Anyone can become addicted and addiction can relate to a wide range of substances and actions.  

Drug and Alcohol Rehab South East

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In South East England, living in close proximity to the capital, life can become stressful, with rising pressures from jobs, home and relationships. It’s not surprising that drug and alcohol addiction is a rising issues in the UK.

However, once addiction has become part of your life it becomes increasingly difficult to manage, with regular relapses occurring if professional help isn’t sought. Often asking for help is the hardest part of recovery.

Here are Asana Lodge, we are the UK’s first and only private residential centre, which is based purely on scientific, evidence-based treatments.

We provide luxury rehab in South East England in a welcoming and supportive environment with medical professionals on hand to provide advice and support.

All it takes is a call, email or the start of an online chat from you and we can help to assess the level and severity of your addiction to find the best rehab treatment program in South East England for you.


Long Term Recovery

Our main objective throughout drug and alcohol rehabilitation is to help you achieve long term recovery.

We understand that rehab is a personal journey that will need to be tailored specifically to your needs, which is why we undertake an initial free assessment that is arranged during first contact. This assessment will give our team an insight into your addiction and lifestyle.

Once you’re admitted to rehab in South East England we will perform a medical examination, whereby we can assess in more depth your physical and psychological health.

These assessments will allow our medical professionals to develop, with you, a treatment program that is tailored to your addiction and long term recovery requirements.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is not a simple and quick solution, there isn’t a quick fix. Your recovery will take time and commitment on your behalf.

At Asana Lodge, we can offer you expert professional help and support, with staff that are committed to helping you achieve long term recovery, but you must also be committed to your own sobriety to achieve long term recovery without relapse.

Once you have completed your rehab in south east England, at one of our rehab centres, we will provide you with an aftercare package.

We will help you settle back into daily life, eliminate those negative influences and piece back together broken relationships and find employment.


What To Expect From Asana Lodge

Here at Asana Lodge, we provide holistic treatment options, but understand that every recovery is a personal journey.

This is why we tailor our treatment programmes to your needs, starting from your first conversation with us.

We are flexible in our approach, as we understand that asking for help is one of the hardest steps to take in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

That is why we are available to talk over the phone, email or on our online chat. Our friendly team will discuss your addiction and advise on the next steps.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by our friendly staff and given a tour of the facilities at Asana Lodge. You will be shown the grounds so you can make the most of the amenities during your stay.

It is expected to feel nervous and anxious upon arrival, but with our friendly staff, luxurious facilities and any home comforts you have brought along with you, you will soon feel more relaxed and at home.

Before you start any treatment you will undergo a medical examination to determine the severity of your addiction and the effects both physically and psychologically.

This is extremely important to help us understand the best treatment options to help your long term recovery.

All treatment programmes at Asana Lodge will treat both mind and body, which is why detox, therapy and nutrition are all part of our recovery programmes

You can expect to stay for an initial 28 days, during which time most people feel they have learnt enough to re-enter their daily lives. Your stay can always be extended if you do not feel ready to leave.


What Is Involved In Rehab?

Even though each treatment programme is personalised, all drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments follow the same structure.

Detox is the first step of all treatments. It is important to rid the body of the harmful substance you have been consuming, but it is imperative that this is completed under medical supervision.

Withdrawal symptoms can escalate if your addiction is severe and long-standing, which is why all detox at Asana Lodge is monitored closely by our medical professionals.

Once you have rid your body of the substance you will undertake therapy sessions. These sessions can vary from individual therapy, group sessions and cognitive behavioural therapy, depending on what is considered best for your recovery.

Your nutrition also plays a huge part in your physical and psychological health, which is why our nutritionalist will work with you to develop a healthy diet to aid your recovery.

After successfully completing your drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you will be provided with an aftercare package to help you settle back into daily life.

We will help you make contact with local support groups, therapy sessions to help rebuild the relationship and in some cases, we can also assist with helping you find employment and sort out your finances.

It is never too late to seek help for your addiction and here at Asana Lodge, we provide supportive and effective care.


Where To Start?

Sometimes the hardest part is reaching out and asking for help.

We understand how much courage it can take to speak out, which is why we are flexible in our approach, we want to make this as easy as we can for you.

That is why all you need to do is call us, email us or start an online chat with us, whatever approach you feel most comfortable with.

Kick start your long term journey to recovery today with Asana Lodge and let us help you find the best drug and alcohol rehab in South East England for you.