“Prior to coming to here I have been to several other rehabs, and all have been unsuccessful. I hadn’t ever realised what it was that was lacking or why I had never left “recovered” and realised it was more what I was lacking when I left which was something I gained quickly when I came here. This was hope, Asana lodge has given me hope. It’s given me a hope for a future that I now want to fight for a purpose and meaning in my life that for so many years I never dreamt possible. There is also something else very significant about this rehab that you feel from the moment you walk in and that is the sense of care, you don’t have a status barrier between staff and clients cleaners and workers everyone is treated equally with respect and love. This doesn’t feel like a rehab it feels like a home, the people here staff included have become family and the love and support I have been shown has been in abundance. It has completely changed my way of thinking and I can quite honestly say I owe this place my life, because I hate to think what situation I would be in now had I not walked through those doors. I am now smiling again laughing again dancing again dreaming again and starting to finally start living again and after so many years of just surviving I can’t even begin to explain how much that means to me. I will be forever grateful.”

Olivia Doige

“I have been in many treatment centres and I have never experienced anything like this. I have learnt more here in 2 weeks than I have in all my time in and out of recovery. I cannot express my gratitude to Asana Lodge enough.

The staff, service, groups, therapies & overall experience was excellent. I am leaving here with a fantastic foundation to my recovery and I owe a massive thank you to all at Asana Lodge. I will be highly recommending to anyone in need.”


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