recovery will be impossible.

Here at Asana Lodge, we make recovery possible by providing you with everything you need to heal. Give yourself the best opportunity to live a quality future by investing in a residential rehab programme.

We will support you throughout your journey, including post-rehab to maintain recovery. Start the process today by getting in touch.

What are the signs of a Heroin addiction?

Heroin abuse can be devastating, and once addiction starts, it is incredibly difficult to overcome. There are a number of physical and behavioural signs of Heroin Addiction depending on the severity of the issue and the method taken to administer the drug. Some key signs are: - Sleeping issues - Bruised skin - Exhaustion - Weight loss - Depression - State of confusion - Secretive behaviour - Withdrawal from family & friends

What are the symptoms of Heroin withdrawal and how long do they last?

When abusing Heroin the user will eventually need a higher dose to achieve the same highs as when initially starting. Due to this an addiction begins. Withdrawing from heroin is intense and both mentally and physically painful. Common signs of Heroin withdrawal include: - Sweating - Agitated - Nausea - Abdominal cramping - Muscle aches The length of withdrawal symptoms differs from each individual but typically the worst of the symptoms last for up to a week. Here at Asana Lodge our team of trained professionals administer a medical detox in order to ease the withdrawal symptoms.