Conditions We Treat

We offer help & support for a wide variety of conditions and dependencies. Our programmes are designed by our leading team of Doctors, Psychiatrists and leading consultants, all aimed at achieving lasting results.

6 Ways To Avoid Relapse Triggers

Both maintenance and prevention are key goals of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. To maintain recovery and to prevent relapse triggers are reasonable focuses to have, worked on and planned for through rehab. Ultimately, the steps, treatment services and milestones of rehab deliver the tools to realistically achieve such goals. Although realistic, it’s vital to…

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What is dual diagnosis treatment?

Experiencing corresponding signs of both mental illness and substance abuse defines dual diagnosis, recognised as a complex, serious condition. Independently, disorders such as anxiety and depression can be very difficult to manoeuvre through without support. Likewise, a drug and alcohol addiction can also result in severe consequences, through toxic and habitual exposure. Combined, the struggles of a dual diagnosis are evident,…

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What is CBT and how can it help me?

An approach to treatment that allows you to recognise unhelpful and negative thoughts and behaviours, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is regarded to be one of the most trusted sources of psychotherapy. The purpose of CBT is to allow you to identify your thoughts and emotions, and how they in turn…

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